The house is on a steep slope.

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25 April 2016

Sometimes, it seems, life circumstances are not in your favor and build a house on the complex topography seems an impossible task.But as practice shows people are any situation there is a way, important not to give up and plan everything properly!

So, the construction of the story on a steep hillside homes of aerated concrete.But first, a little background of the nickname from forumchanin 4u4undr.

- The site we were looking for two years.At first, in the villages, naively believing that the land there is cheaper.But buying land for 2 million for 15 acres, while having a communication on the border, did not want to.

When buying a site should be remembered that the term «communication on the border» does not mean that they are next to your site.Sometimes - it may indicate a gas pipe for tens or even hundreds of meters away from your site.A summing up of light and gas can cost a very large amount.

a result 4u4undr acquired an area of ​​15 acres.Despite the fact that the

height difference is 11 meters, the future developer bribed a great view of the forest and the opportunity to build a house on a hillside in a chalet-style.But as it turns out this is only the beginning of history ...


- Shortly after buying the phone rang, and I found that to our site due to difficulties with the terrain and the location next to the road gully can not be justified.

important to remember that the purchase of land on the slopes of the construction of the house - it is a responsible decision, because before the complex landscaping is necessary to make a study of the soil.And if the soil, as they say «not yet succumbed», and the possibility of progress, it greatly complicates the construction of the house and calls for measures to strengthen the slope.

Once it became clear that the access road to the site would not be the first, 4u4undr decided to compromise and buy back at a discount a second portion adjoining the first and which is the access road leading top.

- These sites are on the side of the least expensive in the village.Almost one and a half times cheaper than the flat areas.Although now I understand why.If there was no entrance from the top, I would probably splurge on solving the problems with the rise of construction materials to the trench.Crane on a slope will not put too.

article about the development of the so-called plot with wild landscape available for this link .

After making all the necessary documents for the purchase of plots with a total area of ​​30 acres, the first thing our forumchanin acquired rotary laser level, and, as it turned out, did not lose.


- Immediately after the purchase was tested in leveling work.For four hours, I did completely alone toposёmku area with a grid of 5 meters.With these Croke area and began working at Google sketchap.Made 3D terrain area, and then began to try on a different configuration of the site of the house.

problem was in the - to the house is not completely gone into the hillside, and the excavation was balanced.

Learn all the steps for buying land can be here .

After removing fertile layer of soil thickness of 5 cm at the first rain the whole land mass began to flow down.As measures to strengthen the slope was found the next exit - reinforced soil geotextile.

Despite the complexity of building a house on the land with great height difference should be remembered that each degree is equivalent to the movement of the southern slope area is 100 km.south.

After marking the area was approved house plan with sides 17800mm to 12000mm and stepped in design.


- The whole process of designing home runs remotely using communication via computer.I can say that this is the best budget option, and I am satisfied with the result at 100%.

Then, with the help of bulldozers, began dredging a pit.As a result, when the soil poured into the ravine to the site to add another 20 meters m2.

Conclusion - do not rush to remove the excavated soil from the site, it could be useful for landscaping or feedback bedding.

process of marking the site.


- first marked out the site at home, then fell back on each side of 2 m., And the site and digging.Iepit turned 16h23.At home 12h18,6 spot.The top part of the plot falls exactly on the fence.He stepped back from 1.5 meters and dug a pit - the height of the cliff turned 2.7m. From the back wall of the house to the fence 4 m. The project will overhang of 1 m. So, from the edge of the roof to fence 3 meters.

Learn SNIP norms governing distance from your house to the neighbor's fence at the building site can be this article .

Home was selected slab foundation.After leveling and compaction test pit sand leveling instrument height difference was ± 2 cm, which is a good result.Further, on the advice of the designer as a waterproofing purchased TEFOND, then this was set formwork, connected accessories and the day came pouring of the foundation, but there has not been without difficulties.


- fact that I locked the bottom portion.On this steep slope to the site does not pass.And if you use a concrete pump, the boom needs to 80 meters, and it is very expensive.Therefore, all imported from the top, through the neighboring areas.10 concrete mixers and one did their job.

Despite the fact that the developer feared heavy rains that could transform the way in impassable mud, everything worked, and the foundation was poured.After removal of the formwork, mentally it is already possible to estimate the shape of the future house and rooms.Interesting feeling our forumchanin.

- Perception of the house varies, as promoted its construction, namely:

  • draw the internal layout of the house to the meter room and the size of the windows and realized what we will have a big house.
  • mark on the home stretch of the border ribbons marked out of the room - like, and it seems that the rooms will be small.
  • poured slab - was like for her, and she seems to be so big that it is possible to play football.
  • put the first row of blocks - mentally figured size rooms - and although the exact size, it seems that the place they will be small.
  • Raised walls and realized that the house gets huge.

paraphrase one famous saying, it's one small step for the foundation - is a great way to start your own home.

Summarizing it can be said that the success of the construction on the slope are:

  1. Selection of the optimal design of the house;
  2. planning landscape, home to the binding site and mark the site;
  3. Strengthening slope area;
  4. Careful monitoring of the progress of the excavation.Use of excavating machinery, instead of manual labor, asit is cheaper and faster;
  5. use of optical control devices.

In practice, compliance with all of these measures makes it possible to build even on a steep slope home of your dreams .

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