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17 May 2016

at "Home and Cottage" is constantly being talk about their summer accomplishments.Some are happy to grow flowers and plants, while others build houses, and someone interested in creating objects of landscape design and country building.


offline Member Alex-TTT self-built gazebo in their area.Arbor has a size of 3x4 meters.Due to the fact that it has some experience, he erected its arbor two months.In construction helped him spouse (bring, maintain).

For the construction of the basement, he dug a 9 holes, poured a pillow of sand and poured concrete.On top of the posts put the bricks.On the poster secured lower crown-piping from a bar 100x150 mm.Frame gazebo collected from a bar 100x100 mm.The upper part of the arbor he did lattice of slats.Rafters on the roof set of planks 50x100 mm.The roof is made high, to get a loft-room.Covered roof Ondulin.And in the end I made the visor above the entrance and stairs with handrails.

Garden headsets

Forum member VovroKsyu (Xenia) are constantly

something foreman at the dacha.The hands she made: a bench with a lattice for the roses, built a porch, built a barbecue, planted roses etc.

Who queue dining table with benches for outdoor gatherings.And as the old table using the workbench.

the groove is made chainsaw groove cutter made

table and benches Ksenia wants to do in the same style.First, for the trial of strength, she made the bench.It turned out good.Bench is perfect for relaxing after a hard day's work.But when erected around her gazebo, bench began to wiggle.The table will be collected in the same way and due to this fact, she decided to make a table in the assembly steps for the legs and thereby strengthen the structure of the table, so it does not wobble.

To build benches she prepared four bars, made in the middle of the bottom of the grooves to half the thickness using a chain saw and joined them crosswise.These Crossings it cemented corners iron bars, who arrived on board harnesses.

By the same principle, it is preparing the details for the table.To make it easier and more accurate to do the grooves she bought milling machine now work will go faster and easier.

Collected she countertop on the veranda measuring 2x4 m. And the worktop for a table has a size of 1x2 m, but despite the closeness she had all turned out well.

Stand bushes

Member Forum dim-dim is no stranger to the manufacture of all kinds of structures and devices for questioning.Another of his device - stand under the bushes.

Before creating a variant of the stand he has thought more, but stopped on this variant.

At first he made a pilot version and only after the development of the whole process started manufacturing supports under the bushes.To do this, I take the material that was available - board 150h25 mm.and 6 m length.Sawed a required size plus allowance.Then rasp and sandpaper polished with grain 100-150 and this time removed all allowances left before bringing it to the desired size.Only legs he had bought in a store bars 40x40.

prepared all the details of the frame, he began marking, milling holes for dowels and trial assembly.

check all the details, he polished them again sandpaper 240 and processed them impregnated Tikkurila.After drying again made a slightly raised polishing cloth.After polishing the color and texture do not change.And again he gets impregnation, and after drying the product collected.The collected product is painted in green color to stand not stand out against the backdrop of bush.

This option he chose, because here there is a caveat - one side props fixed without glue.Therefore, if the bush has grown, and you want to make a backup, you can do it gently, pushing it to the side.This is the power of one person.With this nuance branches of bushes and she still stand intact.

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