Swimming pool in the annex to the existing house

By Admin | Building
04 May 2016

The autumn sun warms weaker and weaker, and many started to think about where to swim and relax when the weather is outside, and all messed up.

The simplest solution is to build a fixed pool, an indoor, year-round use.

If your house is being constructed, it is possible at the stage of the project to equip its swimming pool.Well, if he has already completed, then it's best to attach to it a separate room with a pool.Such an extension, you can use at any time of the year.

Construct an addition to an existing home is not difficult, if you approach this question correctly.But many do not dare to do so, fearing for his own house, where they live more than a year.

give you, for example, the most frequently asked questions relating to additions to the pools:

What size room to our house we can build out which pool it can accommodate?

size and extension of the bowl is largely dependent on your wishes and how much free space you have in your house.

Exterior and interior additions should not be contra

ry to the overall style of the house.

When we dig a pit for the foundation and extension of the pool without showering any grounds upon which the foundation of the house, and as a result will not collapse if the house?

This is unacceptable, but the appearance of cracks is possible in the event that "undermine" the house without thinking.To your home out of danger, you must carefully examine the soil and the foundations on which the house stands.On the basis of these data, the designers will produce a draft annex, and build necessary precisely following the project.

Given that the extension to the pool is classified as wet rooms than you recommend to decorate the walls and ceiling?

If you have made ventilation and running a dehumidifier, you can forget that the pool room - a wet area.

When finishing his advise we take into account that the swimmers can splash water around the walls and floor of the pool.Accordingly, most of the walls are faced with tiles or mosaics, at least trim their tree cover or waterproof paint.Sex is desirable to make the room heated to lay granite and the ceiling is better to make "tension."

How long can we not change the water in the pool?Do I have it completely drained to fill a bowl with fresh water?

If you have chosen the correct equipment cleaning and disinfection of the water, the water you will be able to completely change over the years.Modern water treatment system allows automatically to maintain a constant level of water, its temperature and cleanliness.

We hope our article will help you make a decision to build a swimming pool in the annexe to the house to create a mood of your loved ones summer rainy autumn and snowy winter.