Woodshed waste

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14 May 2016
from different stages of construction of the house and other buildings at * Sasha * left a lot of scraps, bars and other lumber.To them not to throw away, he decided to build a woodshed of them, with the same house with a garage.Garage common, iron it has been decided to insulate the roof and cover galvanized.And at the same time extend the roof and build


As a foundation, he decided to use 4 galvanized water pipes d-100 mm.These he dug to a depth of 1300 mm and above ground, they rose by 200 mm.

then welded to the pipes regulators for the pillars, which are used in the construction of log homes.This two plates which are separated by a powerful screw nut.By means of a nut, the upper plate is lifted or lowered.

of timber 150x150 mm.He built the frame and fastened it with screws to the upper plate of the compensator.Use galvanized reinforced corners, he stuck to the wooden frame uprights of the boards fastened with screws 150h50 mm.

top rack and tied boards 150h50 100h40 mm.Establis
hed under the rafters of the roof of the garage the size of 150h50 mm boards.As expected, crate made of planks 70h30 mm.

crate in the garage and woodshed roof turned general.On it were attached sheets of galvanized gofrolist.To finish the woodshed was used b / y linings.For good ventilation were made large gaps.

From Half board folded twice been laid floor.Between the floorboards by the necessary clearance for ventilation.

During construction, all the boards were treated with an antiseptic agent in three layers and two layers Penoteksom, and the top two layers of lacquer Yacht building.Lath roof is covered with white paint in two layers.

Multilayered wood processing is necessary to protect against bugs that infest firewood.

Construction spending
  • compensators 4 pieces - 1500;
  • galvanized pipe - 1 000 rubles;
  • Fixture - 500 rubles;
  • Corrugated sheet - 900 rubles;
  • Paints, varnishes, antiseptic - 3 000 rubles.
Total - 7000 rubles.

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