Modern terraced coverage - what to choose and how to mount

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27 April 2016

is known users, terrace - this is not just a place for fun and pleasure, but also an additional square footage of your house, under the open sky.Normally, a terrace - it is an open, elevated above the ground with a wooden platform, specially treated decking, which seemed to cover the house with one or more parties.Terrace can be fenced with light grilles or decorative elements - such as vines and have a canopy or roof of the house overall.

terrace becomes indispensable when building a house on the hill, allowing successfully beat and hide all the irregularities of the terrain.Even at the design stage, it is important to understand for what purpose it will be used.

Terraces can be done separately from the home, small and big, but the main essence remains the same - it's a comfortable stay in the fresh air.

But whatever the terrace you did not build, we must remember that its durability, reliability, comfort and hence will largely depend on the choice of coating that all the tim

e will be in adverse weather conditions, and thus toits characteristics are increased requirements!

Lifetime terraced cover, and thus the most terraces will depend on the extent to which the material is resistant to wind, rain and snow, UV and beetles carpenter.

In this article we consider the modern terraced coating of wood and wood-plastic composites.We learn that today offers the construction market, and what are the basic rules of installation of the material.

Types of coatings terraced

Currently there are three main classes of materials from wood used in the manufacture of terraces:

  • rare and expensive tropical woods, high density, and therefore strength, related to the premiumclass terraced coatings.
  • Specially treated wood - pine or larch.
  • wood-plastic composite.

Of course, if you have money, you should pay attention to the road and rare wood. It can be - wenge, rosewood, zebrawood and others.These types of wood are special, unique texture and color.

But it should be remembered that the density Garapa, Cumaru, Iroko, Massaranduba and other exotic woods on average from 600 to 1200 kg / cu.Because of this, in a wood at differences of humidity and temperature, there are big internal stress, so this fix decking nails or screws will not succeed.

density of the low-cost, but because of widespread material for construction and decoration - pine does not exceed 470 kg / cu.m, oak - 700-800 kg / cu.m.

Features wooden terraced coatings

choosing to cover the material from pine , you should know that this board without any special processing protective structure is not strong enough and quickly collapses under the influence of atmospheric phenomena, turns gray, as well assusceptible to fungal attack and moldy.That eventually leads to a change in color of the board and its fragility and forced to resort to repair terraces or complete replacement of its coverage.

Thus, the low initial cost of a pine board with time leads to additional material costs.

In order to protect the wood, it is treated with antiseptics.But the more modern method of wood protection - impregnation .

impregnation - a method of impregnating wood preservative under pressure, allowing the antiseptic to penetrate deeply into the surface of the board, which increases the service life of the terrace, in contact with the ground and water.

user of our forum with the nickname RedWoodspb believes that larch, pine and impregnated - everything is real wood, and an excellent material for decking, but when it is properly installed and coatings.

Such wood - a living, breathing material.It is only necessary to consider the open terrace you or not, and therefore the extent to which it is exposed to adverse weather conditions.

Since ancient times, in Russia and not only the ideal material for covering terraces and walkways is larch .

Our forumchanin Maxim Stoyanov, when choosing this mother's , advised to adhere to the following rules:

  1. Larch Siberian be sure.
  2. moisture content - 11-12% - no less and no more, and the drying chamber.
  3. Knots should be healthy, and the captive.Taking material from the crack is not worth t. To. In the future, they diverge even more, especially after the frost.
  4. optimum thickness terrace boards 27, 30, 35 mm, width 90, 115, 142.
  5. optimal distance between joists - 40-50 cm.
  6. necessary to use high-quality hidden fasteners rather than the old-fashioned "nailed" boardnails.

When choosing this mother's garden as larch, we must remember that it requires the proper selection of paint.The quality of the impregnated board ultimately depends on the technology of its production.

Also, when choosing a board of larch need to know that:

  • geometry of the board shall be the following - 30mm thickness, width 115mm;length can be 2, 3, 4 and 6 m.
  • board itself is divided into several categories:
  1. Extra;
  2. Prima;
  3. A;
  4. B;
  5. aircraft;
  6. S.

board in different categories differ from one another the number of knots and surface quality.With decreasing categories increases the allowable number of knots and cracks, but we must remember that the loss of knots, as well as their presence on the lateral edge of the board is excluded in any category.

  • When laying terraced cover the gap between the boards is required, a minimum of 5 mm, for water drainage.

One of the materials for the construction of terraces can be deck board .

This board has no rebates and rounded on both sides, and has a smooth surface with a pronounced texture of the tree.

second type boards for terraces called corduroy .

This terraced cover has a ribbed surface, and is well suited for places with high humidity, such as swimming pools.

Expert Company OBI Akmaldinova Anastasia :

- Decking made from Siberian larch - a convenient cover for terraces, pavilions, terraces, garden paths.As such decking can be used in the arrangement of saunas and swimming pools.A surface "antislip" ensures safe walking on the floor with such a coating, even on wet decking board is very difficult to slip.And this coating is pleasant to walk barefoot.

important to remember that the construction of terraces made of natural wood its durability depends largely on the number of layers of impregnation, wood moisture and quality of the installation of the terraces.And if you follow all the rules of decoration and regularly update the paint boards, such terrace will last for many years.

terraced coating of wood-polymer composite

Although classic coating material is considered to be natural wood terrace, recently more and more widespread its substitute - wood-plastic composite .

covering WPC decking - a high-tech artificial surface that mimics the classic wooden terrace.

CEO «Terradek» Dmitry Shuganov :

- You could say that PDK - a material that combines nature and technology.Such material has a large potential application, because it consists of a mixture of polymers, and wood, and therefore not subject to rotting, damage due to insect and moisture does not warp.

Wood - polymer composite has the following properties:

  • material is not deformed under the influence of high humidity and water.
  • decking used as a polymer decking board with wood composites, looks respectable and at the same time cozy.Regardless of the form it has a beautiful smooth color.

Decking, derived from the English word deck - the deck. Decking translated into Russian means deck covering or flooring of specially treated wood or resistant to rot and moisture of the composite material in the form of boards or modules.

  • material is environmentally friendly, not burdensome for him to look after, as it creates a sense of comfort.
  • This material safely and withstand the harsh Russian winter.

Operating experience shows that it does not change the shape and properties even at temperatures down to -50 C.

  • KDP quickly and easily installed as special locks ensure secure fastening to the base of the profile and can easily handle distributed load up4000 kg / m2.

Also, when choosing a terraced covering WPC, be aware of the signs of poor quality recycled materials:

  1. A cross section (end) terraced profile of the KDP should not be seen numerous multi-colored blotches (color is usually blue, green or dirty-series) balls or divorce.
  2. And in places break or cut the same should not be visible foreign matter.
  3. profile board can have a wavy appearance.
  4. In sections at the ends of the board should not be noticeable significant "swelling" of internal surfaces and cavities.

Note that terraced coating of wood-polymer composite can not be laid on open ground on the concrete floor without using the installation lag.And as the support base of the terraced deck is better to use aluminum or wooden joists, asthey are more durable, reliable and durable.

Regarding the care of terraced surface, it is recommended priderzhivatsyasleduyuschih rules:

  • Terrace need to sweep with a soft brush or wash using high-pressure washing.
  • not recommended for use when cleaning metal brushes, scrapers, shovels - becauseThey can scratch and damage the surface of the board.
  • If between the ribs corrugated surface decking huddled twigs, leaves, mud, they are easy to clean running water let loose under the pressure.

And, as practice shows, the observance of these simple rules will keep the original appearance of your garden for years to come!

Features mounting terraced cover

Often, problems with covered terraced arise due to improper installation.There are no trifles, and laying particular material directly affect the life of your terrace, is largely dependent on what is made of terraced surface.

CEO « MasterDeck» Dmitry Baranov:

- Terrace board of wood-polymer composite is usually made from wood flour and plastic, which "binds" the fibers of wood.In modern terraced docks WPC wood content of 50 to 70%.This decking does not fade and does not require painting.

During production of such a coating wood flour is mixed with the plastic (it may be a polyethylene, polypropylene or polyvinylchloride), coloring agents added, special additives.Then the mixture is heated and extruded through special extruder, which gives the board a predetermined shape.

Decking WPC expensive pine or larch, but if you look to the future, the terrace, built of wood-polymer composite, taking into account the funds spent on painting and regular maintenance of natural wood often proves moreeconomical option.

Decking different manufacturers have different thickness, width and shape.For the most common hollow decking board is recommended to buy a thickness not less than 25mm.The thinner board, although cheaper, may have insufficient strength and markedly «breathe» underfoot.Or need to reduce the distance between joists, which complicates the installation and increases the cost of the flooring.It is also not recommended to lay on the joists plank so-called «W» - shaped profile.The strength of this board may be insufficient.

Dmitry Baranov:

- Classical decking laid on joists and secured to them by means of special clips, which provide a gap between the boards.This gap needs to divert water from the terrace and ventilation space under the floor.

also decking may have a corrugated surface, so-called "velvet".Since such a profile provides anti-slip effect.This board is the most practical and durable.And also easy to assemble, no splinters, will not crack or shrink.

board, WPC surface that mimics wood, it can only be used in areas with low permeability, aseventually wears imitation wood texture and can appear on the terrace trodden path.

Most of the board can be laid on wooden logs, which must be treated with a special compound.It logs planks attached mounting clips or klyaymerami.Klyaymerami better to use stainless steel.They are easy to install and a lot safer in comparison to clips of plastic.

In any case, installation should not be neglected gaps between the ends of the boards and between the boards and walling.The fact that the WPC decking expands when heated and, if laid end to end, it may damage the walling and the board.It is this error is the most common and results in reduced service life of terraced surface.

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