Summer arbor

By Admin | The Hands
15 May 2016

To summer life in the country has become even nicer offer the interesting design finds.

Summer arbor

How well on a fine summer day to arrange a tea party on the nature!Gazebo in the shape of a dome, Summer arbor overgrown greenery, perfectly suited for this.It will create an atmosphere of comfort and warmth, so we need to forget about the city.

you need

- five large pots of plastic
- timber (8 cm in diameter) covered with bark and cut along the
- wooden stakes (4 cm in diameter)
- vines or other branches. Flexible branches
-Iron cable (wire)
- screws 3x4
- Screwdriver
- saw
- protective coating Ale tree
- a small brush for painting


1. Saw logs on several identical parts.Then gently obsheyte of pots (with a screwdriver secure them from the inside).

2. Cover the finished pots protective material.

3. Fill the pots of soil.In the middle of the slide pins with a diameter of 4 cm and a height of 2 m.

4. With the help of an iron rope, create a domed top frame.Top pull flexible branch
es and let them vines.


Summer arbor small logs, flexible and cleverly intertwined branches - and is ready to garden bench.It is durable, easy and free to move.It can be installed anywhere: in the fence in the middle of the lawn or next to the house.Most thin branches are used for the back, a solid - seat.

you need

- logs with a diameter of 6 cm, cut along:
5 segments of 45 cm (front legs),
2 segment of 70 cm (back legs), 2 length of 90 cm (rear feet long), segment 1100 cm (center rear leg) and 5 lengths of 30 cm (El seats)
- branches with a diameter of 3 cm: 9 pieces of 2 m (seat)
- 6 thin branches (vine or others. flexible branches), 150 cm (Alebacks)
- iron rope (or wire)
- Screwdriver
- screws
- flat Ecker
- scissors
- saw


1. With the blade or scissors, make an indentation size of the thickness of the bar for each seat Summer arborof 5 pieces for the front legs.Assemble the two pieces together using a screwdriver and screws.

2. To assemble, place the seat on the ground 9 long branches (seat to be more comfortable, you can add branches);Gather together 5 branches (front legs + crossbar), placing them at a distance of 45 cm from each other;Put the flat side of the bar is perpendicular to the long branches.Secure it with the branches (with screws and screwdriver), then flip design.

3. Using flat Ecker and screws of the appropriate size, attach the rear legs (the longest - in the middle and 4 others - a ladder on both sides), and then the front legs.

4. To assemble, place back at each other, 6 thin flexible branches and attach them to the back of the legs.Secure the branch with the help of iron wire.

At the end of accomplishment would be simply wrong not to provide space for a small garden.With new twigs and small round logs, let's prepare to build a fence in the shape of a triangle.It is enclose a small piece of land, where they will grow all kinds of vegetables.

you need:

Summer arbor - wooden stakes
- log
- ax
- bolts of at least 8 cm
- shovel


Our folklore fence height of 1.10 m mounted on a 6 cylinder stakes, the point of whichburied in the ground.Intermediates fence made of logs, sawn lengthwise bandsaw.

1. Use a sharp ax grind end bearing stakes to a height of about 15 cm.

2. Shovel dig pits depth of 20-30 cm in the pits vroyte bearing pins.

3. Fix the horizontal half sawn timber, using the wrench and bolt.