Walls with the "idea".

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30 April 2016

fence has long ceased to act as barriers to thieves and turned into an independent architectural object, complementing and emphasizing all the features and advantages of the infield and your home.But, as one of the users forumhouse.ru: easier to decide from which to build a house, you choose the material for the construction of the fence!

Difficulties choice

fence So what is better?Stone, wood or metal?Perhaps, in this matter there is no consensus, but only one thing is clear - the fence in the first place should be like you, but in order to make the right choice should be the following questions:

  • as fences fit into the landscape of the site and will be combined with the style of your home?
  • What is reliability and durability in the chosen design?
  • cost of the fence, in other words, how much money you are willing to invest in its construction?

our opinion forumchanin with the nickname Pavel45:

- In general, all the fences and hedges can be divided into three groups:

  • Decorative performed on sketches by artists;
  • Symbolic standing around the perimeter of a pro forma,
  • monumental erected where there is a need to hide from the dust and noise of the road, from strong winds or from inhospitable, and even frankly envious glances.

symbolic fences erected where a large need for them, no, but it is necessary to define the boundary of his plot.

important to know that fencing infield must meet the following requirements:

  • from the street or the directions set fence height of 2 m, the degree of translucent - from 0 to 100% over the entire height;
  • from neighboring portion fence height is set to 1.5 m, the degree of translucent - from 50 to 100% over the entire height.
  • height solid fence between the two areas should not exceed 1 m.

Also, when the device of fences should be remembered that the installation is completely deaf, and a high fence on a small area, creates a sense of enclosure.

landscape designer and the user of our forum Elena Gerasimova:

- Every site owner decides for himself what he wants to close and hide from anyone.Or on the contrary show the beauty of the house and land viewed through the fence.And maybe to combine different styles and functionality on the same site.

And for this it is necessary to adhere to the following principles:

  • materials of which the house was built, it is advisable to repeat in the fence, at least one or two, all curled on the proportions.And colors can combine them.But that does not mean stone house - a stone fence.

This material can be combined with others, and a minimal amount of, for example, only for cladding pillars, or cap.

  • If style decision homes clearly expressed, and the image of the fence must not come into conflict with it, but to complement it.

House main "host" on the site!

  • form, color, material used to create a certain image of the fence and if found harmony, we can say that the fence design.

A design no restrictions on materials.

Fences everyones are important, but they are not always needed ...

As the proverb: meet on clothes ... So the fence area can tell a lot about their owners.

In our climatic conditions often can be found three types of fence - a wooden, metal sheeting and the mesh of the netting.Although mesh netting fence budget option is considered the correct approach the same material, but embodied in the idea it might look very interesting.

For example, your site obnesya mesh netting perimeter of the area can be planted with vines, which, using the grid as a support, eventually turning it into a hedge.

Elena Gerasimova:

- becoming increasingly popular hedges , the bud- creepers, fired on the grid or cropped closely planted shrubs or trees is not only beautiful, but alsoeco-friendly.

But do not forget, this fence will require regular maintenance!

fence wood

Despite the fact that such a fence requires care, for example - the periodic touch-up, and its durability and aesthetics will depend on the type of wood, we can say that sometimes, a fence made of wood -it is one of the best outlets for your fence area.Our experience with the nickname forumchanin Spartak .

- before me task was to protect the land of irregular shape (pentagon), about 14 acres in the woods.One side was practically ready in a normal wooden fence neighbor.The remainder, a little more than 120 meters.In order to maintain the style of the nature of the Siberian forests, the decision was made: to build a wooden fence!

Indeed, a metal profile can be in the woods?

  • When erecting a wooden fence should be remembered that its design is most often the following types:
  • Fence with a skylight.For example, due to a vertical, horizontal or lattice arrangement boards.
  • completely deaf fence.With this board installed overlapping the fence that prevents the formation of cracks.

According to current regulations, deaf fence between the two bordering each other areas can not be set.Otherwise, such a fence will cast a shadow on the green areas on the ground neighbor.Therefore it is recommended to use the transparent mesh or lattice fence: fence, mesh-netting, polycarbonate, and other variants of protections that would not cover the sun.Deaf fence can be put only on the part of the roadway.

  • fence combined with two or more materials.Excellent combination allows the simultaneous use of stone, iron and wood.

interesting solution to the problem offered by our forumchanin with the nickname olegok :

- lodge begins with a fence.My wife wanted to fence with the facade was continuous and was blocking us from prying eyes, but I solid fences seem bleak, but also in terms of ventilation area is not very good.I decided that the best compromise is a wooden lattice, the type of blinds, through which nothing is visible from the outside.

With such a construction, when viewed from inside the area, you can see almost the whole street.But residents on the street - no longer exists.

also at the device wooden fence should not forget about its protection from the sun and insects using color and antiseptic impregnation.

stone fence

brick, concrete or stone - no matter which of these materials you choose for the construction of the fence, but we can say one thing - this fence is being built for the ages, and their appearance often resembles a medieval castle defensive strengthening, producing a feeling of depressionon others.After the fence - a calling card of your site.So how to build a stone wall to your joy, and others surprisingly?We offer a solution to our user - nick on the forum Tetra 59.

- Since the fence should complement and emphasize the main purpose of his Creator - and it was his house, I would like to share his views on the fence, realized in stone andmetal.

at the stage of construction of the house, the fence was made of profiled sheet, and is mounted on a concrete raft foundation and zashurfovannyh metal poles into the ground.But as the time has come to build a more permanent structure, with steel sheet cut area, and in its place built a barrier of foam blocks.

Construction of the fence, about costs 3tys.rub.per meter.

Once the outer side of the fence was plastered, and the interior is lined with fieldstone, sericite Tetra 59 realized that his soul needs something more, namely ... put on a fence pattern that simulates rock painting!

Tetra 59:

- Yapoznakomilsya with the artist, told him about an idea to put a fence on something like a rock painting.Then approved his sketches and prepare the surface for painting.

Although the construction of such a fence is not cheap costs on forged elements alone took about 240 TRthe final result has exceeded all expectations when the fence began going on trips of children!

But the area between the house and the forest Tetra 59 designed for - to another.

- opinion would visually cut the wood from the house, so he cut the time and set the decorative grille mesh.And it is almost not visible.

When the device stone fences should be remembered that these are much more expensive wooden fences or fences made of profiled sheet, and for them it is necessary to lay the tape base.

But as they say, not a single painting created by the original fence, especially if it is complicated by the user of our forum slonmoto of gabions.

- I have long wanted to apply for the construction of gabions and decorations, and then, finally, got to try.Home to see the result!

Gabion - a three-dimensional structures made of metal mesh and filled with gravel or rubble stone.Although they were originally designed to strengthen the steep slopes of the coast, rivers, lakes and man-made structures, the gabions are today more and more widespread in the landscape design enabling you to create effective and memorable design of fences and patios, to flower stands.

This design is kept entirely due to its own weight, since everything is connected together, and one segment weighs several tons, which requires painstaking manual labor and leads to a significant increase in the cost of such a fence.

Metal fence

Forged fence fun is not cheap, and even from the prying eyes of the delicate intricacies of such a fence can not escape, and the advantage usual grid - netting only in that it allows a short timefencing to enclose your site.Therefore, the most common material for the fence on the right is a trapezoidal sheet metal.

Such a fence made of corrugated board - galvanized steel sheet coated with a polymer coating in different colors.The fence is mounted on metal poles dug into the ground.And the steel sheet is screwed to the longitudinal joists welded to the metal poles.Due to the speed of installation of such a fence is quite simple to install yourself.Experience forumchanin karmanov - vlad .

- was a dilemma - what do the fence - a wooden, on concrete pillars or iron.Travel the Hardware store, after reviewing all the price lists, all thoroughly calculated, found that the most expensive fence in my area, it is not strange sounds is wooden, so decided to erect a fence made of profiled sheet.

When installing metal poles into the ground should be remembered that they are subject to the forces of frost heaving and spring fence can sag.To avoid this, contrary to popular belief on heaving soils is better not to concrete pillars and drive below the freezing depth in advance proburёnnuyu well and then fill the hole peskoschebёnochnoy mixture in a ratio of 1: 1 with a mandatory rammer.

As for the cost of installing a fence made of profiled sheet you can rely on our forumchanin with the nickname Yuriis:

- I filled 100 m tape 25x40 (35 yes 55) under the fence of corrugated.Pillars 60x60, the distance between pillars 2.4m. My expenses amounted to:

1. Metal - 40 mp;

2. Concrete M-300 - 50 mp;

3. Work - 40 tr.

4. Laghi 30x30 - 300 m. N. - 15 mp;


- yet to the cost of corrugated board.I think that, along with the work of the price of the fence will be approximately 160 TR

But another opinion forumchanin, with the nickname DimaGrek , who first wanted to make a fence made of wood, but then changed his mind ...

- Long thought, chose, wanted to build a wooden fence.After giving - it is the nature, the natural materials.But still I prefer steel sheet, because such a fence is being built and faster and cheaper wood.

Pros wooden fence: Natural material, pleasant to the eye and blends harmoniously into the landscape of the site and architecture of the house.

Cons wooden fence: For such a fence is necessary to take care of.

His erect longer and it costs more.

Pros fence made of profiled sheet: practical to install and use;less than a fence made of wood or stone fence;durable, hard to climb through it.

Cons fence made of profiled sheet: Reduces space.

Summarizing it can be said that the choice of the fence is a crucial step for the final decision it is necessary to look at the fence of your site from different angles.Only then will your fence will be not just fencing, but the hallmark of your home!

Learn about what the fence is better, according to our members of the forum, users can forumhouse.ru here.If you want to learn how to make their own fence of corrugated, read this thread in our forum.Detailed story about the construction of the fence with cave paintings on plaster available at this link.Discussion of the fence and decoration of gabions is conducted in this branch of our forum.Photo report on the construction of wooden fence-long summer our forumchanin is here.Video on the use of hedges in the landscape of the site is available via this link.This video demonstrates how to make carved items to a wooden fence.And in this video describes the correct formation of hedges.