Garden bench

By Admin | The Hands
17 May 2016

You will need: bench

  • branches of varying thickness and shape
  • corners
  • 30-60-millimeter screws
  • glass bottles
  • glue
  • garden lamp

1. Select branches tomake the front part of the bench.You will need two legs, strong horizontal branch for the top and 2 lateral branches for reliability.

2. Saw branches at an angle to the edges tightly fit together.

3. Screw the brackets to the junction of the rods.You may need another area to fix the rod with the other hand.

4. Just make the back of the bench, but the two high stakes that will legs and back benches, and the horizontal branch to hold back.

5. Attach the front to the back of the bench with the help of thick branches.

6. Place the bench on a flat surface to check the suitability of the length of the leg, if not, adjust them.Put a piece of wood on the proposed location of the seat and to shorten their length sufficient to cover the side of the log, secure with screws.

bench bench bench
bench bench bench