Garden bench, and how to make your own hands

By Admin | The Hands
17 May 2016

1) boards 20 mm thick (back and armrests) and 40 mm (bearing parts) and a width of 150 mm and 80 mm, respectively

2) Reiki 20x40 mm back

3)Screws / stainless steel screws to connect structural parts (4x120), thick pieces (4x70), thin parts with thick (3x45 and 3x65) and for mounting rails (3x25)

4) Putty

5) primer, waterproof paint or varnish


1) Pencil

2) line

3) Elbow

4) Compasses

5) Planer (if necessary)

6) Jigsaw with saws onWood

7) Sandpaper (paper) or grinder

8) screwdriver, fine drill for drilling holes for screws and drill down to 12 mm (or countersink) to hide the screw heads.Bits suitable to the screws


1. Align and adjust the thickness of a plane blank neobstrugannyh boards.

2. Mark the items for cutting wood using a paper template for the armrest and the back bends bench.

3. Cut the wood parts on the layout, using the jigsaw cuts.

4. Zashpatlyuyte bumps and sand the wooden parts on all sides, using a grinder or a
simple bar wrapped in sandpaper.Grit paper is gradually reduced.Round the lower ends of the rails to the back bench, the edges of the backrest and armrests.

5. In places screwing screws or self-tapping screws, drill holes in the wood thin.This will reduce the likelihood of cracking wood.In order to hide the screw heads, use zenkovochnoe drill down or drill bit with a diameter equal to the diameter of the cap screws.

Making sameyki

6. Proceed to assemble

Assembly Procedure:

How to assemble the bench

6 (a) of lateral support for the flooring is fastened by four screws 4x70 to the side skirts.It is better to do fixation inside, that is, not screwing the screws into the apron.The same thing happened with the second pillar, and side skirts.

receive the items attached to the front and rear legs, each with four screws 4x70.Note
that is attached to the rear foot of the more narrow

6 (b) Prepared using the sidewall front and rear skirt connected to the frame.Use 8 screws 4x120.

board screwed to the frame of the seat.
To eliminate vibrations every bar
recommended to strengthen the four screws

How to assemble the bench

6 (c) between the rear legs attached to the lower support rails back.Enough two screws 4x70.

6 (g) to the front legs and armrest supports are screwed.

6 (d) The armrests are fixed to the rear foot (inside leg) screws 3x65.

How to assemble the bench

6 (e) to the rear foot is attached with four screws 3x45 back.

6 (g) between the backrest and lower the support rails are attached.Use screws 3x25.

6 (g) Secure the rack with rounding down.

Putty, primer and painting benches

7. Zashpatlyuyte cap screws, allow to dry and putty oshlifuyte protruding filler.

8. Prime the bench and color.