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14 May 2016

Tapestry for raspberries

to the area was beautiful and at the same time it was possible to gather a good harvest, the forum member "Home and Cottage» kidar planted raspberries on your site, and when it flourished, for its good growth, he built a trellis.

Due to the immense love of raspberries kidar planted it along the fence (according to the norms at a distance of one meter from the fence) for 30 meters.When she settled down and grown riotous color, he began building a trellis.Frame made from what was at hand: fittings, plastic pipes for water and a great desire.

trellis decided to do meter height.For its facilities need to put strong pillars and pull the wire, but that, in his opinion, an expensive option.Then he decided to do as the reinforcement of the columns and horizontal elements.A construction for strength of welded together.

To align the tops of the poles (fixtures) he used a laser beam.It does not sag and is not swayed by the wind.And to check the verticality, using ordi

nary plummet.

diameter valve is relatively small and in the wind it will break the ground around.After plugging reinforcement around it with a sledgehammer at a depth of 20 cm and excavated earth at that depth it is welded two 60 cm corner perpendicular to each other.Thus, they provide a great emphasis fixture in the wind.

to raspberry is not rubbing on the reinforcement, kidar closed her plastic pipe.With the reception it's simple.It is necessary to cut the pipe of desired length (up to supporting parts) with a gap of 5 cm. Then she put on the reinforcement.During welding, the horizontal sections of the pipe is lowered by 5 cm and then rises, and sprinkled the ground below.

During welding horizontal sections of pipe fittings, first cut off the desired length, and then welded to one end of the pipe fittings and worn.On both sides of the tube is slotted to 3 cm. Through the slots creeps pipe connection of the valve and is released on the other hand, you want to weld.To the pipe does not need to wrap melted it with a wet cloth.If, during the welding went pairs, work stopped until the metal has cooled.

to secure the use of raspberries on a trellis wire insulation and is bent in the form of an integral.One end of the "function" of the need to consolidate the raspberries and the other for the trellis.Thus, higher mathematics is useful in life.

between a raspberry and a fence footpath passes for harvest.The path sprinkled large birch sawdust.

Warning Do not use pine sawdust, they spoil the soil.

On the other side of the tapestry - a lawn.And if there grow rare raspberry shoots, it is easy to pull out his hands, and easy to cut through thicker slightly below ground level.For this purpose, it uses a shovel to dandelions convenient blade dovetail.

materials trellis

  • white plastic pipe with a diameter of 20-25 mm;
  • fittings thinner inner diameter of the pipe;
  • Corner - any;
  • Wire brand DRI.

As a result of this work are well-groomed shrubs of raspberries.It harvested quickly and easily - on both sides.Children playing hide and seek around it.

Miniprudik with a grotto and a bridge

For many years, engaged in landscaping Stёpushka its suburban area.And it is always interesting and exciting experience.

This design creation - alpine garden with miniprudikom and grotto - was created immediately.And though it is small, but it took a lot of time, patience and effort.For years Stёpushka built and perfected his creation.


Stёpushka on the plot in a slide.So at its inception, it has built a pond from a plastic container.The Hill has built a small grotto made of plastic barrels and overlaid it with stones and cement to hold them together.Across the pond, she threw a bridge made of planks with his own hands and wicker.

running water in the pond and thus the air is humidified.From the pond drinking water her cat and dog.Thanks to the pond site gets comfort and beauty.


Once at the site have been Stёpushka greenhouse.Eventually it was demolished, there was one foundation.So in place of the foundation it is conceived to make the patio.

From the former greenhouse was strip foundation.Then Stёpushka pulled inside the foundation ground, instead of her falling asleep and rammed clay.On clay spread ground to 3 cm. Of sand and laid out a simple pattern of large and small tiles.On top of the foundation laid Stёpushka mosaic.On the left and rear sides of the patio, she and her husband established the metal tubes, which secured the top bent pipe to get the arch.Beside it put Perfoliate, which eventually grew, and threw the arch.

Patio is 7 years.The laid tiles do not fall into the ground and cracks treat Roundup.Patio is not afraid of rain, as it is located on a hill and the water quickly drains.

From furniture put old plastic chairs and a table.Worktops table covered with mosaics.The result is a wonderful patio - one of the favorite places of rest of her family, where you can read a book or just have a cup of coffee