The ideal hall

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23 April 2016
hallway in the house is far greater functional load than in the apartment.Somewhere it - insulated porch, a small vestibule or traditional canopy, and somewhere - a complete suite with wardrobe, shoe cabinet, large mirror and armchairs.How to make it comfortable, functional, wondering where best to place the lockers, and what materials are selected to furnish the hall, told participants FORUMHOUSE and specialists.
Size matters
participant FORUMHOUSE Betriche - mother of three children.Therefore, the solution of the problem, how to put in the hallway weight outerwear, shoes, bags, strollers, skates and three pairs of alpine skis husband, requires thoughtful approach.After all, apart from clothes hangers, new posts still would like to put a chest of drawers in the hallway, a small sofa for pereobuvaniya and hang a mirror in which one could contemplate himself to his full height.In the hallway should be enough room for all five family members who both returned home from a walk.Since the area of ​​
the projected new home with heated basement - 300 sq.m., under the hall, combined with wardrobe, Beatrice decided to take a room of 14 square meters - 5,7x2,5 m.
With sufficiententrance area of ​​the house should not be limited to a small cavern.It should be enough space for clothes (including visits of guests), and for the people.
However, the spacious hallway has its opponents.They believe that since this relates to a non-residential area, it is better to save space wisely for the benefit of the other rooms or kitchens.Do not compress the size of the hall to Khrushchev, but do not show off.Validating Unogroup said that in a small house all auxiliary facilities can spend no more than 15% of the total area of ​​the house, the spacious - no more than 20%.After all, the sofa in the hall can always be combined with a shelf for shoes, and sports and gardening equipment - to keep in the garage.
According to the architect Elena Slava , the design of the entrance area must take into account not only its future area, but also relative to other rooms.Do not make the center of the hall in the house and have her doors leading into the rest room, or combine the hallway to the kitchen (it happens!) Or living room.In winter, when you open the front door will pull chill, slushy weather and dirt from shoes to be spread through the house.
Tintin :
- Parents in the house entrance - 16 sqm and the attached cold platform.In the vestibule - the junk, and an entrance to the point of stupid (as if it is the center of the house), that despite the area, to strip it normally is impossible, and the mud is spread through the rooms.
important even at the planning stage to split the hall into functional areas.Right at the entrance to the house has a working area - here you can remove the robe, sit down, take off your shoes, hang your keys to the housekeeper.It is also necessary to identify the area of ​​storage.In it we'll put the rack or cabinets for the storage of fur coats, coats, hats, shoes.
Helen Slavin :
- Mentally divide the hallway wall from floor to ceiling: the lower level (0-50 cm from the floor) is generally used for storing shoes, medium (50-180 cm) - designed for outdoor clothes andmirrors, the upper (above 180-210 cm) - for hats, lights.If ceiling height allows, you can build underneath the mezzanine for storage of seasonal things.
Consider whether your hallway window.Although the apartment's hallway traditionally have natural lighting, the design of a private house of its future owners are free to plan.Natural light in a hallway - always an advantage, especially if the window has a beautiful view of the garden.
And another thing: if your house is already built, and the layout of the hall is far from what it would like to have, do not worry.Even a small, narrow hallway can be made more user-friendly, if properly arrange the furniture (and get rid of excess) and zoned space.
Observe a reasonable distance between the cabinet and the wall opposite - it must be at least 70 cm, at least 10 cm must remain up to the doorway.If not, maybe you should do to get rid of bulky cabinet, replacing it with a beautiful coat hanger?
Materials and colors
Now comes the most interesting part - finishing hall.By choosing finishing materials, pay attention not only to their beauty, but also to assess the practicality.Wet soles of shoes, dirt, sand - an entrance must endure the tests without losing their appeal.Therefore, better to give preference to washable materials: spent cloth - and clean again.
So floors.If the carpet in the hallway in our weather is not the best solution, then to other materials should look at more closely.
most budget option - linoleum.Practicality is probably 5 points, but the beauty depends on the choice of colors - if you can find a variety of today's linoleum, imitating the pattern of wood or stone, mosaics.High quality linoleum practically neubivaem - wear it, not afraid of water and high heels, and the linoleum with a heater allows you to arrange additional insulation in the hallway.However, the material of low quality may eventually lose color or turn yellow, cut, and, most importantly, not the best way to influence people's health, highlighting the harmful chemical compounds.
Laminate.Aesthetic, but it is better to protect it from excessive moisture and dirt, and limit the zone pereobuvaniya rubber mats.
floor tile and granite.Perhaps one of the most preferred options for the hall, which combines the nobility of the material, and environmental resistance to moisture, dirt and abrasion.
Please note that the surface was slippery tiles with high friction coefficient - so you protect yourself and loved ones from falling on the wet surface.
Zalina7 :
- We tile has its disadvantages: it is cold to walk on, and the seams are quickly contaminated.
To get rid of the discomfort when walking on the tile, many homeowners are satisfied with heated floors in the hallway.
On warming and choosing the doors to the hall, we talked in detail to readers FORUMHOUSE in this material.
Grout tile is better to choose dark colors to avoid any visible dirt and feeling unkempt.Even if the coating is light, you can play on the contrast and to emphasize the geometry of the tile grout different tone.But whether it is necessary to do the floors light - you decide on the one hand, light floor space will expand with another dirt on it will be more appreciable.
Dmitry Kozhanov , designer:
- Zoning hallway space can be interesting to combine floor coverings.For example, to lay out the work, the most dirty zone, tile, and in the storage area as an extension of use contrasting laminate or parquet.Geometrically breakdown of this should be thought out, and the border can proceed visually to the walls and ceiling.
The decoration of the walls in the hallway is best to avoid dark, oppressive palette of colors - if the windows in the hallway there, there is no natural light, and the space itself is small, cherry or dark blue walls will "crush" on you.The bright tone the contrary, visually will expand the wall, make the hall more "easy" friendly.
about how to choose the right solution, using ready-made color palettes, read this article.
Helen Slavin :
- The decoration of the hall in a classic style you can successfully combine artificial or natural stone and a variety of decorative plaster, liquid wallpaper, which are applied to the wall in the form of a solution with a roller.You can decorate the hallway wall plaster bas-relief - a true work of art.Or simply level the surface and paint the walls matte paint.For a noble and popular today Provence style is nothing better than wallpaper with fine floral patterns.And do not skimp on coverage, limited to one bubble on the ceiling, especially if there are no windows in the hallway.It is best to install fixtures with frosted glass, grouping them by a few pieces of 2-3 and above the mirror next to the rack, as well as lighting fixtures disperse the rest area of ​​the ceiling.
If the form has a narrow hallway, lights aimed at the walls visually "postpone" them further.Get rid of the effect of the well and cover up too high ceilings in the hall can also be concentrating coverage on the walls.
According Helena Slava , even in the hallway should not forget the role of the parts.To the interior began to play, pick up a spectacular mirror or the console in accordance with the style conceived, arrange a photo exhibition in the foyer familial or turn the hanger in a daring art object.In general, do not be afraid to experiment!
A tips FORUMHOUSE participants in this topic will help to create the perfect hall.It is also suggested to see our videos on how to make the closet with his hands and recreate the interior wall of an ancient castle.