Laying subfloors

By Admin | Building
02 May 2016

But I had my reasons, which I have already said above, and in addition, I would like to be able to independently finish laying the floor in every room, so that it can be lifted for inspection, possible waist or laying communications.

Laying most of these communications was postponed until later, as always, for financial reasons.So I provided myself some flexibility in decision-making, digging for money and gain strength, I have no special hemorrhoids with the opening of the floor can lay sewer pipes and water supply.For all these reasons, it was decided to confine laying subfloor, but it dbeasily dismountable.

So begin.For this we need board 25h100 very poor quality, we culled at packing crates, and other works that use this board.Yes, you can simply pile shovel and pick the worst board curves behavior, with lots of knots and other defects.This also will trim from the rest of the board and batten another, do not throw them away.

culled from these boards will choose the best of them, and sawed cranial

bars, spreading along each board into three equal parts, pre-sawn in half, with a 3-meter board is easier to work with than 6 meters.In my case, just needed a 3-meter bars.Sawing along very convenient to do on the bench, with installed hand-held circular saw upside down, and side boards, which sets the width of the bar.

If there is no desire to make a workbench for manual circular saw dressed, going to her complete, side rip fence and moving along the board saw off the desired bars, while on the bench to do it much more convenient.As an alternative to the proposed options, you can buy an inexpensive woodworking machine, though perhaps you can buy ready-made bars.

Laying subfloors Cranial bars, processed antiseptic necessarily good, I used the same "Senezh antiseptic" nailed to the bottom of the lag.Then from scraps and scrapped boards napilivaem boards to fill the space between logs.The length of these plates, DB5 mm shorter than the distance between joists.They are also well-impregnated with antiseptic and placed on the cranial bars.Just look at the photo turned 1.

Laying subfloors Next on board subfloor, between joists in a trough, fit kraft paper or other vapor permeability and waterproof material and is pressed against such topsame bars as cranial.They can be fastened with screws or nails to nail to the end is not to be able to quickly remove the subfloor, such as during the plumbing work.Figure 1 illustrates what it looks like in cross section.

In principle, we have the floor ready for installation of insulation and nastilke clean floor, but we defer until later, when everything else is already done.Legend: 1-lags, 2-board sub-floor, 3-cranial bar, 4-presser bar.