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16 May 2016
Lukoshko Italian With corn leaf-sleep (so they are called in botany), you can weave baskets and bags: just twist them into a long rope, which is then braided around any suitable size form.For this work, a piece of white maize are more suitable than the leaves yellow - simply because they are longer.

basket for household needs

you will need:

leaves white maize
thick steel needle
scissors secateurs


wooden plank, which can be collected in the form ofsimulating basket (arbitrary sizes)


Lukoshko Italian Soak the corn leaves in water, move them and straighten, work with another damp cloth.Prepare the rope as follows: hands tear the leaves along the way to get a 3 cm wide strips. Discard the leaves with the slightest signs of mold or rot: in the future they may reduce the strength of the rope.Twist strips one after another, rough side outwards Lukoshko Italian (1).Obkrutite rope around the back of the chair: fix the tip and make nine rotations (2).Form.The size of our billet 23/24 x 30 x 13 cm.
To get a basket of this size, it is necessary to make an allowance of 1 cm in height (23 and 24 cm).Drive a nail into a shallow bottom of the workpiece and ten nails on the short sides of the blank according to the diagram shown below left.

Secure the end of the rope for the last nail and rope braided preform with an interval of 1.5 cm. Then secure the rope after another tack and move the free end to the bottom.Passes it over and under the foundation, until you reach the other side of the bottom (3).Take a very thick steel needle or do it yourself metal wire by bending at the tip of the needle.With its help clean the inside of weaving all the ends of the rope (8).Repeat the operation many times as necessary to complete the bottom (6).Continue to spin, twisting the rope around the nails.Once you reach the desired height, cut the rope shears bases at a distance of not less than 10 cm (7).

For sidewalls braided half of the frame (4) and continue to weave the bottom rope skipping over and under the foundation (5).The left side is woven from the bottom up, right side - from the top down.Try to keep the same interval.

basket with handles

you will need the same materials as for the previous basket.


Make frame baskets, as in the previous instructions, using a thin rope.

handles.Prepare rope exceeding authenticity of each of the handles up to six times.Hook the rope over the side baskets and form a handle, as shown in Fig.1. For greater strength skip rope three times according to the scheme.Then, the free end of the spiral braided framework (Fig. 2).

steel needle braid rope ends inside

Repeat for second handle.Lukoshko Italian



Lukoshko Italian Construct a frame of wooden planks on the future shape of the bag.One side is oval.

handles.The length of pens - 60 cm each, they trudge along with a rim rope length of about 2.5 meters.

Fold the rope in half, grab her hand in the middle and tighten the spiral two free ends (you have to take someone as an assistant).Cut off the ends of ropes vertical framework (see paras. 7 and 8 in the instructions to the basket), place a woven edge with handles on top of the latest weaving and clean inside the cut ends.

and loop fastener.The loop is made of rope length of 50 cm.

Clasp - a piece of a double rope, woven and tied in a knot.