What if flooded basement?

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21 April 2016

FORUMHOUSE readers are well aware that the construction of the cellar or basement - responsible action, which requires the calculation of the literate.Despite a number of benefits to be gained from the device space "0" level, their operation may be complicated because of the high groundwater level.So think about how to drain water out of the basement, it is necessary at the stage of its design.

However, even if you have already built the basement floods on a regular basis, it's not a reason to give up.Practice users of our site says that there is always a way out!


- I have dug under the house basement depth of 2.7 meters.The floor in the basement of the earth.Geological surveys have shown that the groundwater level is below the foundation base.Every time after heavy rains flooded basement water.If it does not pump out, it turns out the real pool 1.5-1.7 m deep.Water seeping between the slits of the foundation blocks at a depth of -1.5 meters from ground level.Basement waterproofing don

e, but apparently it is inefficient, but the gutter yet.I think we need to do drainage.

most common solutions to this problem, we propose the following scheme:

1. Fully dig around the perimeter of the basement.

2. Make additional waterproofing basement walls.

3. Arrange the drainage system at the level of foundation base.

4. Make a clay castle.

Despite the apparent universality of this decision, the practice shows that there are no schemes suitable for all situations.

Selector device drainage system depends on the data obtained in the hydrogeological study of the area.

Opinion Muraveva Eugene (nick Offline Evan ):

- First we need to understand what kind of water floods the basement: ground or perched.

done so - 2-3 drilled hole depth of 2-3 meters below the level of the basement.

Then look at what level will the water in the wells, and whether it will be above or below the level of the foundation.Perched usually meets in the ground, used in the backfilling of the foundation of the sinuses.

Therefore drainage and waterproofing should be considered together, the one without the other does not.

drainage system cuts off the water from the walls of the basement and the waterproofing is moisture inside.

also need to look away from the foundation of the water coming from the roof, with the melting of snow, which is arranged blind area, mounted catchment system and organized livnёvka.

The correct warm cake blind area details the in this article .

If these measures do not help, you have to make trim drainage, and water collected in the basement, pumped through the pit.


- I have a house there is a basement.Each weight it floods.Water - about 20 cm from the bottom of the basement.So I decided to drain it by organizing a pit where the water is going to be, which can then be pumped out.

Pit forumchanin do: took an aluminum tank 500 liters and cut it in half.The result was the bottom of the container with a height of 1.7 meters and a diameter of 90 cm. By the bottom of the tank Dodge45 screwed four corners that extend beyond the edges of the tank.They serve as an anchor, and not allow the tank to float.Then, the bottom of the tank, a circle, a plurality of holes forumchanin nasverlil diameter of 20 mm.They are necessary for better water harvesting.

next step was digging in the basement pit depth of 1.5 meters with the distance from the wall 2 meters.


- Dig a hole, I put it in the tank and filled the pit with a capacity of granite rubble fraction 3-7 cm.

user then dug two trenches inclined to the pits, with a height difference of 60 cm to 100 cm. Sprinkle the bottom of the trench granite rubble, put plastic sewer pipe diameter 150 mm prosverlёnnymi piecemeal holes 13 mm in diameter and filled the trench with gravel.We turned drains.The barrel set forumchanin pump for pumping the collected water.Then it merges into a roadside stream.

Schedule lowering of water in the basement:

  • 2006 pump is switched on every 20-30min.
  • 2007 pump is switched on every 1 hour 30 minutes - 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • 2008 pump is switched on every 2 hours 30 minutes - 4 hours.
  • 2009.The pump starts after 4 h 30 min - 6 h.
  • 2010 pump starts every 6-12 hours.
  • 2011 pump is switched on only by force.The water level at the bottom of the barrel is stable - 6 cm.

a year forumchanin buried pipe under the road, which paved the sewer plastic pipe with a diameter of 150 mm and foster a well made of stainless steel to drain water from the pit.


- Humidity in the cellar is 73%.Now you can store everything that previously had to be stored in Bungalow: tools, building materials, food supplies.Also in the basement is a pumping station and gasoline generator.

Another option sump to drain water out of the basement offers Validating with the nickname da4hik:

- GWL on my site - on a bayonet spade, under the house - an aquarium, becausethe foundation of almost all filled with water.It is pumped out all the time the pump is expensive.So I made drainage.

forumchanin first dug in the basement, at a depth of 60 cm, a hole the size of a small refrigerator body that someone has thrown in a landfill.

drill a lot of holes in the housing to drain water and the bottom of the container secured by a siphon kitchen sink with a pipe diameter of 70 mm.Then da4hik prokapat under fundamentomtransheyu with a bias towards the storage pit, located at the far end of the site.

in drainage trench brought the plastic pipe from the pit.Instead of the perforated drainage pipe wrapped with geotextile, on the advice of neighbors forumchanin scribbled at the bottom of the trench trunks of trees felled.Water collected in the storage tank in the basement, on the natural slope is removed through a drainage ditch outside the area.


- So I'm not only removed the water from the house, but also partly drained site.

All information on GWL, perched and drainage collected in this thread.Story by FORUMHOUSE about how he built the basement, available at this link.Photo report on self-draining basement here.

And from this a movie you will learn how to build a cellar at a high groundwater table.