The foundation of the tires.

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23 April 2016

Primer on marshy ground is considered one of the most unreliable, and construction of the foundation in such circumstances is considered to be very complex and expensive undertaking and often fails.

slab foundation starts to fall, tighten screw piles expensive and pier foundation, sooner or later the forces of frost heaving sticks.What to do?Based on the experience of users can say that one of the easiest solution may be construction of the foundation of the tires!

stack of tires on the foundation.

From our user threads (forum name @ Billy Bones)

- Why bury accepted foundations?First, let's look at how to interact with ordinary soil column.The pressure of the column is passed to the ground in all directions, and moving of soils occur where resistance is less.If a column is standing on a surface, the column is immersed and ground, partially shrinking under the base, mainly moves upward.

It should be remembered that such movement immersed column prevents weight located above gr

ound.And in order to move up the ground in such a case it is necessary to lift the entire upstream primer.Therefore, the deeper buried the bar, the more difficult it is to do.

Billy Bones @
- most importantly - it evenly transmits the pressure of the column over a larger area and depth.And it can be done with a column of tires, packed with gravel or sand.

Tire, like timbering, perceive pressure, drifting to the side and up, and will send all the pressure down below the stack. area a stack of tires R13 about 2500 cm2 with a load capacity of about 2m.

Getting rid of the forces of frost heaving.

is known forces of frost heaving can lead to cracks in the foundation.How usually do to avoid this?

For example, make a hard, well-reinforced strip foundation, laying it on the depth below the frost line.

such a foundation will not change its geometry, if it is lifted for any angle.It does not change it, and the house, standing on such a foundation.

However, this foundation has serious shortcomings.

  • It is expensive.
  • He was not insulated.

resulting in uneven soil freezing under the house, and the emergence of forces of frost heaving.

Billy Bones @

- Why, for example, pier foundation - is, as a rule - a temporary foundation?Because the ground heaving and his footprint small.
As a result, after 5 years somewhere in the house of such a foundation may fall on its side.

But in support of the tires, especially truck, bearing area is quite different, so the risk of soil settlement and there is no tipping.

problem heave on such a foundation can be solved in two ways:

  • One method involves only a partial filling of the tire carrier.In this case, the weight of the house takes longer tire.

Billy Bones @

- With incomplete filling tires with sand , house, in my opinion, is as if on springs.And when the winter in poorly-heaving soils occur ground shifts, it is not a house climbs, and more support prominaetsya loaded, and it smoothes out the effects to some extent .

  • The second method involves the warming of the foundations of the tires.

Billy Bones @

- I believe that the right thing will be just warm and make otmostku ledge.A tire fill entirely.Then the house will be on the same sandy base in the formwork of the tires.

From theory to practice.

interesting process of building on the foundation frame garage of tires member of our forum with the nickname Serёga7 .

- I have a high ground water table in the area and non-cohesive heaving soils.Therefore, under the garage I decided to make the foundation of the tires.To do this, I brought tires, five slabs and sand for filling tires.

learn how to build your own brick garage tells in this article .

very same process of building a foundation on difficult ground can be divided into the following stages:

  • cleared land under the building is filled with bricks and leveled sand.Then, on this basis prepared decomposed tires.

as backfill can be used instead of brick broken glass.

  • tires clogged with sand.

independently find out what the soil in your yard, you can, after reading this article .


- tires I did not have all the same size.The main size - it 315h80h12. "All tubeless tires. The first couple of rows I put 315h70h12 tire size."And then, to avoid voids used 315h80h12 ".

  • Laying tires can be monitored by an improvised gidrourovnya.

Although the process of driving the tires with sand at first glance seems unfailing task to do but insidevoids need to know some of the secrets.


- Initially I experimented with sledgehammers, and with trumpets, and with hammers, but it is inconvenient. sledgehammer, for example, does not allow the tire to score deep sand,prevents the handle. Less sledge hammers, and even in that waving her or, for example, can only pick in an open area.

To solve this problem, Sergei has made a homemade tool.

- I took a piece of meter150h50 board. In the middle of which, fastened at an angle normal doorknob.This board can work in any plane, filling sand into the farthest corner.She is very comfortable clapping sand on top when the leveling surface.

Also for this foundation is best to take tubeless tires.Since it is easier to fill with sand.

After laying all the tires and driving them with sand on this basis can be laid w / w plates and start the construction of the frame of the garage!

As practice shows, in self-construction of any situation can find a way out, and thus the foundation of the tire can become a reliable basis for many buildings - from baths and household outbuildings and finishing carcass or log house.

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