"As I have erected the foundation" or building a woman's eyes

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02 May 2016

«stop a galloping horse in a burning house will go down!» forumhouse.ru Members know that our new posts take up the case in front of which are often baffled by men - for example, self-construction of frame houses.

And although they say that the building - it's not feminine, interesting experience in the construction of houses of concrete blocks in the pile-foundation of our new posts rostverkovom Tatiana (nick Marinova ).

- instead of a city apartment on his plot of 15 acres, we have decided to build a home for a large family.A special feature of this project is its location.The main facade looks at plot rear façade - on the road.Since the part of the road we have the north, and the selected location will allow better illuminate the house.Also, the site has a slope from the road down, and select the location of the house allows more profitable to present the main - the southern facade.

to the walls of the house was chosen silicate blocks (tvinblok) 400 mm, and for internal partition walls

themselves in 150 stacked in a row without a heater inside and out - plaster.Although the thermal conductivity of uniform standards for the wall a little bit not up to the required values ​​of energy efficiency, but Tatiana believes that this thickness is sufficient.

- Heating we assumed a gas boiler in the living room - heated floors, in other places - radiators.This means that you will need to heat a little more than a house with insulated walls.And the savings on gas, which is obtained when a heater casing will be negligible.And it exceeds the cost of insulation only after 100 years.

about how to choose the heater for the house, gives details in this article.

But, like any building, house begins with the construction of the foundation.For this project was originally designed in deep zaglublёnny strip foundation, but after counting the cost of its construction, the choice was made in favor of the pile-rostverkovogo foundation.


- we chose the foundation for a long time."Feed the depth of frost penetration," as advised our architect, would have cost us more expensive than the house itself.MZFL I do not trust.MZFL with piles, as do 90% of our neighbors seem reinsurance.In general, we choose TISE as the best option, wherein a high load capacity, low-flow concrete, and except for the forces of frost heaving.

This foundation is pile-belt structure.In order to avoid frost heave force acting on the foundation piles are laid at a depth of - below the frost line, and raft foundation is suspended above the ground.And in order to increase the bearing capacity of the foundation, at the end of the pile, special drill becomes an extension of 60 cm.

But before you build the foundation you need to find out what the soil in your area, because of its bearing capacity depends on the reliability and durability of the house.


- Grunt we - clay.Freezing depth up to 1.9 m;GWL more than 2 m. At a depth of 2 meters of soil according to the results of geology - loam eluvial hard and scree with fine gravel up to 30%.

After that, the calculation load.


- The load we calculated yourself, and that's what happened:

building weighs 178,5 m., With summable even the weight of the plaster.

  • +36 m. - Snow load (190kv.m. * 190kg roof snow in the Urals)
  • +30 m. Variable load (apartments) 166 m2 * 180 kg

TOTAL: 244.5 m.

  • + 30% safety factor = 317 m.

Piles diameter 0,3 m with an extension at the bottom of up to 0.6 m (base), height of 2 m + 0.15 cm (above ground)with reinforcement.The bearing capacity of a pile on loam at a depth of 2 m - 10 tons.
total carrying capacity of 33 piles - 330 tons.

construction of the foundation - of my eyes, proxy


- If the whole house, we wanted to build the forces of wage-workers, the foundation decided to give a specialized firm.After all, there need a special drill, and the quality of the foundation depends on compliance technologies.For example, the foundation raft foundation technology should be suspended above the ground, and not on it, or because of the forces of frost heaving in such a structure loses all meaning.

important to know that before ordering the construction works in one of the firms to be compared with each other several suggestions.Thus, we can choose the most optimal offer for the parameter of price and quality.

To accelerate the construction of the foundation hole with a diameter of 250 mm is better to drill machine - Auger or homemade brown to a depth of 2 meters.To do this, you must make markup pile field, and for clarity, pegs mark the place of the future piles.


- Earth around the wells that naburil anchor truck, I was told to clean, not to deliver the mud, if it starts to rain.As a result, it remains clean, smooth space.The depth of the wells I checked with a tape measure.

After that the broadening of the bottom of the wells with 250 to 600mm.
It is especially important to check whether it was done on the broadening of the wells because this depends directly on the bearing capacity of the foundation of your.


- Upon completion of drilling, I came to check.As it turned out, none of the wells has been done the required broadening.Although the superintendent was invited to regale a hole diameter from one to the other (from 250mm to 350mm), I refuse it, as it is not provided for the project at home.As a result, in all wells it was made necessary broadening.

In this project, in order to maintain the bearing capacity of piles, piles with a diameter of 350mm, they would bury 3 meters.

then lowered into the borehole to contact reinforcement cages, the length of 2500mm, but it turned out that due to the fact that the expansion of the piles were deepened, then this length is not enough.


- I decided to build frames reinforcement rods 12 with an overlap of 50 cm, binding wire.

By SNIP reinforcement cage pile cap fit to the laying of concrete mix.Reinforcing cage to be conjugate with releases reinforcement piles and have a transverse reinforcement and spacers that provide the reinforcement cage pile cap geometry during laying of concrete mix.Angles and pile cap abutment must be properly reinforced.

To form the pillars of the pile sleeves were made of tar paper.But because of the piles located quite high above the ground, then pouring concrete headroom required to wear, made of galvanized steel and enshrined screws.

manufacturing formwork went on board 50h150 studded film.Instead of sand for bedding under the raft foundation was covered gruss about 6 cubes.On gruss put roofing felt, and there are holes in diameter piles.

gravel - this loose soil, formed as a result of mechanical destruction of rocks.


- Once was associated reinforcement cage pile cap, ordered concrete grade M300.According to the calculations needed to 10.5 cubes - Order 11 (2 mixer).From the first minutes of pouring formwork kicked: workers amassed boards-boards dyuymovka, but specially purchased bars 50x50 chop with braces often seem lazy.As a result, kicked in one place.When poured into a second mixer, it was found that the concrete is not enough, about half the cube! Well, I've been with the nearest phone concrete nodes.We ordered a mixer, he came in half an hour, and we dolili missing concrete.

When pouring the foundation necessary to remember that for large volumes is better to order two mixers with a short interval of arrival, in this case, in the event of force majeure, such as breakage of the formwork you will have extra time to fix it.

Trust, but verify! all known expression is perfectly suited for any independent developer.And after the construction of the foundation must be checked its geometry.


- After otgrebli sand from the raft foundation, I measurements of geometric dimensions of the foundation - length, width, height.And I found such variations: wall length 10.8 m long by 1 cm width grillage in two places do not put 40 cm, and 39 Apart from the lower edge of the raft foundation, which received height of 50 and 50 to 63 cm, which was formedas a result of subsidence of sand underneath.On the upper level, the laser showed deviations of plus or minus 1 cm over the entire perimeter, ie. E. Less than 1 mm per meter length.Therefore, to level grind and nothing will!

article about how to choose the right foundation for your future home, is available this link .

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