Lights garden paths

By Admin | The Hands
16 May 2016
Commercially available lights for garden paths are either very expensive or have a short leg or very flimsy.I offer a beautiful, durable and inexpensive lights that will cost you about 150 rubles.

process of manufacturing the following:

lights for tracks 1. Buy lighting (such as the figure is about 50rub) karbolitovym with black base and, certainly, with screw gland.This gland is designed to seal the lead wires.

2. Buy in rolled metal water pipe 3 2m.One end please cut at an angle so that it is easier to put in the ground.At the other end of the tube in rolled metal threaded length of 15-20mm.

3. At the bottom, approximately 70cm from the oblique cut in the pipe drill two holes for incoming and outgoing wires.

4. clog the pipe into the ground at the desired depth, put his pre-wire.In order to avoid damaging the threads with a sledgehammer, knocking on the pipe through the spacer (the nut screwed with the short pipe).

5. Screw on the lamp tube is threaded to
gland by removing the last.lights for tracks

6. Connect a wire to the v
acuum tube

7. Paint tube black, admiring his handiwork.

Here is the wiring diagram, because, as argued classic drawing - is the language of technology.

Question : I hope you will protect your cables from the shovel, and you can get a charge of vivacity, though 36V is not dangerous, but the extra work to do still do not hunt.

Protect from shovels have a specific need.Along the track bed of weeds special film Dorn called scattered soil and seeded lawn.So there is a shovel to dig lights for tracks

contraindicated.But seriously, the proposed solution is quite safe.If the cable will kill himself to blame, I will be repaired.

Question : How often have to restore the lights after the theft?

recovering, thank God, after the theft is not necessary.I think that because of their low cost.Until November were assembled.In winter I unscrewed and removed lamps and ceiling lamps, lights put on plastic bags.