Arbour of your dreams

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24 April 2016

said that the first step on the way to a dream start with its visualization.Then close your eyes and imagine your future pergola, what will it be?

  • open, lightweight design, covered by curtains where so nice to ride out the summer heat, and which can be dismantled and removed for the winter?
  • closed, made of wood and glass, which can be the middle of winter to come by for a noisy birthday party?
  • impressive as the home of stone gazebo with a barbecue or oven complex, which is possible even in a downpour to prepare a delicious barbecue or bake meat?
  • Or maybe - it will be a living garden furniture, created by the nature of the intertwined with each other stems of shrubs and plants, where you can retire in solitude with a cup of tea and a book in his hands?

one answer - no matter from which you build the gazebo, the main thing that you liked it just as well to come up and help users build!

Where should I put the gazebo?

believed that early gazebos were 5 thousand years ago.They w

ere known in ancient Egypt and the Roman Empire.Sit outdoors under the roof of love in ancient Russia.But now, from an object of luxury gazebos become an integral part of your site, often becoming the main venue for leisure and important family events.

When selecting a location for the construction of the gazebo should be remembered that if you vozvedёte it in an open area, accessible scorching rays of the sun, the gazebo will become a furnace.Location arbors should be carefully considered depending on the layout of the site and its suburban landscape.A common style gazebo should be in harmony with the design of your home.

Correctly gazebo will be placed in a shady location, such as a hidden tree crowns.Better yet, build a gazebo next to natural or artificial pond, which will give the coolness and freshness.Also, furniture should not be located next to a constant source of noise, for example from passing near the road.

user of our forum with the nickname svi 1 advises placing the gazebo for a competent pre-split plot on the territory of the zone.For example:

  • Recreation Area;
  • garden area;
  • Economic Area;
  • Parking area.

And then, you are in these areas will take a placement of objects.Also, it is important to ensure the availability of a passage to the gazebo.For example, from the kitchen or bath.

When designing the pavilions, before its construction is necessary to determine the size of the structure.But how?No new posts Olga (forum name mukunoki ) recommends to push off from the alleged number of guests.

- Dimensions gazebo will largely depend on the number of visitors so that neither you nor they were not in it closely.

In most cases, standard dimensions gazebo for a few people undertake the following:

  • Length - 3 m.
  • width - 2 m.

also to determine the size of the arbor is important to understand,for what purpose you are building it.With rare and quiet gatherings you can do quite a small outdoor pavilion and quite another noisy, cheerful company.There will need to have a large private gazebo with furniture, electricity and running water, often including a stove or barbecue.Agree, when sincere conversation do not want to be away for a meal in the kitchen of the house, especially if there is a rain or snow sweeps.

Although you can sometimes hear the opinion that for all occasions you can do a veranda or terrace, so say not all.


- think about the layout of the site and construction of the gazebo on it, I realized the following:

Veranda not replace the gazebo.

  • of the arbor is necessary to look at the fire in the oven or grill.
  • When fry kebabs, needed a roof over his head.It might rain.
  • And for ease of use, garden furniture is to be placed before the bath or sundeck.

times to create the gazebo of your dreams, you need to demolish the old and build new.Describes new posts with the nickname IrinaPrima.

- initially on our site was a wooden gazebo, regular hexagon, but taking into account the weather and the size of it, it was absolutely not fit our needs for a large family.After all, we wanted the stove winter gatherings with delicious food and a pleasant atmosphere, and this is best gazebo, built of brick.

Pavilions are of two types - temporary and permanent.

temporary gazebos collected upon the occurrence of the warm season.And with the advent of cold weather they disassembled and stored all winter in a farm building to re-assemble with the arrival of summer.

Despite the simplicity of design and simple tastes to the foundation (as foundation may make any flat surface on which the support of the blocks or piles are screwed) and ease of construction, such arbors have a significant drawback - you have to deal with their assembly and disassembly twiceyear.And in case of such shower arbor generally do not provide adequate shelter.

Permanent furniture - by its essence - is a small house, with the corresponding requirements for the installation of foundations and wall material.Typically, these arbors are made of wood or stone, and set within the home furnishings - tables, chairs, cupboards.

Despite the high costs, compared with temporary pavilions, pergolas or alive, such designs provide complete protection against adverse natural rainfall and with proper approach to the project, they can become the center of landscape design at the site, and the pride of its owner.

Right gazebo reliable base!

As you know, any construction begins with the construction of the foundation.Do not be an exception, and the construction of the arbor.After all, how it will feel comfortable, and how long it will last, it depends primarily on the reliability of its foundation.The experience of the construction of the arbor with their hands in our forum user with the nickname batista36

- summer is coming to me a lot of guests, and you want to sit outside in the shade and the kebab fry, instead of a table in the courtyard, I decided to make an arbor by hand.Since my yard is not big, with one side of the fence, on the other hand is growing grapes, standing next to the wall at home, I decided to choose a location for the gazebo between grapes and Kalina - turned ground about 2.7 x 2.6m

then forumchanin spaced section, linedand it started to dig a trench depth of 30 cm. under the strip foundations.The bottom of the excavated trench he filled with sand on top of the solution put w / w stakes in two rows, leaving a 5cm distance between them and also filled it with concrete.Giving structure to dry 3 days, batista36 laid on top of the valve and trim for safety foundation made screed.


- Around the perimeter of the future gazebos I put sleepers, linking them with each other and the corners of the plates.On the edges of the 4-set wooden posts bearing ash, a thickness of about 12cm. Pretreated antiseptic ends of the wood, which are supposed to pour into the mold.First wanted to make concrete pillars, but then changed his mind, becauseI decided that the tree will last long enough.

During the construction of the gazebo, just as in the construction of houses, construction of the foundation to start with the study of soils, for example, at a high level of ground water need to insulate the foundation, in order to avoid seasonal shifts associated with the forces of frost heave.And if you plan to install the gazebo in the furnace, slab foundation under it, should be done separately from the host.

most often under the arbor made foundations, built of blocks or pile foundation, but sometimes our users use the original solutions, such as enrolled helzyrf used as a support for the gazebo unfit tires.

- Primer on my rocky area, the top layer of earth 30 cm, followed by clay and stones.He took off the ground, and promptly inserted boulders leveled ground, sprinkled screenings.She put on a tire, filled and rammed dropouts, and that foundation column.The weight of a small gazebo, landslides and lateral displacements in the next hundred years is not expected.And most importantly - it is a very economical option foundation.

In one such column takes about 13 buckets of dropouts.If there is a bias, it is placed on the one hand a tire on the other two.

tegmental columns for a given square of 3x3 must be installed every 1.5 meters.

erecting walls

Despite the fact that the construction of the walls of the gazebo is most commonly used timber and the walls are sewn planks or clapboard, can look very original glazed gazebo collected from debarked logs.That is exactly what our new posts received the nickname Lady_M.

- To realize the idea of ​​the construction on the site gazebo, barbecue I have seen a lot of projects.Although the project satisfies me on all counts and was not found, the search results born gazebo, built of logs debarked and installed it from a brick oven.

debarked timber is machined, in which the crust department under the ax.Resulting in the top layer of logs saved resin layer, which acts as a natural defense, protecting the timber from rotting in the sediments.

Lady_M :

- arbor barbecue, we have built in the fall.So he borrowed it failed in the winter.Verdict - warm and cozy.And despite such a modest size gazebo - 4h4m - six or seven people easily placed in it at the table.And the total cost of construction amounted to slightly more than 200t.rub.

little about construction technology of the gazebo.

Logs, which have been pre-selected slots, vertically mounted on a concrete base foundation.

The grooves infest timber walls.Therefore, the design looks more accurate than the assembly in a bowl or paw.A window opening was made okosyachka and caulked wall.

Lady_M :

- From the oven to the table somewhere 1-1.2m.It is very convenient, especially in cold evenings or winter.I think that with the size of 6x4 gazebo, which we originally expected, without additional warming would no longer be such a comfort.

should be remembered that for the construction of gazebos, barbecue obtain a building permit is not required, the owner chooses the location, the size of the structure and so on.But the building must be carried out in compliance with the town planning, fire protection, sanitary norms.The user of our forum Vultur:

- on urban norms distance from the gazebo or households.Building up to the border of the neighboring area (eg a fence) should be at least 1 meter.

also in the construction of the gazebo with a stove or barbecue should be guided by the following rules:

  • oven must be under the roof and not to fall into the rain.
  • in the gazebo at the device in its water supply system shall be provided and the diversion of water flow into the drain well.
  • size arbor calculated to place around the furnace was not cluttered furniture.From the firebox space must be at least 3 meters on each side - 1 meter.
  • Wooden structures should be treated with the composition ognebiozaschity.
  • Electroconducting best done open way.
  • On the floor next to the oven for protection against sparks, you can put metal sheet.

your style gazebo

To protect gazebo from sunlight gazebo can be closed curtains or bamboo blinds, but there are some secrets.The opinion of our forum user with the nickname Dimitrio :

- Actually curtains gazebo is a good thing.And protect from the sun and from the wind and rain.But there are things you need to know:

  • Street is not a house or apartment.
  • for fabric wind, rain and UV damaging.Sincefabric fade and the sun it is destroyed.
  • Before choosing a fabric and material find its characteristics, and whether it can be used on the street.
  • windage curtains, can negate the pleasure of staying in the pavilion even on a fine day .

Recommendations for making curtains for gazebos from Baliyka :

1. sewed curtains from a special fabric, which keeps the water and the wind.However, it looks much more aesthetically banner material.Above do hem, eyelets or tabs.

2. Next, take the cable - 2-4mm necessarily in PVC sheath (not rust, does not stain fabrics, burrs will not be.) Is metered in size between the pillars.The ends do loop.

3. Buy-tapping hooks.Better with a margin of safety.

4. hooks are screwed in half, at opposite poles.

5. cling to a rope.

6. Dokruchivaem tension cable hooks up like a string.And we get the finished result!Curtains can be easily removed, washed and clean.

To avoid rubbing of a rope in a place of contact with the hook, use a special ring to finish the loop.

And yet the walls gazebos can impose a stone, as did the new posts with the nickname Simply Maria .

Or make a two-story gazebo-hill for example Antonio _ Kotlasa .Where the second floor serves as a playground for children.

Or, combine the gazebo with a swimming pool.

of special interest pavilions, made in the so-called natural or ethno style.This is what our users with the nickname yurrua , creating an arbor of the roughest logs under the thatched roof.

Yurrua :

- As another improvement infield was decided to make the gazebo under the reeds.In the early spring it was harvested 40 acacia logs of different thickness from which the bark has been removed.But later it had to procure more about 30 logs of acacia and elm.As for the action sequences in the manufacture of a pergola, you will need:

  • logs have chosen as pillars, the lower part is impregnated with used motor oil, covered with mastic asphalt and are wrapped with roofing material.

In this way, the protection of the tree should be remembered that greased the beam to the bottom end of the + underground and above the ground 10-20 cm. In each hole under the beam is drainage from the gravel.

  • Logs together connect anchors-screws.
  • After installing the frame assemble rafters.
  • Reed stacked sheaves, the wire is pulled together and inciting.

also looks great gazebo made of brushed logs, which gives the appearance of the original design antique , as did our user with the nickname Alexis1974.

brushing process is that the top layer of wood with a special brush - nozzle removed soft fibers.As a result, on the surface of the tree structure emerges pronounced growth rings.

What do you think of the gazebo, made in oriental style?

For example, the Chinese furniture made by our user with the nickname IgorPee. Although production of truss system for it was very tricky, the result exceeded all expectations.


- I was very puzzled by a curved roof pavilions, how to do it?I decided to collect the rafters and upper stud at the bottom of t. To. On top of all this customized unrealistic.

When assembling rafters had to comply with a smooth curve.