Children playground and a summer living room

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15 May 2016
Since then, they began to build a playground, three years have passed, and finally, last summer it was finally built.Drawing on a variety of information on the Internet, made LЁKA77 project and drawings of the town, and her husband with their hands embodied designs to life.

history of the children's playground

LЁKA77 three years ago with his family moved to this place.The site is a sad spectacle.It was all overgrown with grass, while there was not a single tree, but there were two huge pits.One of them is a former fire pond which was dry.

this place out the living room window, so it was decided to build a children's playground.At first we thought to raise the ground level, but because of the high cost abandoned this idea.And since groundwater were deep, and the bottom of the pit has always remained dry, they decided that it was not bad.And if you build a children's playground on it will not be drafts.So they mowed the grass, plowed the ground and poured a bit of soil to grow grass.

The first building, which was built on the playground - a sandbox.To while playing in the sandbox children were in the shade, LЁKA77 tent erected on the idea, taken from the Internet.

Then they made a rose pergola (LЁKA77 dream) and a staircase with a handrail.And around the slope of the former pond railing put your child to accidentally slid down on the bike, where the children's playground.


winter of 2008-2009.LЁKA77 in the place with her husband shoveled mountains of information to come up and draw a plan of the future town.In May, the project was ready.According to him it was necessary to build three towers interconnected by walkways, swings, slides and two staircases - one normal, the other with a rope - and Mansion.All buildings built of pine lumber and boards.Tree covered "Belinka" wax-based colored walnut.

Soon easier said than done.LЁKA77 wanted to build everything at once, but it did not happen.And only in the spring of 2010 she and her husband began to finish building a children's playground, and perhaps above all because of the fact that the second son was born.Therefore, in the project, new additional elements for a young son.

Little House on the playground turned gorgeous and everybody liked it.Its dimensions are 2x2 m. Inside of the situation there is sofa, table and chairs for children.On the windows hang curtains, stitched pillows, put a box of toys, and on the balcony of the house fit children's rocking chair.

They put a swing-balancer for two., Set the basketball hoop, new fabric stretched over the sand pit of thick x / cotton fabric for outdoor awnings.And in the end all the children's playground painted with fresh paint.

on the site was built a children's frog pond with Manya.Near the pond there is a "hanging" shop, near which two willows planted on trunks pink and white, Astilbe and a couple of flowering shrubs.

More on the court left an old dog house that has grown in the fifth month of life of their dog Burns.Now it "lives" plastic Spaniel with a basket of flowers and a box located at the flower garden of annuals.

That's what the miracle of the town built for children LЁKA77 with her husband.

Summer lounge

«Summer lounge" or simply porch is a proud husband LЁKA77.At first her husband was planning to build a porch, but gradually the idea developed into themselves and turned into what is available."Summer Lounge" now is the favorite place in the house.

LЁKA77 veranda attached to a house already built.But plate veranda attached to the foundation of the house.Set supporting columns, and all the rest of the structure made of wooden beams.On the floor of the verandah LЁKA77 termodeking a bed - a sort of prefabricated parquet tiles.Its peculiarity is that he fears neither cold nor heat, nor moisture.It is going just like a puzzle, and placed on any flat surface.

fireplace in the house and on the porch man collected from Chuvashia - Hereditary setter.Neither home nor on the veranda fireplaces do not smoke.To the right of the fireplace is made smokehouse.The roof is covered with roofing material veranda, but in the future will lay tile.

outside veranda is decorated with fragrant phlox growing nearby and roses, and hanging pots of flowers.Next to the terrace with a fountain and carp clearly visible playground.

LЁKA77 in this house with his family resides, so the dog guarding the yard and constantly is any furniture and belongings on the porch.With the advent of summer the whole family is living in a warm time of year holds in it.In the morning breakfast, afternoon hiding from the sun, and in the evening you can sit by the fireplace and chat with the family.

Children often play in the living room and even ride a bicycle and play football.On holidays most of the time adults spend the fireplace.The living room is divided into two parts.In one is a fireplace and a dining room with a large dining table, and another wicker furniture and a TV.

Back in the living room for everyone to see a collection of old things that are going to her husband.Among them have: a samovar, which is preparing a magnificent tea with thyme, spinning wheel vintage irons, etc.All this hangs, and is pleasing to the eye of anyone who looks at them.


planned construction of a pond in the second trench, and right on the pond in the "long legs" will put bath.Nearby is a children's swimming pool and a bridge across the pond.

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