How to make the most artificial stone

By Admin | The Hands
16 May 2016

How can you make the artificial stone with his own hands, and what is its cost?To answer these questions, we must first understand how it is done.

First of all, you need a sample from which will be molded shape.Stone-sample may be natural, plaster or concrete.Then you need to make the formwork for casting silicone.It can be made of PVC panels (remnants of repair).It is necessary to mark it with an allowance of 4 cm. (3 cm height stone and 1 cm from the edge), cut and glue together using a "hot gun".

More silicone to fill the containers can be used out of the ice cream and so on, but not much greater than the size of the stone, otherwise it will be a lot of wasted silicon.If the stones are not oval, and curved, you need to cut along the contour of the foundation stone with an allowance of 1 cm from the edge and glue hot glue on the plastic rim.

After fabrication formwork need to take a container with water and dissolve in it Furey (dishwashing liquid) to water has become a soap.

Ready formwork and stone obmazhte thick layer of grease (if the stone plaster, before that it is necessary to cover the three layers of lacquer or varnish).

then be cut from the bottle and squeeze the silicone tip into finished form, which is already in the sample.To fill uses a universal, transparent silicone, is not neutral (dries quickly).Cylinders 310 mm.Soundal, Bau Master.

If one cylinder a little, squeezed the second and all silicone compacted, thus it is necessary to use a soap solution Feri.

costs on silicone mold of different sizes

  • on the stone sample size of 18 cm - 6 cm - 2 cm - 1 bottle of silicone;
  • on stone sample size of 20cm - 12cm - 2 cm - 2 silicone cylinder;
  • on stone sample size of 25cm - 9cm - 3cm - 3 silicone balloon.

brush dipped in soapy water, you need to walk around the silicone, drench it.And then, often dipping a brush in soapy water, to stamp it into the form.At the end you need to moisten the putty knife with soapy water and smooth the surface that then form by pouring a better lay.

Filled sample is removed to dry (silicone dries at a rate of 1 cm. A week. At the end of three weeks disassembled formwork, goes to form. It should be cleaned with Ferry. If you are seen in the form of cracks and other defects, they need to cover with silicone. On one view3-4 to make better stone forms - it's faster casting.

casting cement

to stone was a certain color, you need to paint his shape by mixing dyes for concrete (in this case, the dye penetrates deeper into the solution, washed less and betterholds). Relief stone can be emphasized with acrylic paints or paint them black / white stone. The author paints a chaotic form of different colors.

To save dye, stone fills it in two layers

first layer is measured to the right amount of sand and cement1: 3 - with the help of electronic scales and measures the dye syringe - 2-3% of the added cement and water.To check the accuracy of proportion to their experiences.

solution is mixed as follows: first, the dye is mixed without water and sand, cement, and then added again stirred and at the end water is added, and the solution was stirred laid out in the form (as in mortar consistency of thick cream) solution for compaction to knockon the form or on a vibrating table to vibrate 1 min.

If you use cement M-400, M-500 buy zheleznookisnye colorants for concrete, you can also add a plasticizer.

Before the second layer with a spatula driven by cement to the edges of the form, making the likeness of a side (inside filled bumpers).Cut a piece of masking nets, smaller contour shape and laid out inside.Then you mix the required amount of solution without dye, put it in a mold and vibrated for 1 minute.Stick or nail made grooves for better adhesion of the stone.

After 12 hours of rock removed from the mold and two weeks concrete gains strength.To increase the life form it clean with Fury after each fill.Form clean toothbrush.If the stone is designed for outdoor use, it is covered with a layer of varnish 1 - to lower the dye washed out.A stone plaster for the interior is covered with 1-2 layers of oil heated to 60-70% of S.

casting from plaster

Gypsum products also poured in two steps.For delayed setting gypsum is added citric acid solution is measured with a syringe.Then the necessary quantity of gypsum is mixed and citric acid (0.3% by weight), water and the dye and all this is poured into the mold.The density of a solution like sour cream.Technology in two layers as in the cement samples.A stone or made of pure gypsum or a mixture of cement and gypsum 1: 2.

for gypsum products is taken 5% by weight of the dye added gypsum.The dye was added from a syringe - which is easier to measure out the required amount.

Making vibration table

Mini vibration table to make easy.We need to take the engine, for example, the fan 50 W / 220.On the wire to put a sconce from the lamp.On the need to fix the eccentric shaft of a piece of iron.Then prepare a table from a piece of plywood 30x30 cm and a thickness of 12 mm.On one side of the foam are glued squares 50 mm on the other side are mounted holders for the forms and the motor.


  • cost form - 200 300 rubles;
  • Cost per square meter of black / white stone - 30 rub .;
  • cost per square meter of colored stone - from 100 rubles.

first gypsum made manually, he is in the country for 2 years - looks like a freshly baked