Construction warmed bath

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03 May 2016
great importance in the construction of baths or saunas a thorough insulation of walls, ceiling and floor.It should be deleted to minimize heat loss areas.Of particular importance is the warming of the sauna room, because it is necessary to create a high temperature of 60 to 130 ° C, depending on the purpose and requirements of soaring.For Russian Bath 60-90 ° C is enough, because it catches up heat by moisture - soft playing on the hot stones hot water.A Finnish sauna - due to low humidity and high temperature up to 130 ° C.

high temperature in the bath or sauna must be maintained for a long time.With significant heat loss can not create heat, and if possible, it is a process that uses large amounts of fuel for protaplivaniya furnaces, and power to the heater.

At high heat loss is greatly reduced and the service life of the bath or sauna.In such areas the constant high humidity, because of what wooden structures rot quickly and, in addition, there is an unpleasant putrid smell, which is not very nice.

Heat losses reduce the operating life of furnaces, heaters, and some construction of these furnaces do not be able to create such a high temperature baths.This concerns in particular the brick kilns, heaters, as there is an imbalance between the heat-capacity brick oven and heat loss areas.Heat loss can significantly exceed the room heat oven.And in the end will not be able to heat the furnace room and create favorable conditions in it for the use of the steam room.

To reduce heat loss in the bath, do the following: the steam room floor must be insulated.During the construction of baths in the steam room you need to remove the soil to a depth of 500 mm from the intended level of the finished floor.The bottom of the pit should be dug to level by level, to fill a layer of washed sand up to 50 mm.Then fit the foam mat 200 mm thick, on top of the foam layer is poured cement-sand mortar, mixed in a ratio of 1: 1, with the crumb foam thickness of 50 mm.

Then, on top of this layer is poured a layer of cement-sand mortar, and mixed in a ratio of 1: 1 to 50 mm thick vermiculite.Over this solution keeps reinforcing mesh with a mesh 100x100 mm.Over the wire mesh filled with normal concrete layer of fine gravel (dresvoy).Made slope of 5 ° to the side sewer.The layer of concrete is also made 50 mm.Line the upper part and the iron, and only on a prepared base in the steam room wooden plank floors with holes or slots for water drainage.

If the ground floor of the washing compartment baths done by the same method, it is necessary to make waterproofing between the concrete layer and the layer of vermiculite solution.It is necessary to put two layers of roofing material or Bikrost.The concrete must also be waterproofed with special hydrophobic impregnations, which are now available in sufficient variety for sale.

to create comfortable conditions in the bath in the upper part of the floor can be laid electrically heated warm floors.Also in the concrete subfloor is laid pipe water heating.

If the bath installed underfloor heating is not necessary to arrange the wood floor.On the concrete base is laid ceramic tiles, floor and stacked on top of removable wooden lattice.

method insulation floor bath
1 - ground;2 - sand layer - 50 mm;3 - polystyrene - 200 mm;4 - foam with cement mortar - 50 mm;5 - layer waterproofing - roofing felt or Bikrost;6 - concrete - 50 mm;7 - cement screed;8 - pyazh;9 - floor with boards

scheme of thermal insulation of walls of the sauna:
1 - osnovnaie (foundation);2 - waterproofing;3 - vent hole in the masonry;4 - brick wall, 5 - mounting bracket to the wall log cabins;6 - nail stapling;7 - frame (timbered wall);8 - a sealant (hemp, moss, linen, wool felt);9 - fiberglass;10 - thermal insulation - 50 mm;11 - folmotkan or foil;12 - wall paneling;13, 14 - the direction of air flow for ventilation of the log walls;15 - cement seam between the bricks and place mounting brackets

Wall insulation steam room.

If sauna is built of wooden frame and wooden beams, in 2-3 years, it gives a significant shrinkage of up to 100-200 mm, depending on the moisture content of the material used.The higher the moisture content, the more shrinkage.

Currently, most of the baths and saunas trim quality inside finishing construction materials, such as precious woods Lining.Often not respected technology installation batten, which is attached lining.In most cases, crate nailed nails to logs, and then fastened to the furring battens.Lathing and linings prevent shrinkage log, resulting in formation of cracks between the logs, which goes through the heat of the bath or sauna.

To eliminate heat loss, it is necessary to use a completely different way to finish, to prevent crash logs log on nails crates.This is done as follows.The rails designed for crates, jigsaw saws grooves 15-20 cm in length with gaps every 50 cm long rail.Then, these slats slotted nailing nails perpendicular to the wall log.The nails are put in the slot rack, allowing them to log shrinkage slide along the slot and does not prevent shrinkage.

in the steam room or sauna baths wooden stepy must also be insulated.This is done as follows: in the gaps between the batten fits initially one layer of fiberglass, fiberglass is laid on top of a layer of non-combustible insulation such as basalt or kaolin insulation materials, thermal insulation is laid on top of a layer of folmotkani (aluminum foil glued to fiberglass) or regular aluminum foil.And on top of foil set (attached) lining.

insulation brick walls of baths or saunas.

brick wall insulation scheme baths:
Scheme I: 1 - waterproofing layer between the foundation and the wall;2 - a brick wall;3 - vertical waterproofing between the brick wall and beams;4 - the wall of the timber 100 * 100;5 - layer glass;6 - heat insulating material 100 mm;7 - folmotkani layer or foil;9 - wall paneling

Scheme II: 1 - waterproofing foundation walls;2 - a brick wall;3 - a wall of blocks of aerated concrete or foam permovermikulita or 100 mm thick;4 - waterproofing vertical walls;5 - insulation layer thickness of 100-150 mm;6 - folmotkani layer or foil;7 - wall paneling

Often bath fully erect brick, since the thermal conductivity of the largest brick.Accordingly, in such baths greatest heat loss.

Baths used sporadically, not more than once a week.The walls of the bath during this time is much cool and costly thermal energy to heat the walls and create favorable conditions for its use.

order not to heat without the use of brick walls baths, there are several ways to careful insulation.

method first : inside the room with brick walls laid Planking frame of bars section of at least 100x100 mm.Planking frame additionally closed with thermal insulation, as above.

Method two:
brick walls inside are closed most thick layer of insulation.

insulation ceiling bath or sauna.

wooden ceiling insulation scheme baths:
1 - wall paneling;2 - folmotkani layer or foil;3 - beams (joists);4 - wooden floor;5 - layer of insulation;6 - a layer of glass;7 - rough boards;8 - vapor barrier layer (1 hr. Clay + 1 h. Sawdust);9 - the heat insulation layer (1 hr. Ch.vermikulit clay + 3);10 - foam layer;11 - a layer of cement slurry and foam plastic (1 hour. The solution + 3 h. Crumb foam);12 - fastening nails;13 - bar fastening draft board

Particular attention should be paid to insulation ceiling bath or sauna.To do this, proceed as follows.If the ceiling is planned to be fully made of wood, the ceiling should be put on top of the rough layer of glass, then poured a layer of glinopeschanogo solution mixed at a ratio of 1: 1s with sawdust or gender (finely chopped straw).The prepared solution is poured to a depth of 20-30 cm on top of the glass.Top glinopeschany solution is poured in a proportion of 1: 3, wherein one part of clay par alignment and three parts vermiculite.The resulting solution was filled to 50 mm layer.

This solution must dry out from two weeks to two months depending on weather conditions.Subsequently, this solution was placed over the foam layer thickness of 100-150 mm, and the foam poured on top of a layer of cement slurry mixed with the foam crumbs in proportions of 1: 3.If you planned on bath attic, you must top of the last layer of insulation lay a layer of roofing material or roofing and wooden floors.

At the bottom of the ceiling under the draft board, secure batten with a gap of 500 mm.Between them, first secure the layer of fiberglass, then attach the insulation layer (basalt or kaolin wool) with a thickness of 50 mm, and then strengthen folmotkani layer or foil, and then the ceiling sheathe Lining.

insulation of concrete slabs ceilings baths or saunas.

Driving insulation concrete floor bath:
1 - wall paneling;2 - folmotkan or foil;3 - wood beams;4 - insulation (basalt or kaolin wool);5 - fiberglass;6 - concrete floor slab;7 - roofing felt or roofing material;8 - lag;9 - grapshlak, conventional boiler slag;10 - thermal insulation (mineral wool);11 - roofing felt or roofing material;12 - floor board

When a ceiling concrete slabs need to perform the following operations for the insulation of the ceiling.On the side walls near the ceiling to install wooden beams - bars section of 100x100 mm with a distance between them of 500 mm.On a concrete slab attached fiberglass, then a layer of insulation thickness of 50 mm 100-1, then a layer of foil or folmotkani.Ends operation prikolachivaniem batten thickness of 20-30 mm, which is attached to the wall paneling.

On the attic or second floor is covered with a layer of thickness 150-200 mm of expanded clay or slag layer is laid insulation material thickness of 50-100 mm, plank wood flooring if there living rooms.