Building a proper bath and soared from the heart!

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03 May 2016

«Bathhouse soars, bathhouse reigns!» believe that users agree with the opinion that this phrase reveals the very essence of the bath.

Really, who has ever been in a well-formed, and thus spiritual bath will want to visit it again and again.Although the history of the construction of baths goes back thousands of years, modern reality is different.

So, from our material, you'll learn:

  • What is the difference from the Russian baths and saunas which means sweating in black.
  • Where is the best place in the bath area.
  • What size should be at the premises in the bath.
  • what tree it is best to finish the pair.
  • What elements is a real bath, and how to choose the oven.

Banja without steam that soup without broth!

As is well known - the basis is steam bath treatment.Many believe that the more steam and heat, the use of the baths and more.And so there is no much difference between the Russian bath and sauna are well known.

Development Director "Cedar Manor" Maria Markova:

- Despite the fact that between the sauna and steam bath are many similarities, such as in the bath and sauna, a steam room, wash room, dayroomand the furnace-heater, the main difference lies in the way soared.

The sauna is supported by high fever - often from 100 ° C or higher and the humidity at the same time low - in the range of 5-20%.The temperature is maintained at a stable level.Also, in order to breathe vapors into water, which splash onto the stones in the sauna oven are added extracts of various plants, such as eucalyptus or fir.

In the bath the temperature usually does not exceed + 65 ° ... + 70 ° C, and the humidity is 60-65%, which provides a more comfortable environment for the bathers.

We should not forget the main props of the Russian bath - a broom, providing a great massage, and evaporation from the leaves strengthen the immune system and restore the nervous system.

In the sauna broom, because of the high temperature, is generally not used, as its leaves begin to dry out and crumble.

Dmitry Filippov specialist company "traditional carpentry techniques" .

- Sauna - a small steam room with a metal stove, exposed stones, dry air and uniform heating of the entire room to high temperatures.

Russian bath - it:

  • spacious steam room with a high ceiling;
  • Wood Stove with stones located inside and lined with brick or stone;
  • moist air with a temperature of 60-80 degrees;
  • gentle steam and the temperature difference from floor and ceiling.

important to know that in the Russian bath - in contrast to the sauna stones are placed inside the oven while the oven door is always closed, and open it only when they want to succumb park, sprinkling this water on the stones.Because of this, much longer keeps a constant temperature in the steam room.

also an important part of the sauna - is the availability of the pool in which the bather occasionally dipped for maximum health effect caused by the sudden change in temperature.

smoke sauna

Many people have heard the expression - steamed in black and steam in white .But what is the essence of these methods, and whether there is an advantage of one species over another bath?


  • smoke sauna differs from bath in white lack of chimney.Thus, all the heat from the furnace rises to the ceiling first, and then, as cooling, goes down and then goes out after a pre-make a hole in the ceiling or wall.
  • In bath in white , arranged above the furnace brick arch with a pipe that provides the output of smoke out through the ceiling.

When you select a device bath should be remembered that the walls of the bath by the smoke warms much faster and stronger than the walls of the bath-and-white.This means that on a warm bath takes less wood or other materials used for protopki oven.The bath is in a white heat of the primary appears only when the rocks begin to splash in the oven water, and therefore it is necessary to melt it for five, six hours before bath procedures.

personal experience of our user Evgeny-M .

- smoke sauna or savusauna is traditional for Russian, and for the Finnish people.Black Bath is good that it is absolutely possible to choose any mode of soaring - from 40 to 100 degrees!And as the saying goes, traditionally, in the bath in a black wash their own sweat, broom, its foliage and ash lye.A soft rain rinsed with water.

General requirements for washroom facilities can be formulated as follows:

  • tile on the walls and floor.Its easy to clean, and so cleaner indoors;
  • warm lager;
  • warm, so good warmed floor;
  • Hot and cold water.Moreover, it should be remembered that the bath oven is not designed to heat water for a shower.For this hold separate communication;
  • massage or rain shower;
  • Electrical premises.

Accommodation baths in the area, size requirements and materials

Despite the fact that the ancient baths opted to build on the banks of rivers and lakes, the modern reality dictates its own requirements.So where do you start when applying a bath?The answer is - a choice of a place!

Dmitry Filippov:

- As a rule, small bath set in the far corner of the site of the house, which is good in terms of fire safety and creating privacy for the bath treatment.Basic room - a bath, soap and rest room.Their location and size, affect the number of visitors and the landscape.

Russian bathhouse suggests a comfortable and peaceful rhythm guy. A shelf made of aspen logs (which is known for its property "to take away" the negative energy of the person), or linden (at high temperatures, it does not burn and when heated emits light pleasant scent), help to create a healthy climate.

As for the features of the pair, it is worth noting that in the Russian bath is not sitting, and lying on benches.Temperature conditions in the steam is formed horizontally.The temperature drop near the floor and ceiling is significant.Therefore, steam room should be comfortable for lying soaring, that is of sufficient length and width, and height for the bathers.

Maria Markova:

- With regard to the height of the ceiling, it should be noted that in the Russian bath, unlike saunas, ceilings made more than two meters.This feature is due to the fact that in Russian bath is located on the ceiling container for hot steam.Due to the lack of ventilation, steam aired through the door, so the design of the bath should be provided to the door of the pair did not go in the washing compartment, which accumulates moist air.

accepted that one of the best materials for wall and ceiling of the steam room, a dry natural tree. example, cedar - ideal for those who love the smell of pine.Its rich pine fragrance reminiscent of a real forest. general rule of selecting the material for finishing the pair should be removed, the wood tar stains - they may cause burns.

When it comes to the size of the room for the sauna, you can rely on years of experience of our northern neighbors.User Forum Evgeny-M recommends that you adhere to the construction of a bath the following amounts received in Finland:

  • size pair of not less than 2.5 to 3 meters plus pomyvochnaya, dressing room, veranda.
  • height - so that it was comfortable to sit on the top shelf.
  • Brick Oven measuring 70 by 80 cm. Under her pillow placed 30 cm thick reinforced concrete reinforcement, measuring 1 by 1.1 m. The height to the ceiling of the top stones of 1.2 meters.
  • furnace height of 70 cm.
  • chimney cap from 35 to 35 and 35 to 50 cm.
  • upper edge of the doorway at the height of the regiment.
  • Pollock at the height of the stove, or a little higher at 5-10 cm. The pole for parks feet above the shelves 30 cm.

And as for wood shelves is perfect massive birch board.


- Lying on a board is very comfortable, even very dimensional people.She gently warming and the heat given to the body and back.

sufficient clearance between the wall and the shelf - it is important to warm the back and waist.

A bench and paneling must not come into contact with the tile floor.

With regard to systems engineering, the design of the bath should be used the following approach: Bath is the same house, only a man and a washer.

But there are some nuances.

CEO Golden Phoenix Dmitry Kozlitin :

- The steam heating is not required.In pomyvochnaya, for comfort, to be mounted warm floor or radiators or convectors.The washroom facilities are usually installed shower or just a head, but then there is a need for cladding tiles.As an option - for pouring a bucket and barrel-font, made of larch or oak.The rest of the layout of utilities is the same as in a normal house and.

on the tiles in the steam room should be placed wooden planks that allow you to walk on the natural wood floor, and in the case of cleaning the flooring can be lifted.

But little steam to heat, the heat still need to keep, for example, paste over the inside - a trim, bath walls with aluminum foil, which will turn the bath into a kind of thermos, and can be used as insulation slabs of stone wool.Also, do not forget about proper drainage device in the bath, for which installation the floor should be kept small bias towards the sewage sludge that displays the dirty water into the drain well.

bathhouse stove

worry three leaves,
Birch sheet for your happiness,
leaf for your spirit,
Olkhovy for a good life.

bath furnace is known - is the foundation of any bath.And despite the fact that traditionally put bannuyu oven made of brick, all more common metal bath furnace.But why?

Dmitry Kozlitin :

- Russian classical baths involve the installation of brick kilns, but it should be remembered that for such a heavy furnace is necessary to make a separate foundation, and for the construction of the furnace to invite experienced stove-fitter, leading to additional costs. also the average time protopki brick oven will be from two to five hours.

metal stove as opposed to brick quickly enters warm-up mode, allowing you to take a bathhouse after work, without wasting time waiting for when the oven will enter the operating mode.And the variety of designs allows you to choose a ready-made solution.For example, it fits perfectly into the design of a modern bath, stove with a glass furnace, which looks like a fireplace.But it should be remembered that because of the low heat capacity of the metal, metal oven cools rapidly.

When installing the furnace should be guided by the fire safety measures, namely:

  • safe distance from the kiln wooden structures.
  • apparatus protective apron made of brick or talkohlorida.

Summarizing it can be said that the abundance of modern materials used in the construction of baths ranging from concrete blocks, structural frames and finishing with natural wood, allow to build a real spiritual bath is to your taste!

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