Convenient outside shower

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15 May 2016
Construction soul

First of all, itpb dug a hole for water drainage.It was the depth of half a meter in length of 2 meters and a maximum width of 1.5 meters.The walls he put stone, and poured on the bottom of sand and gravel.As the base for a summer shower on top of the pit, he poured reinforced concrete slab with a hole for water drainage.

size of this hole is not accidental.The fact that itpb already had experience of using the soul in the country, so there was a hole the size of a basin and water after bathing the whole left in the ground.Therefore pit 1,5h2 meters and a depth of 0.5 meters of 200 liters of water is not a problem.

concreted base, he started welding the frame.The metal frame of the cooked shaped tube 30x30.The size of the metal structure made 120h140h206 mm.Cooked metal structure of the future soul, he cleaned out and painted it.On this first day was successfully completed.

The second day was devoted to the future of the room shower trim.To do this, he
acquired a board dyuymovka, pare and impregnated with an antiseptic, protective and decorative stained-impregnated and screwed to the metal frame with screws.The design set on a reinforced concrete slab, and on this the second day came to an end.

On the third day he put on the floor old tile, drain grate.I made of wood door and the side door installed glazed - fluted glass and exterior toning.Double glazing helped to make his nephew.

then put it on the roof of the tank bought 200 liters.Heating element is embedded in it "Ariston" with thermostat, stretched out his wiring.

For internal arrangement of the shower his wife bought a coat hanger, a shower head and a curtain that, without delay, fastened into place.

All work on the construction of the shower took three full days.It was spent cube floor boards, approximately 30 meters of pipes.

soul he used to solder polypropylene pipes d 25. They are easy to install, and convenient cooking.A local connection is not like the narrowing of the diameter of the metal pipes.

Liner tap water performed plastic pipes.They had all over the yard laid underground.And the basic layout of the water mains in the street is made of polypropylene pipes.Polypropylene reinforced pipes are not inferior in strength of metal and plastic.

Cost soul

On the construction of summer soul itpb spent about 10 000 rubles.For the money, he bought:
  • Cement;
  • paint;
  • Fittings;
  • Sheds;
  • tank;
  • Ten;
  • wires;
  • showerheads.
Water consumption

While use old shower, water consumption was 150 liters for 2-3 days to three people, now nearly 200 liters per day.

Shower yet fully framed.But it is already possible to fully wash.

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