How to drill a well

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17 May 2016
bottom clay and it is necessary to pass, after the lowering of the casing to the end in the sand, it is a bit steep, so that the bottom edge cut through the top of the clay and the water is not pёrla in the trunk.

3atem inserted coil diameter slightly smaller obs.pipe and excavation done at 1 m. Then the pipe is lowered by that amount, sitting tightly in the clay, and not letting water down.Further drilling is done in the same coil to reach the next layer of sand / gravel.Casing with twisting falls to the stop (as far as climbing).The barrel is cleaned Bailer, then lowered again obs.drill pipe and is held this tool to the desired depth.

can try to make a test pumping pump with open hole, but not less than 1 m between the bottom of the well and the bottom of the pump, otherwise the sand will go up.

If the well has been drilled to the correct layer (not slurry strongly slimy sand and t. D., And medium sand to gravel), then such experiences successful.It is possible that in this case the flow rate up
to 10 m3 / h at a sufficient thickness of a water-carrier and the corresponding penetration in it.
2-5 m3 / h is obtained when the amount by which spudded in the layer, which gives the water of 6-8 m.

3atem, if you do everything as it should be, so well worked as efficiently as possible, with centralizers vvnutr lowered production string diameter!,8-2 times lower than that of the drill RT.The bottom of the inner tube should be covered with a cap set at the dead of the barrel (sump).It collects sediment and burst through the sand.Above, the filter section, and goes back to the mouth of the solid portion.

Between pipes pours gravel to reduce the rate tightening tube passed through the filter.And this should be done on layers Neboli than 0, 5 m, and alternately with the lifting rig FROM.If pump (internal) column comes up with the drilling, the clamp is used.You can, if possible, first drill FROM get to 0, 3-0, 5 m, but so that its lower edge is not raised prior to the portion of the filter.Then poizvoditsya obsypaniya.

Upon reaching the top of the gravel backfill mark 1-1, 5 over a filter section are moving to fill the space mezhdutrubnogo bentonite or others. Swells when wet, granulate.Sometimes using grouting or filling clay-cement composition.The process is similar obsypaniya filtrograviem.
When filling sealing water pressure will be released over the roof (clay, marl, loam, and so on. N.) Of suspected leaks pump obs.pipe, it is continued until the excess 1, 5-2 m above the static water level.If FROM sealed, then immediately after the release of water pressure above the roof uploneniya drill FROM removed and sinus sleep drill ground.

separate issue - the protection of surface water from the trunk.At a minimum, the land around the well is sealed and the mouth firmly closed.Natural ventilation through small leaks in the top water level fluctuations in the suction / pumping pogrom.pump.Well

gives 7, 85 m total, 3 to 8 m in static water, 4, 8 m dynamics at 2, 8 m3 / h and the open bottom (0, m sump 9; 1, 8 m filter diameter.slave. 125).

A statement of some firms without reference to specific geological situation that gives Sandy the water-carrier 0, 1-0, 5 m3 / h or up to 1 m3 / h - the lack of competence or inducing customers to deeper drilling to carbonate rocks (dolomite / limestone), and accordingly - more expensive

For starters had reserved some how tool socket with current data and preliminary exploration.

So work began with the evacuation of soil in the garden.

3atem suspended by a winch:

on a tripod:


made initial drilling at a depth of about 0.9 m:

In place of smoking was under the sand soil.Middle, caked, between 1 and 2 m pure, doped top humus (wash out of soil).Near dug channel and deposit a sandy soil near where smoking occurred.Moreover, the geological age of alluvial soil was more (taken deeper) than what was below.

Once out of habit and lack of ability to drill twisted hands, then pulled and modernized with the use of electric welding machine to machine peemeshivaniya cement and paints.If you do not get it to failure, then in contact with the stone does not turns out limbs.

Here the unit itself:

fork around the motor leads at jamming to vydёrgivaniyu cord and prevent "helicopter" when the drill is, and with the fear of flying borer handle otpusit not to crash down for 100 m.

At first,at a small length of the drill string and when poorly enough at the bottom, you can pull your hands, then at least become neudobno.Pro bringing health to the state antimeditsinskogo I do not speak.Some do not remember about a lever or jack in the event of sticking.Winch breaks at least 300 kg, but gidropodёmnoe device supplies.

shot holes with a depth of 1.8 m:

drill easily, pulling no cost, there is a button and the motor.Therefore excavated soil 2 hours accumulated by the soul:

more light sand - alluvial soil, which went up to about 1.9 m. On the left below, that was under him in the wet, from top left - the wet sand with about 35 m or below.And at the bottom right - soil, top right - that under her.

Well, as expected in the appropriate circles - Protocol on the form.On the one hand to better describe the object, the samples may change.On the other - in the laboratory can find more quietly than seen on the spot.Humidity, plasticity, etc.. Are locked in place and are recorded in the accounting card, sometimes marked ratio of fractions with different grain size.

drilled up to 3.5 m, it was wet, sand krupnovat, yellow with a mixture of organic and smells (former subsoil when the point of smoking was a swamp).I planted more, up to 4.2 m, hoist warmed by 2 degrees above normal and pulled Kurova column on the coil was very wet sand, dripping down.To the bottom of the hole - 3.8-3.9 m. Then appeared the water 3.8 meters.

had to disassemble the machine and rotary drilling obsadit trunk pipe outer diameter 127 mm:

3des shown 3.2 m pipe,which weighs in at a time, allowing the use of the crane and hydraulic jacks.

Since it was the use of multiple pipes with threaded connection reusable, then it was like people (not with petroleum jelly, and a transmissionkoy.Na worst can be used with chain oil.

screwed pipe 2 2.6 m.Dvoynayacandle falls by about 5.5 m.Foto:

After opening the mirror water drilling was carried out cable-way with peskososa. This modification bailer, only the device is lowered to the slaughter, is given to the piston rod down and then jerks the rope or cable, the piston draws in the sand with water, rocks, gravel or slush. Efficiency on average greater in the sand bailer, but mine was too big, and to reduce the possibility of jamming the stone between it and the casing chosen still to peskosos. It is 90 mm (samopal):

By the end of Day 1 of the drilling well was the condition of the depth of about 6.5 m:

Unfortunately, there are volatile toads and hedgehogs suicide.I had to take measures to preotvrascheniyu crash and shut the mouth of the gloves.

pile of soil

By the end of Day 1 of the drilling, became much more right dark ground - water-bearing sand with a mixture of pieces of brown coal and fine gravel.Take out a few rocks to 7-8 cm. There was a 2-jamming bailer dia.100 mm, the two crash eliminated.Peskosos used.

Fully finished well:

depth of 7.85 m to the bottom. The water is 3.8 m. The review is a little vibration golovobolnym suction.The use of plastic hose, hydrants and pipes stalnh with this type of aspirator is unacceptable because blevotny buzz.This trial gave about 1 m3 / h.Later we found out that the hole provides 2.7 m3 / h and lowering the water level of 1 m. The stock so that we can 4 m3 / h suck safely.The theoretical limit - 6 m3 / h.But large-diameter gravel packing is possible and a little more, but 7-8 m3 / h per well in such conditions - the ceiling.

View down:

On the water bubbled seen from vibration of the pump.The only real positive property vibrootsasyvateley - of up to 5% of the sand in the feed water to endure relatively benzboleznenno while sucking should be long with no more than 1% sand / sludge.The maximum particle diameter of swinging this type of technology - 2-3 mm.Next - scoring a hole of water flow.

1 water sample after 1 hour of suction probe:

sand from the bottom 1 meter drilled thickness:

To avoid the illusion that drilling only requires a large (and / or net):

wells onthe next day after the dismantling of drilling equipment:

Later there was inserted PVC pipe with a diameter of 125 mm (inside) from the Filter section length of 2 m to 1 m from the bottom (from the bottom of an ordinary pipe, it is going through the filter propёrshee shit and sand).The width of the slots - 0.5-1 mm, which did not prevent the hole enough to give clear water turbidity was caused unsteadily or very shallow suspension