Prolyagut track - big and small.The experience of creating tracks in the country 's own production of tiles

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27 April 2016

Aligning the site received a fine clay ground.It does not dry out even in hot weather.After the rain, we walked in rubber boots and barely dragged his feet.The first track made as the causeway in the swamp: cut to pieces meter thick pine branches, tied with ropes and stakes secured.

still wanted to make a gift for your own feet to:
- do not sink in a clay mash after the rains, especially in spring and fall;
- less wear rubber boots, even in wet weather;
- less wear mud house (then I, as a hostess, had to clean and wash).

Beautiful, comfortable and well-designed track - it is also a garden decoration, any site!

Put on six acres forces to break a head, how to make it visually larger size.Note that the straight track, especially right from the gate, making it easy to view and plot, as it were less, and even a slight bend - increases the space.

effect of broadening or narrowing the width of the space and create a track, and how far they are viewed.

Many believe that concrete and cement work - a lot

of men.We have a great gardening and walking the dog, has been observed, as do other concrete work.The downed from the boards containers kneaded several wheelbarrows of sand, cement and gravel.This was stirred with shovels, buckets and then the solution was placed into the formwork for foundations and for tracks.It is hard work: sweat flows hail, swollen veins, red face ... Imagine your husband in such a situation, and I was scared - it's ruin your health!

But conceived redevelopment area included:
- manufacture of new greenhouses on the basis of concrete masonry;
- Building a warm shower on strip foundations;
- to provide a basis for the porch:
- organization tracks.

first batches made in a bucket, mixed with a trowel.It was uncomfortable, aching wrists.On one of the garbage dumps in horticulture we found an old galvanized baby bath.Adapted for mixing small chopper (the big lever, and easy access along the contours of the container).We took to the optimum volume agitated ingredients:
- a bucket of sand, gravel and half a bucket of a bucket of cement - concrete work;
- bucket sand and third buckets of cement - for mortar for casting tiles and masonry.

first mix the components of the solution in a dry form, then gradually add water until smooth.It turned out that it can do and I'm not a very strong woman who can not work obliquely.Trowel to spread the concrete mix into the mold longer, but do not get tired as a shovel, but the quality is not worse.

to manufacture tiles using plastic molds.They are sold in DIY stores.The form of grease waste oil and gently spread it with a trowel mortar.One batch (a bucket of sand and cement buckets 1/3) - two tiles.We bought 10 forms.

Depending on the state of health and the weather in a week I was doing 1 to 3 castings 10 tiles.For the season obtained from 170 to 200 bars.In June, we buy 10 bags of cement.They have enough for the season, not only on the tiles, but also for other activities.For example, in 2005 there were 196 molded tiles, concrete steps are made in the two-level hozblok and conducted minor repairs.

casting Features:
1. After filling the forms of cement mortar should be shaken (I do it seriously), so standing on my knees, lifts the form of 3-5 cm from the ground, as if dropped.I am doing so 2-3.
2. Put dry on any flat surface (on the ground or on already laid track).If there is a risk of heavy rain, cover forms of scraps of old roofing material.
3. Two days later gently flip the shape and leave to dry for 7-10 days.
4. Finished tiles are not stored on top of each other and put an edge around the perimeter of the basement of the house.

When there is an accumulation of finished tiles up to 30-40 pieces (dried by not less than two weeks), I start planning for their laying on a sandy base of 8-10 cm. I have no special devices (eg, a vibrator), so putting on a linedsand tile, get up on it and jump up a few times lightly.If the tiles stacked above or below the earlier I rented it and adjusts the height from sanding.After graduating from the clutch, I fall asleep sand seams.Everything!

first tiles were laid in 2001.Now they have overgrown grass seams.Regularly mow her trim, is a beautiful and well worth the tiles.

main track (workers), on which we walk a lot and use a loaded wheelbarrow lined with a width of two tiles, the others - into one.Direct operating path we have one and only 2/3 of its length from the house to the warm shower, all the rest have some curvature or are made from different angles, such as bed Kaleidoscope.

already appeared on the site and three paved area:
1 - rest area in a small grove.There's hot weather, relax, dine and meet guests;
2 - about a warm shower.Well after washing relax on the setting sun surrounded by flowers with a view of a flower bed Kaleidoscope and a house in flowering plants;
3 - in the niche home and hozbloka.This area is irregularly shaped part of the ensemble of the artificial pond with an alpine slide and stone vases for hops.We need a platform to perform minor repairs, sowing the seeds for seedlings, and so on. D.

Improvement works area are not finished yet.The general solution, painted in the winter of 1998-99., Is not only visible, but also makes us happy, because the area was convenient to live, it looks functional and beautiful!

We will be glad if our experience can help transform the area and other gardeners.

Inna Nesterenko, gardener

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