Review attic stairs

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25 April 2016

Attic ladder play an important role not only as a means of access to the attic, but to save space.In this article we look at how to choose the right ladder for the attic, on what aspects you should pay particular attention to the practicality and comfort of operation combined with reliability and safety.

types of attic stairs by the method of folding

Sectional folding wooden stairs

most popular model of stairs to the attic, which guarantees high comfort and safety.An additional advantage is the easy installation and compact size of these models of stairs, optimally suited for small spaces.

Sectional folding metal ladder

similar closing system model, but made of a more durable material, and therefore suitable for frequent use.It is also equipped with handrails and different fast assembly.

ladder with scissor folding system

This type of stairs is specially designed for places where the use of uncomfortable sectional ladders.Some models have a high fire resistance parameters, and the

hatch can be used as an additional barrier to fire.

Benefits of stairs to the attic

Company FAKRO came up with the responsibility to address the issue of ergonomics attic stairs, and introduced to the market range that meets the high demands of its customers.

Tip: what to look for when choosing a ladder?

• area of ​​the room in which you plan to install the attic ladder;
• size of the opening in the ceiling;
• height of the room;
• the need to lift heavy loads;
• temperature difference between the floors.

The undoubted benefits attic stairs FAKRO include:

Wide range. Depending on individual preferences, you can choose exactly the ladder, which is completely suitable for your home.

reliability. All FAKRO ladder extends 3-year warranty.Attic stairs are made of high quality wood, fasteners - from solid stainless steel.
All models are equipped with an insulated hatch.

Security. Depending on the specific model of attic stairs FAKRO stand load 160 - 250 kg.

Simplicity and ease of installation. Install attic stairs FAKRO is not difficult - it comes already assembled.Adjust its height is possible by means of hinges and corner stencil bundled.

Top Model attic stairs FAKRO

Stairs SMART (LWS)

completed insulated hatch 36 mm thick.Cladding - MDF wood color, so it fits well into the ceiling.Using tips for legs protects the floor from potential damage.

Stairs LWK Komfort

This model ladder made of wood of superior quality, and also comes with an insulated hatch lined MDF.High degree of safety due to the use of handrails and stairs with anti-slip grooves.

thermal insulation ladder LTK THERMO

Material production - pine wood of the highest quality.In the folded position, excellent harmony with the ceiling light thanks to the lining of fiberboard white.It features a thicker hatch (66 mm!) With improved thermal insulation properties.

metal staircase LMS

high structural strength is achieved not only through the production of material, but also the use of corner-hinge joints of the new sample, which also protects against possible deformation of the box.The total load the whole structure up to 200 kg.

Metal fireproof staircase LSF

Stairs made of galvanized steel.The high level of fire resistance due to the use of fire-resistant material applied in the manufacture of boxes hatch, as well as a special loop seal has the property to expand when exposed to high temperatures.The maximum permissible load on the entire structure fireproof staircase LSF is 250 kg.

metal thermal insulation ladder LST

presence loop seal installed around the perimeter of the hatch cover, provides a high degree of tightness and heat saving.Ornate side elements attached to the stairs a modern look, fulfilling the role of handrails for safe operation.

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