House of aerated concrete - especially self-stacking blocks.

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24 April 2016

What is so aerated attract developers?In - First, aerocrete, compared to many other materials have a low specific weight and their sizes facilitate packing process.Therefore, even an untrained person without experience as a bricklayer, can quite quickly learn all the basics of proper installation of concrete blocks.And the work itself with the blocks, virtually identical to the stacking of similar construction materials.

Learn all about the construction of houses made of concrete blocks, users may this section of our forum.

tools for self-stacking aerated

Before proceeding to the description of the procedure laying concrete blocks self-worth to say a few words about the material.

Aerated concrete - as a building material, is a kind of cellular concrete.It is based on cement - Portland cement, lime and silica sand.

for manufacturing aerated concrete block all of these components are thoroughly mixed, and the resulting mass is formed from a large block.

Then the block for som

e time is in a high humidity cabinet and then cut into blocks of the desired size.Then, they are sent in the autoclave oven, where they are processed under high temperature water vapor pressure.

So if you have decided to do their own construction of houses of concrete blocks, it is advisable to purchase the following tools:

  • wall chaser - is needed for the device slots and grooves in the block;
  • Saw - Circular electric or manual hacksaw.
  • Planer - useful when chamfering;
  • Drills - pen and screw needed for drilling engineering services for the electrical wiring.

When cutting of concrete blocks should not use simple hacksaw on wood, the teeth wear out very quickly.When large volumes of work, require manual flash p hacksaw, with a high degree of wear resistance and pobeditovymi tips.

user (nick Offline geonaft ) recommends the use of aerated concrete in the construction of the following devices:

for grinding blocks I use Gvozdeva plate for wood.We clean them well.Grooves armature Peel circular saw.I make two washed down angle degrees 35. The cross-section is a triangle with sides 5 cm. The CD ordinary - wood.Blocks nadpilivayu circular saw and then saws hacksaw.As it turns out faster and more accurately.Clay nanoshu conventional notched trowel with 6 mm teeth.Everything else is standard: levels, mallets, strings-prichalku, drill with a paddle for mixing glue and so on. N.

for smooth cutting unit under the window openings, our forumchanin - Victor Borisov (nick Offline Victorprofessor ) uses a saber saw and a homemade wooden miter box:

- When cutting block in a wooden miter box is impossible to make perfectly smooth cut, which will no longer have to live down.

When laying concrete blocks, as the bonding solution may be to use a conventional cement-sand mortar or special glue.

cement-sand mortar made from the ratio of three to one.That is - in the three buckets of sand need to take one bucket of cement.The amount of water will depend on the humidity of the sand.

To prepare the adhesive is necessary to prepare the paddle mixer - attachment to an electric drill.

In addition, during the construction of the house will come in handy Area, jig, rubber mallet, and building level.

Some developers used in the masonry cement-sand mortar, believing that it would be cheaper.

But first, using a solution, it is necessary to make joints approximately 10 mm.By doing so, you will be reduced to no main advantage of aerated concrete walls - their low thermal conductivity.

Seams are cold bridges and the thinner they are, the warmer will be in your home.

Second, although more expensive glue and cement - sand mortar roughly twice putting it simpler, faster, and the walls are more straight.And most importantly adhesive consumption is 5-6 times less than cement - sand mortar.

Thus, using aerated concrete masonry cement - sand mortar instead of glue, eventually you will spend more money. And one bag of adhesive of 25 kg is enough for about 20 blocks of 600h200h300 mm.

laying concrete blocks made similarly laying the parameters of similar materials.Work should begin by putting some angle.It should be remembered that it was the first tab of the blocks depends on further straightness across the wall surface.It is therefore necessary to control the vertical blocks using a spirit level and plumb, and the angles are best controlled using a template.

After you have laid out several rows between the pull cords.They should be mounted on the upper corners gazoblokov.These cords, speaking a kind of reference points, allow to stack the remaining blocks is much faster and more accurately.

When laying out of the seams between the blocks performs an adhesive solution, which should be removed with a trowel, and not wipe.

user (nick Offline Vasili.S60 ) as a means of mechanization recommends:

- My friend for even glue assembled here this box.Pours him glue and move along the wall.Shifts - puts the unit moves again - puts.Very comfortably.

After the installation of the next row of blocks, you need to trim a plane surface and a brush to sweep the remaining small pieces of aerated concrete and dust.Thus, to avoid further cracking in the walls, it is necessary to monitor the level of the masonry.

Our forumchanin Alex (nick Offline Alexey 1979 T ) sharing their experiences advises:

- To remove irregularities sander is best used with the largest sand paper.So the work goes faster.

But, despite the fact that the cords were stretched straight, still recommended to control the evenness of the series with the help of a spirit level and plumb.

When erecting walls gazoblokov, as well as in the construction of a brick wall is necessary to make the dressing.

In other words, each successive number of the stacking blocks is shifted by half its length with respect to the already-stacked unit.This achieves the strength and solidity of the wall.

Once laid on the first floor, usually the question arises - how to lift the blocks up for laying the second floor.

user (nick Offline a pin ) solved this problem as follows.

- To lift the blocks on the second floor, I use a homemade console unit.Which greatly facilitates and speeds up the process work.

details on mechanization for self laying aerated our forum users tell here .

should be remembered that, as gazoblok is a hygroscopic material, that at night and in the rain need to cover a horizontal surface of the block film.If the house remains a winter without a roof and walls must be closed to prevent the ingress of moisture to the surface of concrete blocks.

So learn all the necessary skills and listening to the advice of our members of the forum any of you could easily build a house of aerated concrete.

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