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16 May 2016
Backing lighting bathrooms

Without bathroom can not do any summer resident.In some they are in the house - bright and warm.Other amenities on the street and often without windows or lighting.But even if there is a window in the bathroom and lighting, electricity cottages often served intermittently.

shortages of electricity in the cottages is not uncommon.

And if the electricity is turned off when you are on the toilet or in the shower, then there is no limit disturbance.To protect themselves from the breakdown Andrew bought a removable LED flashlight mounted backup light (on AGM batteries).He is constantly connected to the network for charging and when it is turned off - ignited.

mains lead Charging from the contacts he had made a light switch in the bathroom, that is,- Consistent with the 60-watt light bulb bathrooms.Typos not - this way.

Now when the light switch is turned off bathroom lights go out, and when the - ignited.If you disable the network - a lantern lit regardless of the positio
n light switch.This is - a lack, but on merit, this thing he is quite happy.

You can, however, work around that, but we need to pull another wire, open the case, fluster (while the lamp is not removed from the wall) or to put an extra connector.

Lantern - removable, with a standard network connector.Andrew bought in the summer of 2009.Moscow store, it cost about 400 rubles.

plugs produhi

plugs produhi need to reduce gas consumption for heating and ensure a more rapid heating of the floor of the 1st floor.


goal was not only to plug the holes, but that it was beautiful, comfortable and technologically.

plan for the realization of Andrew bought a plastic sewer pipes (diameter 110 mm, din 20-40sm.) With plugs (8 sets for 500 rubles.).Tubes inserted into the air holes and zapenil forever and always easy to insert the plug and pull out - they are inserted with virtually no gaps.

He pulled gum sealing of the tubes because they were too tight.Plugs thin so pre-inside, he had them covered with aluminum tape - to reflect infrared rays inside the cap.For better adhesion to foam polyethylene pipes it wrapped tape tube grid.

Another plus - in the tube spring is conveniently inserted ducted fans to dry underground.

Andrew chose foam Makrofleks "winter" (to minus 10 degrees) - she is not afraid of moisture.Three bottles of 750ml.he had the 7 produhi (3h180r).Temporarily closed foam from exposure to ultraviolet foamed polyethylene.In the summer will finish base.

  • After 2 daily warm home for t -18C outside, t under the house was -12C.
  • a month difference was 10C at -18C outside, the house is always warmed up once a week for 2 days.A week
  • difference turned more -13S at -24 on the street.Before plugging produhi air temperature outside and under the house were the same.
He suggests that if the house all the time to live, the difference will be much greater.In the summer he is going to put grid gag - took to the air, and rodents - no.

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