Storage of manure

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15 May 2016

everyday worries

Most truckers manure is used to fertilize the soil, stored in a heap somewhere on the outskirts of the site.Such a storage method has its drawbacks - lumps and manure dries, showered, overgrown with grass and take up much space.It is difficult to weed and water the greens, which grows on it.

One significant drawback to using manure lies in that it must repeatedly drag.The first time the manure out of the car must be attributed to the far corner of the site (sometimes middle) to the place of storage.And this is several tons of heavy and smelly manure.

as needed, come down to condition the manure is spread on the area to fertilize the land.It is not smelly and not catching, but this is the second carrying several tons of manure.

True Life

Everyone knows that at a young age, when there are a lot of strength and energy, for some reason do not want to spend free time and to the garden.And when the years there is a desire, not every cottager boasts good health.Therefore dragging ma

nure is not joy.And the time it takes, at best, a day or even two.And it may happen that the back fails, then no ointment for back shots or can not do.

course, many vacationers are able to store the manure, but it is often too lazy to persuade not to do so.And one of those days when kidar tired dung "joy", he thought about his life in relief.

as intended for the storage of manure

First of all, kidar thought - why carry manure twice when you can do it once.Continuing his thoughts, he was thinking so:

KamAZ truck can not stop by his site, so you need to unload the manure from the road.And if so, then along the road to do the vault and did not carry over.And if it is not stored in the far corner, you have to elevate the place of the future storage of manure.

To midden did not look high, he decided to make a pit.To do this, I calculate the size of the repository, based on the volume of purchased manure - it is a body dump.As a result, the volume of the pit he turned 6.8 cubic meters to the top edge, but you can download more.

to manure poured past the width of the pit he made equal to the width of the car body.After all the calculations of the size of the storage turned out such: 3,01h2,53 m, height - 0.9 m.

Storage has a depth of 60 cm and above the ground rises to 30 cm. According to calculations by 10 cm deep storage accounts 0.76cubic meters of manure.That is always easy to determine the amount of the remaining manure and pre-order next purchase of manure.

material and manufacturing

store itself, he decided to weld metal.For this he used the old gate that did not throw.When the pit was ready, he made measurements and welded construction.

acceptance process manure

During unloading the car comes close to the wall of the vault.There is a danger of its collapse and that it is not going inwards towards the middle of the wall welded two V-shaped stretch ending plates.These plates are carried by two meters in the direction the vehicle is unloading and buried in the ground.

When the vehicle arrives at the warehouse, it runs into the plate and its own weight presses on the ground, where the plates and prevents push the wall inside.

to the vault was convenient to go there there is a staircase welded from channel bar with two wide steps of the same channel bars.To protect against corrosion of metal storage he used directed roofing material, which after installation blowtorch glued on both sides of the metal.

delivery process manure and spent this time

  • Order Car manure;
  • For a couple of minutes, removed one section of the fence;
  • For five minutes the driver unloads the manure and receives payment for its services;
  • Within five minutes midden leveled;
  • three minutes in place of the back section of the fence.

As a result, for 15 minutes without stress moral and physical strength going manure reception.

transportation of manure in the air effortlessly

Having manure storage, kidar long rejoiced.Quickly easily unloaded the car, but after unloading should be attributed more manure into place and scatter over the site.And it is hard work.Firstly, while carrying buckets manure tired hands and other body parts.Secondly, when the manure fray, it sticks to shoes and spoil a beautiful lawn.Required to reduce the burden and less tired.

Therefore, little reflection, he came up to move the manure in the air.To realize his idea kidar use existing flexible coil of steel cable from the winch, wheels with bearings on the axis, a small piece of metal bar and the knowledge secret - why not drop walkers.

We had to think about easy installation with a bucket wheel on the cable and its removal from it.More needed to think and build a cable suspension system and its tension.

Installation for carrying manure and its use

next to the manure storage is metal pole gate, filled with concrete.After thinking a little, he built a structure of channel, rod and strip metal.When you want to carry manure, this construction jumped on pole.At the end of the wire rod is put

other end of the rope is attached to the area, located 25 meters from the manure.This corner of the plate, the spacer is driven into the ground.Then you need to take a piece of board and a short distance from the rod to rest in the ground and support the cable.

height of the cable at the manure storage is higher than at the point of arrival.One person being at manure fills the bucket and clings to the hook on the wheel, which is hanging on the rope.Under the influence of gravity of the bucket wheel with inclined rope rushes to their destination, where he was awaiting the acceptance inspector and manure dumped on the ground.

empty buckets manure delivered to children.They gladly fetches them on a string in the same cable car.

board height at the point of arrival buckets of manure is designed so that approaching the destination, the speed decreases and the bucket touching the ground, do not drop.

results use the cable car

Firstly, the increased speed of delivery of manure on the beds.
human labor costs were reduced by several times.
Lawn and shoes are clean.From
work actors receive only a pleasure.

The picture shows the principle of operation of the plant.

idea can be useful not only for the transport of manure, but also other items