Garden furniture with their hands

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15 May 2016
Summer holiday washbasin

Once the May holidays Eugene decided to construct a sink for the garden in the summer version.For this he used to get him after the repair of a neighbor in a city apartment sink with mixer.

welding machine had been purchased in the last year and showed himself well during the construction of the fence.Jack had no experience of welding, but that did not stop, and he set to work.

Since last year, he had some Materials: Molded from the construction of the house, the profile of the size 40h25 mm.It left from last year and Flooring.So no wonder stored, and all that went into the matter.

countertops he made of floorboard.Wooden parts washbasin Eugene handled Boriteksom wax-based.Countertops three times, and all other parts one and then covered everything Yachting varnish.

After assembling the basin at the forum "Home and Cottage" he advised concreted track near the sink.And stand comfortably, and no one can steal.

more to protect the basin from rain and snow, he planned to
make a canopy, and even poles prepared.

Drain plans to make out of plastic sewer pipes with a diameter of 100 mm.and three meters in length.For this, he nasverlit holes in the pipe, the pipe wrapped with geotextile, dig a trench.In her cover everything gravel and sand, and lay on top of the pipe and bury it all gravel, and put on top of the turf.

Kitchen furniture to give

Garden house SDim built myself.And if it was able to build a house and country kitchen furniture can make your own hands.

For this he used the kitchen:
  • Furniture shield - 400h2100;
  • plywood 15 mm, 3 mm .;
  • tiles 100x100 mm .;
  • moisture-resistant drywall - 1 sheet;
  • board 20h95 mm .;
  • bar 40x40 mm .;
  • hardware - hinges, handles, slides;
  • metal corners - 8 pieces for the frame geometry;
  • dowels 8 mm and 10 mm;
  • screws and screws;
  • glossy lacquer;
  • stain;
  • impregnation of wood, light oak;
  • glue;
  • liquid nails for heavy construction (for tile);
  • cleaning for ep.Grouting;
  • steep seams;
  • epoxy grout.

All materials are available in stores.Their value amounted to 19.9 thousand rubles.On the sink I spent 5000 rubles.Mixer - 1750 rubles.plums and 800 rubles.

made furniture Dimensions: on the one hand the length of 160 cm. And the other 200 cm., If the move up a separate part, and the width of 60 cm everywhere. In the photo, only the lower part of the furniture.

walls of furniture made of boards that are inserted spacers on glue and dowels.Clay is very good titebond2.Doors made of plywood 8 mm., But when buying plywood sheets have to look good.

for kitchen furniture, he spent a few days off, 4 hours a day.The paper used: sander, screwdriver, router, jig saw, circular saw, drill, brush, etc.

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