The first buildings on the new site

By Admin | Building
02 May 2016

you purchased the site.And while there is a need to build a house to arrange his life.Well, if you are building a house with the help of mercenary brigade, after which you can make out in vain "makeshift" accommodation of workers, dropping it to the economic needs.And if you build a house for himself, with his own hands, the cabins, toilets, showers makes sense to build houses as permanent buildings on the site.And this will help our forum.

Module and hozblok - this is probably the very first buildings on the site.Cabins are purchased, are built with their own hands.As a rule, they are built not only as a temporary shelter, until the commissioning of the main house.But "with a view" to further convert them either in the bath or in the summer kitchen or in the shop, and then leave as a guest house.With a huge variety of huts on our site, you can explore the topic "Dacha cabins."

How to build a small, neat shed that meets all aesthetic and functional requirements, will share with us the topic Valida

ting Smocker "photo report of construction of the shed (hozblok + WC) ".

detailed report on the implementation of unpretentious, but the desired structure, as a joint complex toilet and a shed, you can read the topic " New hozblok and easier" Sarayka "

main strategic object, without which the life of the country istoilet! Using modern technology and imagination, you can make a toilet is not only a place of disposal of waste products, but also real art object, which is not ashamed to drive excursions.

For inspiration and revitalization of imagination, look at the theme "Toilet in the country." Youfind there a lot of interesting solutions proektirovaniyai toilet building houses. And to make things easy and not to complicate the life of the device cesspools or septic tanks, do not miss the theme, discusses the selection and quality of Peat biotoilets .

most robust, functional and qualityexecution of the decision to combine the toilet and shower in the same house presented in the subject "Shower and toilet under one roof" .It is hard to deny the common sense of such ideas.This allows not only to reduce the consumption of building materials, but significantly save space under construction on small plots of land.

not always necessary to arrange the toilet, often have to eliminate cesspools, inherited from the former owners of the site.Solving this problem is often baffling.How to get rid of frivolous approach to the device outside toilet, our forum users to talk on "The elimination of the toilet"

But not everyone on the shoulder complex building structures. Those who are used to implement a simple and performing design tasks, will approach the theme of "Summer toilet. Sharing the first experience."

not always necessary to arrange the toilet, often have to eliminate cesspools, left over from the previous owners of the site. How to get rid of frivolous approach to the device outside toilet, our forum users tell a thread " liquidation toilet ".

The second necessity and popularity among santehobektov the country was and remains the shower!And then the needs of our members of the forum spread much further devices in the form of a simple watering can for watering, tied a rope to the ceiling shower.Yes and modern solutions allow for the adoption of hygienic procedures themselves in the comfort of a satisfactory pressure and high temperature water.Interesting solutions to topics " Summer shower with a gas column in the gas balloon " will not only take a warm shower, but also significantly save on heating water using liquefied propane-butane gas mixture.

women's history with man's approach to the issue of a shower unit with a wood stove to heat the water you can read in the topic "Women's dreams: a warm shower cottage"

"Building Dusík" - is not just a theme, it's a master classConstruction Joint house for toilet and shower with a clever layout alterations Titan interesting solution to the boiler for heating and distributing water.The topic for the adherents of the capital, exemplary construction.

And finally, to set the mood after reading so serious, "True story about the flying toilet"

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