I do trellis in the garden

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17 May 2016
Production trellis

Production trellis to start with its curved portion.It is a simple operation - simple plywood slats.

On paper dim-dim calculates the radius and length of the stick.Then, on a flat surface, on a wooden floor, it marks the contour of the arc.There you need to mark the start and end of the re-stick it easier to dub them.

for subsequent operations dim-dim gathered all the clamps in his house.Then he placed them around the loop drawn on the floor.In this way, it checks whether there is the required number of clamps for work.

in key locations around the loop screws attached to sticks, which will nestle reiki and give them shape.A key place is the beginning of a couple of bars bend at the bend, even at the end of the bar bend and where to direct.

After preparation it takes 4 rack size 40h10h3000mm one arc.Reiki bought in the store.At this stage you need to do everything clearly, quickly and accurately.

All slats he puts glue, add them together and presses the clamps to
the guide bars and clamps rail clamps at the same time where there is no bars.Clamps clamped from one end to the other.When the glue comes out of the joints is a good sign.The adhesive can be wiped immediately or after drying to remove the chisel.According to the instructions the glue dries for 15 minutes, but dim-dim waiting for 10 hours, while each rack stick together.

While bent slats are glued He takes the bars 50x100 mm.and make the bars smaller 38h38 mm.After drying, they should be bent rods pass through marking gauge to remove irregularities after bonding, and the result will be the size 38h38 mm.The length of the bars depends on the size of your erections.

Pre-need to do a test assembly.On dowels or screws.In order to fit the internal vertical bars at the desired arc need during pre-assembly to draw an arc on the bar on which to saw the bars.Sawed off the bars, attach them to check.Thus, you can check and arc, where it is attached to a central pole trellis.

now remains to do in the bars the necessary slots for the sheathing.Slots can be done either using a drill or mill.It all depends on whether you have one or another instrument.

After milling slots are prepared for the rail sheathing.dim-dim for taking lath slats 30h10 mm.The angles at the rails, he rounded using sandpaper and view them getting better.The slots for these rods are no longer needed to make rectangular.After making all the rails it makes pre-assembly of the tapestry.

When all the details they need to be ready to be sanded and covered with paint or varnish.After drying, all parts of the tapestry to be connected.

dim-dim all parts of the tapestry pasted.First glued frame without arc then inserted into the slots and rails stuck arc.

Here trellis and ready.

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