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16 May 2016

Before you begin to build a septic tank s_e_s_h review the information that was able to get online and read a few books on the drainage system.Among the books he learned that drinking water is at a depth of 6-7 meters and therefore refused to use a cesspool, and decided to put a septic tank.

After bypassing the nearest place where they sold a septic tank, it became clear that the value of the factory units started from 70 000 rubles.and this without having to install and connect.Then he decided to put a septic tank with his hands.

most suitable place he found the northern side of the site on the border of the forest.In that place, he made a second entrance to the site, as required for maintenance of the septic tank locked assenizatorskaya machine.In addition to the side was a natural soil slope - 3 cm per meter.Septic he decided to do according to all environmental and building requirements.

requirements septic tank

  • He has good purifying domestic sewage;
  • septic tank must have a sufficient volum
    e of wastewater generated during the 4 people that are in the bathroom, toilet, washing machine and dishwasher;
  • opportunity to stay in the winter time;
  • reliability of service;
  • minimum cash investments;
  • neat appearance.

Construction septic

works septic tank began in spring 2009, immediately after the thaw.

Since the frozen ground was more, the work went slowly.For one day managed to remove 10 - 15 cm of soil in the area of ​​the pit and wait until the following melt centimeters.A few days s_e_s_h managed to cope and dig a hole to a depth of 1.2 m, and black earth he dug razvёz on site.

Then he hired a backhoe that 2 hours and 1.5 thousand. Rub.I dug a pit depth of 3.2 m. Then the workers hired for two days expanded hole to the desired size.And still two days he's working with a couple finally dug pit.It leaves the ground, in a bucket, while in the pit, and the worker lifted.Vertical plumb leveled pit.Remove from the clay pits were transported wheelbarrow working in the woods and slept well.

Concreting pit

Before concreting the bottom of the pit poured pillow next filter cartridge from CBC 10 cm thick around the perimeter of the bottom.Then the foundation of the future septic tank concreted using Rabitz as reinforcement.The thickness of the concrete has turned out 6-7 cm.

For the construction of the wall, he bought a septic tank:

  • Factory concrete ring of six units with locks 1 meter in diameter and a height of 1 meter, $ 1.8 thousand rubles.- 10 800 rubles;
  • Four Blind cover for closing the septic tank with a diameter of 120 cm cost 650 rubles.- 2 600 rubles;
  • Three factory not ring diameter of 1.1 m and Venue 33 cm worth 650 rubles.- 1 950 rubles.
  • This immediately paid services for the delivery and installation in the amount of - 1.5 m. Rubles.

When buying the plant indicated the inner diameter of the rings, and the rings are not the factory, then outside.

Setting rings Setting

six rings with locks was made quickly, in half an hour.Also, for 30 minutes using a diamond blade grinder he drank to cover the septic tank and installed in its place.Then he built a well serviced by three rings are not the factory.

in the space between the rings and the walls of the excavation work sleep CBC to the base of the well serviced.
It's time to dig a trench for laying pipes, and work for two days made a trench from the house to the septic tank depth of 1 meter, he was paid 1000 rubles.At the bottom of the trench he put geotextiles and poured CBC, making the correct and uniform slope.

to make a correct and uniform slope when laying sewage pipes in the trench you need to make a 2-meter level to a flat wall and draw a horizontal line.Then you need to delete one edge of 5 cm - this will be a bias of 2.5 cm per meter.Mark the level sight glass felt-tip location of the air bubble.Now put on the ground level in the trench and align the air bubble with a mark pen.

Under the foundation of the house made a tunnel and laid a metal sleeve with a diameter of 150 mm.Then proceed to the assembly of pipes with a diameter of 110 mm.Before laying them warmed two layers "Energoflex" - 16 mm each.And the joints are wrapped more and cuffs.The length of the trench was 14 meters.Every 4.5 meters made two revisions for easy cleaning using tees.

cost of pipes and insulation was 8 000 rubles.Tubes entered into the septic tank at the lower rings served well.They peppered PGSa 10 cm, and on top of clay.Then cover the main extruded polystyrene wells warmed and filled 10cm PGSa.Outside the well maintained wrapped in several layers penoizolona clay and covered to the level of the soil.The lid of the manhole covered with bitumen.After shrinkage soil surface leveled black earth.

in the upper ring of the filter well using punch holes were made for filtering, and the nozzle used for drilling electric coasters.There were made 24 holes of 8 cm.

And in the end he joined the pits overflow pipe and connected to the toilet drain pipe.

Since the last 2 years, and a septic tank works flawlessly.It should be noted that the water in the second settling pit transparent means of the third well in the ground goes well purified water.

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