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28 April 2016
1. Forged fence

Forged fence

Why are people so sinks to a metal rod, twisted monograms and soaring peaks, not difficult to understand: it is beautiful, elegant.Remember the famous bike an Englishman, Peter struck in just one day?After seeing the wrought-iron fence of the Summer Garden, he reportedly immediately left home, saying that the most remarkable thing in Russia is already seen.Solid forging company can recreate any form of historical fence.Their portfolio also forged a huge number of modern designs.Still, nice to know yourself the owner of an exclusive.

optimum height of the outer fence of wrought iron - 1.5 - 2.5 m, but the technology is real and perform 4 - 5 meter.Sections of the fence mounted on metal, stone or brick pillars.In any case, it requires a solid foundation, which is calculated on the strength.If there is a craving for beauty, but mentally you are not willing to "open" and only a stone wall gives a sense of peace, well, allow yourself at least a lace wicket, it will not be the weak

2. Wooden fence

said abroad most prestigious fence - a wooden one.Our fashion is just beginning to look toward the wood, and stereotypes are extremely strong.Someone rustic style fencing seems primitive, some prefer a more fundamental construction.All popular books, such as it is written that the life of the wooden fences, they say, is only 5 - 10 years.Do not believe it.Intelligently designed and carefully made of high quality material with the use of modern means of protection, the hedge with proper care will stand for more than 30 years.Here are tricks used by Moscow masters in the manufacture of a wide array of picket.

Wooden fence

In case goes dry softwood from the normalized number of knots.Timber grind, antiseptirujut, shpatljujut for a perfect smoothness, and only then paint.All wooden elements are treated with impregnation before installation (!).Fixture uses only galvanized.Before the goal, immersed in a nail varnish.The lower part of the wooden pillars and resin is wrapped with roofing material.It turns out, and reliable, and very beautiful.Uprights thickness 19 - 35 mm, width of 40 - 60 mm and a height
0.5 - 1.5 m - smooth as plastic.Painted white, they contrast with the greenery and flowers, and look quite festive.

Even strict adherence to technology, however, does not negate the regular color (every 1 - 3 years) and the need to remove the grass, which creates a high humidity.However, the advantages of the material forced to put up with the truth of life.Bribes ease of installation, only the perception of organic agricultural landscape, for easy replacement of elements (and even the entire fence, if you get tired), stylistic multi-variant.After all, fences world is large enough.Under certain circumstances, when you want to emphasize the nature of the main buildings, flat strips may give way to a round poles, massive wooden construction stockade or, conversely, light the fence.We must close the unsympathetic landscape?It will mesh fence, trellis, overgrown with flowering clematis.It is advisable to visually enlarge the territory or to focus on its broad boundaries?Low fence style "ranch", as in the estate known gymnast and now a resident of the village of Larissa Latynina;it consists only of posts and crossbars.Sections can be colored, of different size, alternating "blind flight - grid."Continuous filling adorn carved pillars and headroom.

3. Concrete fence

Concrete fence

Virtually the easiest and most reliable way to protect against intruders - a fence of standard concrete slabs.The technology is simple and austere.First, a base mounted on the ground in the form of a truncated pyramid.The top of the "cup" (as the professionals call this pyramid) is square hole.It's the "stuck" support post, on either side of which (right and left), there are two slots.There is inserted into the main part of the fence - reinforced concrete slab.By the way, a base set on the ground - or further consolidate their is no need to dig in.The term "glass" is enough to pour the sand.Move this construction only by a bulldozer.

That's all love.The crane and a couple of workers - that's the whole toolbox that may be necessary.You mount a fence just 1-2 days (rather quickly, right?).Your concrete fence ready to defend your property.

However, if a team of workers will fall non-drinker.Otherwise ... then a year, be carried.

And if builders do not shalturili not slyapat fence kosenko and crooked, you should have a pretty nice.I must say, slabs of concrete were not neglected by designers.Plates come in and smooth, and even in the "box", "flyspecked", "circle" ... The language, however, still can not bring myself to call the standard concrete fence very elite.Although the monumentality and strength he will surely not refuse.On the other hand, the prices are quite elite: at least 00-6000 (including the cost of installation on the environment of an area of ​​10 acres).

4. Brick fence

much nicer and looks impressive brick fence.It is usually so constructing.

First of all construction workers are taken as the foundation: dig a trench to a depth of freezing (For the Moscow region - at least 180 cm) and make the formwork.Formwork (usually wood) - is something like a box without a bottom and a lid.There is poured concrete.After the concrete hardens, formwork break and removed, and leveled the ground - exactly flush with the concrete.The entire length of the fence of the future turns rigid support, it, in fact, lay bricks.

Oh, I forgot to say in the trench before the concrete is poured stick metal or concrete pillars.When the concrete is flooded and it "grab" the pillars, to be sure - the fence provided with additional stability.Future columns will not spoil the beauty they obkladyvayutsya brick and become "invisible".One more thing.If the soil is too loose, the only way out (and do not believe, if the builders will swear, saying, "and so goes"): a trench under the foundation will have to dig to the depth where the "solid ground".Alas, it may be 2 meters and 3, and 10. I repeat: there is no alternative.Otherwise fence "float" or even collapse.

And one more thing.The concrete for the foundation or - in our case - the concrete poured into the formwork, that was stronger than cement, sand, gravel and water was added.

When the time of reckoning, the score will mean the following figures.Brick fence enclosing, for example, 10 acres, will cost 000-15000 (price depends on the quality of the bricks, the height of the fence, the distance of your home, villas, cottages to Kiev (or other large cities), and of course, personal interests and ambitions zaborostroiteley).Fence on brick pillars, but with a wooden core (the part which is located between the pillars), require lower costs - 00-8500.The same, but with a metal (forged) filling - 00-9800.

5. Architectural

fiber concrete What if the site is bordered by the road?Will there be something original to protect against noise and dust?There.Advanced alternative to boring concrete sections - composing a fence of fiber-reinforced concrete.In contrast, forging, casting and the new wood material.Elements of the fence - and it dials "board" that is inserted into the slots of the pillars themselves pillars and fixing panel-headroom - is produced in the factory of the kind of "composite".The basis of the raw material mixture of concrete, body-colored, reinforced steel frame and reinforced fibers of polypropylene or fiberglass.Structures made of wire increased resistance of artificial stone in bending and stretching, and the micro-cracks prevents from shock and dynamic loads.
Fibrous concrete Fibrous concrete

types of fencing, beautiful fences - Architectural Forms fiber concrete fences, beautiful fences - Architectural fibrobenot types of fencing, beautiful fences - Architectural

fiber concrete technology is based on a method vibrocasting.The mixture is poured into a special plastic mold with previously stacked cages.Formwork configures future product and its surface texture.Densification process occurs shaking table (hence the name of the method), after thorough shake for 8 hours steaming chamber, and finally comes release form.Install a fence not earlier than 6 days from the stripping, which is associated with a set strength.PTA rejects elements having a deviation from a given geometry, the marriage is considered as vyscherbliny and protruding wire "tail."Products with defects is sold discounted.Keep in mind that the market found a cheap fiber concrete made with violation of technological rules.And if the "fair" nekonditsiya questioned the appearance of the fence or imposes certain restrictions on the use of elements, the product of unscrupulous manufacturers - just a "Pandora's box".

length section of the fence is fixed, and the height depends on the number of stacked "boards."The only condition - to remain within reason, t. E. In the standard version does not exceed 4 m. For higher fences strength calculation is carried out: take several other reinforcements, and probably another brand of concrete.
different design.Primary colors: red, brown, yellow, gray, black;on request manufacturers deviate from the traditional range.To hedge looked interesting, try to "play" invoices "stained wood", "sandstone", "bricks".Take, for example, posts "Brick" and filling - "tree" (see this fence "alive" can be in the elite areas. If I am not mistaken, in Zverinets there is such).The design life of fiber-reinforced concrete - 50 years.This is absolutely no maintenance is required, because the material little affected by climatic factors.Painting produced "en masse", does not fade and does not need to be updated.Finally, another "plus": tech assembly.It takes place in a sparing regime for green spaces, without special equipment.There are fences like textured fiber concretes bolshegabaritnyh panels, but they need a crane installation.