Bath oven stone or metal

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28 April 2016

Banja soars - Health grants. A warm bath, in turn, gives the stove.It is difficult to overestimate the importance of the correct selection of the furnace for a bath, sauna or steam room facilities inside the house or apartment.The choice is considering a variety of factors and conditions that are often conflicting.Therefore the choice of the oven - it's always a compromise.That is why it is still tense debate and battles on the subject, including virtual on many cases where the owner made his choice all the same doubts as he comprehensively realize their potential in the selection and installation of this essential element in view of all of your conditions and restrictions.It is not surprising, because today there are so many types and designs of bath furnaces that get lost in this variety is fairly simple.The story on this topic - on our website.

One of the first questions that arises when choosing a stove - this is the material from which it is to be performed.Will it be a metal o

r stone?All ancient history, of course, gives us the experience and the technology it stone ovens.But let's be objective enough to realize how difficult (or impossible) it was the widespread use of metal furnaces in the distant past.And with the availability of modern as the one and the other, a matter of choice is not so clear and simple.

Each material has its advantages and disadvantages, and the choice here is so different, that advise something concrete to all, or even more so to criticize someone else's choice, not knowing all the nuances, very thankless occupation.

begin with metal. Within this short article it is impossible to talk in detail about all the advantages or disadvantages of one design over another, and the more completely consider all the arguments for such a difficult choice.Therefore, we restrict the most significant and obvious, and we turn to the experience of experts in the field. Sergei Tarasov ( Managing salon "Centre Fireplaces & amp; boilers" on Suschevsky Val) :

"If I were asked to name the benefits of a metal of bath furnace in a word,the word "flexibility".

main advantage, according to Sergei, - very easy to install. No need to be a bricklayer first grade, engineer or electrician to install a metal bathhouse stove. With this handle any man, not even having aspecial training. Secondly, the cost of the furnace and the installation is relatively low. The furnace is set finished product and does not require an expensive foundation. The third advantage - very high efficiency of the furnace.

All metal bath furnace - very efficient heaters. Due to the rapid transferthe heat from the metal furnace in the surrounding area, steam room warms up very quickly.The average room equipped with a metal oven, warming up for a maximum of two hours, after which it is possible to bathe.

fourth advantage - a variety of models that can be matched to any interior completely bath and steam room, warm stones from several sides.According to experts and many participants , the most widely used argument in favor of metal furnaces is rate of heating .For many people it is very important, sincecame to the country for the weekend, not everyone has the opportunity to half-day warm oven and the room.Also, if for some reason it needed an electric furnace (for example, when you want to make the steam room right in the apartment), the choice of metal or stone disappears by itself.To see the advantages of metal sauna stoves can be short movies on our website.

Alexander Darenskaya representative TD "ONLY" notes advantage of metal stoves - heaters (furnaces with exposed stones):

«On the whole process of evaporation takes much less wood than protopku brick stove.»

However, the expert is sure to have a good warm up with the oven, you need experience.The main thing to observe a rule (such seemingly paradoxical for furnaces of metal) - the more stones, the better.

And what stone ovens?Here accumulated so many designs, approaches, traditions and so on. That is the theme of a book (and then probably there is always something to add).General is indisputable advantages of stone ovens is their "soft" heat (no hard infrared radiation), but at the same time and more heated steam, a variety of shapes and styles, perfect opportunity to "build" the stove directly to the right place to choose their own unique design, etc..d. Mikhail Dubov, specialist in stone ovens from the company «Art Master» , believes that there are three main advantages of stone ovens:

"These benefits are likely appreciate a professional attendant. The first pair of stone oven does not containharmful oxides of iron, cast iron. It is important for people suffering from allergies and asthma. The steam stone oven on the structure of very fine, allowing it to penetrate deeper into the pores of the skin. It is important for all. Finally, in stone ovens (due to their weight) lasts longerset temperature. Much less has to heat a little stove in floating. "

Rate difficult construction of bath furnace of bricks can be looked plot.

Stove Valentin Stribuk believes that the stone - only suitable for bathhouse ovens material:

«the stone ovens hygienically unspoiled air, both on the metal.According to the regulatory framework of metal furnaces are not designed for areas with prolonged stay of people.Only for industrial buildings, huts .... Look standards of heating, there is no coolant is above 90 degrees, not 300 or more, as the metal. »

interesting and unexpected advantage is a stone oven on the pages of our website onlineshared one user : in the Russian metal bath furnace conditions often demand "intruders" in the absence of the owners.Expose the stone oven is quite difficult.

However, among the variety of kilns in recent years have increasingly appear design, a compromise combines the advantages of metal and stone.This metal furnace ieyuschie outer surface of the heat of the stone.This topic touched on our forum.

regard to the construction of this type of furnace can be rather interesting video on our website about the creation and the use of tiles, as the furnace in the bath - is also one of the most important design elements of profiling.

Pick oven to fit your needs and enjoy excellent working bath.Light your match!