New life of the old roof

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26 April 2016
Replacement of outdated roofing made of metal or slate the majority owners of country houses and cottages is extremely expensive and time-consuming exercise.Therefore, many prefer to delay the global renovation of the roof, until recently, most confining local repair problem areas.However, such a patchwork rarely eliminates leaks and other problems of obsolescent their roof, especially if it was originally built with mistakes and violation of technologies.In this case, the local repair of the surface, without addressing the causes of damage to the roof, - wasted money.
In fact, realizing the need for a complete renovation of the roof and familiarized with the advantages of modern roofing materials, many users FORUMHOUSE conclude that the replacement of the roof - not so expensive and troublesome thing in comparison with the use of a cosiness and comfort in the houseunder the safe roof.
One of the materials that are increasingly used today householders to upgrade roof - bitumen roof shi
ngles.The reason for its popularity is simple: cutting off competently roof shingles, its owner for decades can forget about the next big repair the roof.The reliability and durability of the material is such that it gives manufacturers guarantee the average from 20 to 50-60.In addition to the reliability of the host receives another and opportunities to improve the appearance of their homes, because shingles is available today in a large range of shapes and colors.
Replacement of old shingles on roofs of different materials has its own characteristics, but the general principles are similar.Let's look at the basic steps for a renovation.
first phase of the reconstruction of the roof with any surface - assessment of the truss system and the dismantling of the old roofing base.At this stage, it is important to inspect the roof for possible design errors, to assess the state of the elements of the roof and the quality of their installation.Very often in such cases is detected, for example, the lack of ventilation duct or a vapor barrier, revealed cracks in the insulation, creating a "cold bridges" - that's the reason for condensation forming under the roof.
Assessment roof system allows to determine in advance the amount of work and the amount of materials needed.If the rafters are not in need of repair, and step battens appropriate recommendations for paving of shingles, an existing crate can be laid without any additional gain solid ground.If necessary, reinforce the rafters and mount them on a new crate.
distinctive feature of shingles - installation solid foundation under it, which is usually used oriented strand board (OSB-3).The plate is placed in the crate with a gap of at least 3 mm - to compensate for the expansion of the material.
For cold attic rafters vapor barrier membrane is not required: once mounted on the lathing continuous basis.But backing carpet under the shingles, according to many users FOREMHOUSE, is desirable for the entire area of ​​the roof, even if the angle of the slope over 18 degrees that technology avoids the use of the pad.This carpet will serve as an additional waterproofing and compensates for possible flaws in the installation of tiles.At the eaves, the roof ridge ends and apply it certainly is the most vulnerable places.
device cold attic in the pitched roof shingles for example TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS:
1. Shingles
2. Lining the carpet
3. Wooden flooring (OSB-3; PSF)
4. Sparse crate
5. Rafter leg
From forum threads:
- On the ledge lining the carpet should cover the entire eaves, t. To. on its boundary with the wall often formed ice which may stagnatewater that capillary effect will squeeze up.At the ends of the lining placed on top of it - the end plate, then - the roof.It is impossible to contact with metal straps OSB or wood.Skating - as insurance when it is lifted by the wind ridge tiles and flowing under it rain.
However, cold attics - yesterday.Most householders prefer to insulate the roof space to get warm and cozy attic.In this case, can not do without well-assembled roofing pie with a vapor barrier.For example, the system unit looks like an attic floor with shingles TekhnoNIKOL SHINGLAS.
1. Shingles
2. Lining the carpet
3. The membrane superdiffuzionnaya
4. Stone wool
5. Steam insulation film
6. Wooden flooring (OSB-3; PSF)
7. sparse crate
8. Kontrbrus to create ventkanala
9. Rafter leg
10. Stepping crate under the insulation
11. Filing attic
Create underlay ventilation - an important point.It should be observed three conditions: the possibility of the air intake at the eaves, the presence of the duct and the air outlet in the skate.
main difference when replacing roofing shingles of different types - the time and effort associated with the dismantling of the old metal, slate or metal sheets.Installation of the new shingles after training grounds - a simple process and does not require special skills.The main thing - to comply with the manufacturer's instructions.
should also note another interesting upgrade option with a flexible roofing shingles.It is not uncommon when the desire becomes a cause of renovation the owners to change the appearance of their homes, "ennobling" ceases to please the eye surface.It's easy to do, placing right over the old coating of new shingles - for example, two-layer tiles.So, with minimal cost and in a short time, the owners will receive updated coverage increased reliability.The complexity of the case, except that the choice would be the colors and shapes of tiles from a wide range offered by the market.
exchange experiences and information on the selection, installation, repair and maintenance of soft roofs - in this section of our forum.On the advantages and characteristics of the different types and models of shingles Gameday discuss in this thread.To learn how to properly stack soft shingles, says this video.