Should I build a house out of wood?

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26 April 2016

Vacationers like to use in the construction of natural materials.Not by chance the topic of buildings such exotic materials as sawdust, wood chips, straw and other raw materials are popular among visitors internet today, and combined home, combining, for example, wood and concrete.These include so-called "house of wood", built on technology Cordwood (Cordwoodmasonry).That's about it and will be discussed in this article.

little history

When the first houses of wood, is not known.To this day the remains of these buildings have been found in northern Greece and Siberia, whose age - a few thousand years.Traditionally, the flowering of technology Cordwood referred to 1800th years and noted that the houses and farm buildings were built according to this method, in the north-east America.Some of them have survived.The thickness of the wall in most plants - 15-20 cm, sometimes - up to 45 cm.

However, similar structures were also found in Asia and Europe.There is evidence that in Russia

to build houses of wood in the days of Leo Tolstoy.Especially popular this technology acquired in the United States during the Great Depression.And all - thanks to low-cost or free materials and a simple design.

What wood is used?

Usually, wood in houses built on the technology Cordwood, from 40 to 60%.The rest of the - solution and isolating the mixture.It used 30 different types of wood, but more preferred conifers of the Pacific yew, juniper, bald cypress, cedars.Suitable as Douglas fir, western larch, pine, poplar.You can take alder, aspen, but not birch.

Before using firewood should lie down for a year, but better - three different possible significant shrinkage (up to 10 cm).

Member Metamorphos :

- certainly important kind of wood.As is known, oak moisture becomes only stronger.In addition, important woodwork - stain (to enhance the color and texture), moisture-organic fire protection, the resin compositions (crystallized tree structure, blocking pores), as well as various waxes and varnishes (wood impart gloss and water repellency).After this treatment at the lodge and gloss, for sure, will appear.

well dried wood ready for construction: the crust is removed, the edges of the wood is treated with sandpaper to smooth out any burrs that will accumulate moisture.

before laying the wood (or at least their ends), it is desirable to impregnate antiseptic.

types solution

Experts give various recipes solution for the house of wood.For example, a 9 parts sand, 3 parts of sawdust (best - of softwood), the same - building lime, 2 parts Portland cement.For external use waterproofing silicate plaster and linseed oil.Another recipe offers a mix 3 parts sand, 2 parts soaked sawdust, 1 part Portland cement, 1 - hydrated lime.

Some builders put wood on a mixture of clay and sand or straw.Hence - another name for the technology (or, if you want a version) - "glinochurka."

According to participants Vatar , do so desirable:

- This is our Kulibin began to sculpt in clay, and then every year carefully gloss over the cracks.I know from my own experience of working with clay mortar, it is not easy to choose the composition of the smallest cracking.In addition, the clay must have pins and needles in one's arm solution for the winter on the street.Alternatively, you can experiment with the composition of the clay-lime, sand, sawdust and clay against the sand should be no more than 1 to 4.

as an insulating layer in the construction of houses using wood chips with lime (or a mixture of sawdustsoaked overnight with vermiculite) assembly foam, fiberglass, cellulose, polystyrene.

User Forum Metamorphos offers a solution:

- To reduce the thermal conductivity of the cement, it is necessary to knead the foam (perlitbeton, keramzitbeton, at worst - opilkobeton) use various additives in the form of lime, white glue (which will providesolid wood with a bunch of cement), any plasticizers.Concrete well be at the stage of mixing the pigment tint, because whitish gray with wood is not very looks.Alternatively, during laying the inner layer (approximately 15 cm) put the concrete and the outer (the same), - fill bicomponent polyurethane foam with a density greater than 35 kg / cu.m.This will provide the necessary strength, the absence of cracks in the desiccation and good thermal insulation, and the yellowish foam in this case will not spoil the appearance.

Construction technology

principle of building houses from wood is very simple and resembles folding woodpile.Therefore, these houses so sometimes called - woodpile.When laying wooden walls take the whole timber, then the construction technology Cordwood - short "wood" in length from 15 to 60 cm (depending on the climatic zone: the colder it is, the greater the thickness of the walls).Firewood stacked across the wall and attach the cement (clay) solution.When this solution was put only on the edges of the timber, and the center is filled with insulating compound.

form walls at this home can be any, but it's easier to do round the walls: they do not require dressing and strengthen the corners.

traditional houses of wood made from whole logs.Sometimes, however, to avoid through the cracks and crevices in the tree, the log before installing the wall split.For denser laying alternate logs of different diameters.

Laying best done with window units already delivered.For greater effect on the walls lay a glass bottle, which at the same time, provide the rooms with light.

Assembled house should dry out, then you can plaster the wall (if it is assumed).Speakers of the timber can be covered with acrylic primer: it closes the pores of the air and protect the wood from rotting.

roof of the house of Croutes wood shingles, wooden planks.Unusually looks "green" and thatched roofs.

To protect the wooden walls, roof overhangs better to increase up to 80 cm. With the same purpose, make a higher foundation (1 meter).

The debate about technology

no doubt that the house of wood and natural looks unusual.The properties of such buildings Gameday argue the topic "House of firewood.Nice and cheap.But the heat it? ".Advocates of the technology say Cordwoodmasonry that such housing will be cheaper than the log, it will be warm in winter and cool in summer.Celebrating vacationers and easy stacking firewood technology that does not require special skills, knowledge and tools, as opposed to, for example, the log walls.

But there are opponents of the technology, who fear that the house made of wood will be cold and short-lived: in wood and cement mortar will crack, the wood can rot.

Yet, many agree on one opinion: Cordwood technology is worthy of attention.And if you do not house, the small farm building, toilet, bath or gazebo is built from wood.You can experiment with the interior decoration of the house, with a tabletop or wall.So - try and share experiences!