Features of the winter building wooden and stone houses

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03 May 2016

Many builders rightly believe that it is best to build a house in the summer, and with great mistrust for winter construction.However, in practice, to build in the winter - is not only possible, but can be profitable.And for that you need to understand the features of the winter construction.

So, from our material users forumhouse.ru know:

  • What kind of house it is best to build in the winter?
  • What good winter wood?
  • How to prepare for winter construction site?
  • How to conduct excavation and pour a foundation in the winter?
  • Which is better not to build at subzero temperatures?
  • Can I build a stone house all year round?
  • How to preserve an unfinished house?

What kind of house it is best to build in the winter?

To answer this question, we must understand the difficulties you happen to encounter when building a house in the winter.

1. In winter, daylight is short, which means that it is necessary to install additional lighting in the area.If electricity is not yet announced, will need to buy a


2. Working in the cold - hard and difficult.Therefore, we must prepare in advance insulated shed for construction crews and to ensure workers' radiators.

3. Peremorozhennoe tree while trying to hammer a nail into it thick, can crack or break.

4. cement and other solutions prepared water-based, need-zero temperature.So, they have to be heated in advance, cook in small portions or in addition to warm the house a heat gun.This leads to higher prices or makes it impossible for aerated concrete masonry or ceramic warm at temperatures below freezing.

5. The concrete must be added antimoroznye additives.And this is - the additional costs, too.

6. Not all tools work well in the cold.For example, screwdrivers cold battery capacity decreases and it is necessary to change the batteries frequently.

7. Can sweep approach, and they will have to clear the heavy construction equipment.

winter, when severe frosts severely hampered or impossible all the work associated with the so-called "wet" processes.

All of the "cons", primarily relating to the construction of stone houses or device foundation.However, in winter you can successfully build and wooden frame houses.First of all, this is due to the peculiarities of winter wood.It is the quality of this material makes the construction of a wooden house in winter is not only justified, but also cost-effective solution.

Expert Company «Cedar Manor» Anton Oborin:

- Since harvesting takes place from November to April, then to build a fresh winter forest profitable.

winter, when debarking does not blossom, blue does not appear on the sapwood, and other fungi.Koroed also starting active life in the spring and summer.

Forest harvesting winter sets itself apart from the summer: the wood is harder, less prone to cracking and splitting due to the release of juice, the bark is removed easily, or rather sawing passes without deformation and maintaining geometry.

also in the winter when the temperature is below zero, as a rule, the weather is dry.No autumn rains, and hence on the construction site - clean.The top layer of fertile land is not deformed wheels of machinery, and wood is not stained.Wood residue after construction is easy to assemble and again put to use.

Anton Oborin:

- In the winter, do not need no treatment antiseptic and bleach, as winter wood does not rot, and it does not get turned fungi.

specialist companies «Traditional carpentry techniques" Dmitry Filippov:

- This is due to the fact that during the winter stops sap flow in the trunk.

therefore reduces the risk of infection by fungi and wood various pests.At low temperatures, the wood dries more slowly, more pliable during handling and rubke.Stroenie will be more durable and less prone to shrinkage.

Construction Consultant Roman Nikonov :

- often wooden log houses are built of wood for the winter, because it is physically easier to facilitate production work.

Construction work on the construction of a wooden house can be carried out both in winter and summer, as in the construction of this type of structure is practically excluded "wet" processes.

Plus winter construction - no thaw, minus - the cold and deep snow.Less construction in summer - season hype, which affects the increase in cost of materials and labor.


- we are building in the winter and did not regret.Especially counted daylight saving construction of our house.So, based on the more expensive summer 300 thous. Rubles.


- the winter is good to collect frame house.In summer, when my construction site for 10 consecutive days rain flooded, even antiseptic board blackened eyes.

So, among the advantages of a winter wood construction can be identified by such factors:

  • Tree drier.Accordingly, during the drying of the collected log it turns less, less deformed, smaller cracks on it, practically no fungus and bark.At the log of the winter forest less shrinkage.
  • During transport, loading and unloading, assembly tree is less soiled.
  • When winter assembly should not be afraid of precipitation: rain is unlikely, but you can just sweep the snow.Since
  • winter and less work orders, construction crews willing to work for less pay, and many companies and manufacturers offer special winter discounts for work and material.
  • Gathering wooden house in the winter, the spring can safely be engaged in its finish.

it possible to build the foundation of the winter?

If the advantages of building a wooden house in the winter clear, the construction of the stone house at low temperatures causes a lot of questions.And chief among them - is it possible?As with any construction, it all starts with the excavation for the future foundation.

Dmitry Filippov:

- During the excavation the snow is removed immediately before the pressing of the button, asit retains the heat of the earth and reduces the degree of soil freezing.Next, the pre-loosening of the frozen soil layer (punches, excavator) or forced defrosting.

head of the company BAUBILD Alexander Zemskov:

- Excavation is desirable to produce a soil freezing, otherwise you'll have to use a hammer for splitting the frozen ground that under the cottage construction is very expensive.

rightly believes that it is best to build the foundation of the summer or in the autumn, as theBuilding on the foundation of the winter frozen soil leads to additional costs.However, sometimes the foundation is poured winter.In this case, you must follow a special procedure.

Dmitry Filippov:

- time consuming and, accordingly, the cost of the foundation of the winter increases due to additional work on the development of frozen soil, insulation, heating of concrete or concrete with the purchase of antifreeze additives.

At low temperatures the water contained in the concrete freezes, the pressure in the pores is increased, resulting in destruction of the structure and reduction in the strength of the foundation.To circumvent this process applied antifreeze additives (they lower the freezing point of water in concrete).It is used as a method of "thermos", based on the use of the heat generated in the process of setting and hardening of cement.Well-covered concrete cools more slowly and by the time the freezing time to gain strength.It is also possible to use accelerators of hardening, concrete heating electrodes, steam or warm air.

Expert Company RotenStein Andrew Smooth:

- There are special additives that allow to deliver concrete to fill the place running.

There is an opportunity to deliver concrete on site at temperatures below -15 degrees.After pouring the concrete into the formwork, it is required to heat.This can be done by construction shelters around the foundation or by the use of heating cables in the body of the foundation.In shelters set heat gun: diesel, gas or electric.

Roman Nikonov:

- In winter, there are special requirements to the following work: excavation, monolithic concrete, masonry, all the "wet" processes (plaster and mn.).There are a number of restrictions on the use of bitumen-based materials, as well as some kinds of plastics.

requirements for the installation of foundations in the winter include: freezing of the soil is not allowed under the foundation.This means that the work must be carried out without interruption or need to cover ground.Naturally, when the sand seal cushions is not allowed strait sand water.

When winter work should remember that the foundation, built on the frozen ground, the spring thaw of the earth, settled, resulting in a strong deformation of the whole structure up to the complete loss of the bearing capacity of the foundation.

Roman Nikonov:

- Since the setting of concrete occurs in the presence of water, at the initial curing period, the concrete must be protected from frost, insulated concrete formwork and warming.

If due to freezing setting of concrete terminated, further curing does not happen even after thawing design.At temperatures below -10 ° C is not recommended mixing concrete load-bearing structures.

Alexander Zemskov:

- the winter is not desirable to build brick houses, since at low temperatures in the mortar additive is added to the salt content.Because of their spring on the brick facade of efflorescence may appear.

To sum up: although the materials and machinery for the construction of stone houses in the winter cheaper savings will block all costs for heating, lighting, cleaning of snow and the use of special additives for winter concreting.

If for some reason it is impossible to keep within predetermined intervals, it is better to preserve unfinished house until spring.

Housing Preservation is necessary to protect the building from the effects of rainfall.

How is conservation?

  • for conservation foundation of the house is necessary to insulate the blind area and ensure groundwater extraction.
  • unfinished basement must necessarily overlap, Thu Oba prevent the penetration of precipitation into, otherwise the spring will turn into a basement swimming pool.
  • If the house does not yet have a roof, the inside of the building to be protected from the rain.To this end, over the house is being built a temporary roof.It can be made from used / have advertising banners.
  • Window and door openings are closed in an unfinished house temporary wooden frames, which are tightened film or spikes boards.
  • should also ensure smooth flow of water with a temporary roof and provide a good interior ventilation to avoid condensation on the mills and the ceiling.

To summarize, we can say that good planning makes it possible to build a house almost all year round.The main thing - to know the specifics of a particular material and strictly follow all building technologies.

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