Building a tape, including MZL, foundations

By Admin | Building
05 May 2016

And thus, perhaps, a popular - MZLF (melkozaglublenny tape base), as its most efficient use in the construction of "light" (frame and wooden) houses.On these foundations, and talk in the new issue of our newsletter.

Any serious approach to any business begins with a study of technologies, regulations and documentation.Building the foundation - this is probably one of the most critical stages in the construction of the house, so we recommend that you start this section forum on " strip foundations " with the theme " FAQ. Strip foundation. Documents. Enclosures. Technology. Reports ".

What knowledge and information you need to have self-design and construction of strip foundation?Where to begin?How to start this difficult, even for a professional business?Orient on the subject will help topic " algorithm design strip foundations for Dummies ".

For those who decided on self-construction MZLF, it will be interesting to meet with a useful subject for beginners samozastroyschikov "book by cottagers

" Melkozaglublenny strip foundation with his hands ".

After studying even the best textbook inconscientious student questions remain. We do not doubt that they have and you. Subject " FAQ for strip foundation " will help you find the answers you need.

into an independent foundation design and calculation will help you theme "Can You Trust the calculator MZLF 2.0? "In this topic, you can find out how convenient, useful and accurate in their calculations of the electronic calculator. Is it worth it to trust the future destiny of the house?

ask questions and get advice professional builder you can in the theme" Builder answersquestions on strip foundations. "

During the construction of strip foundation of considerable importance is the foundation reinforcement angles.What is the step of installing rebar, and what is the length of the anchorage reinforcement overlaps, you'll learn from the theme " reinforcement of the foundation. In the corners ".

What role does the blind area during the construction of the foundation melkozglublennogo?Is it necessary?And if so, how competently to make blind area?All this you can read the message in "blind area and melkozaglublenny foundation."

title theme "Once again about the foundation insulation foam fashionable" speaks for itself.In the subject you will learn what meaning bears insulation of the basement and it must be warming the blind area.

theme "My photo report of the foundation" is able to inspire and give self-confidence to those who decided to build the foundation melkozaglublenny own.If you post a photo report will study the questions, the topic, as well as experienced in the construction forum, will answer you.

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