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14 May 2016
Many gardeners fertilize the soil with manure.Somehow kidar brought KamAZ manure to fertilize the soil.But this week it was not possible to spread manure on the site, and soon kidar planned to plant grass in the place where now there is a pile of manure.And it was urgent peretaskat it to a new location.

question arose: How peretaskat manure?

could be a wheelbarrow, but it is not.Buy it did not want to, because it will no longer need, and there is nowhere to store.Buckets?But with a bad back is impossible.Then there was one - to come up with an easy way to move the manure.

Incarnation ideas

in head-to kidar got the idea.And what if you make a wheelbarrow 4 wheels.Wheels need broad, not to sinking into the ground.

Then he saw at the site a few decks found in a barn boards, metal cutting corners, nails, old children's bathroom, a cable car to tow, metal axis.

Once collected all the necessary accessories, it is a couple of hours brought a wheelbarrow, as a body adapted for children, plastic bath a
nd mature technology transport manure.

Transportation manure

Made car is driven with the help of ropes tied to her.First he drove to the dunghill.Loading shovel manure in the tub, which was located about 4-5 buckets of manure.

Arriving at the place, it just overturned the "body" foot and then took the empty tray and put it on a wheelbarrow.Unloading manure made equally easily as "left" side discharge, and "right".

order not to waste the efforts, it is not unrolled a wheelbarrow, and rearranged the rope to the other side and went to boot.Thus, moving forward all the time he perevёz all manure to a new location.

It seems impossible, but nail-axis carriage stood the whole KamAZ manure from one location area to another.

Benefits homemade wheelbarrow

kidar in my life had to deal with snow, concrete, stone, earth, dung.But the amazing thing - when you use this homemade wheelbarrow he perevёz KamAZ manure and not tired.

Reflecting on this subject, he understood the benefits of the cars compared to industrial designs, usually used by vacationers.

Firstly, the carriage of a conventional industrial wheelbarrow it is first necessary to raise.The second time it is necessary to lift the wheelbarrow when unloading it from the manure.

Secondly, a homemade wheelbarrow easier to load and unload it simple push leg.
That is, energy is saved in loading, unloading, and thus saving power and people less tired.

Thirdly, during the movement of the industrial design cars spent a lot of effort to retain the position of equilibrium.A home-made car is stable.

Wheelbarrow self-made production has turned out so well and the course she is so light that during the shipping was not required to expend great effort.And in the industrial wheelbarrow need to spend effort, even when moving empty cars.

These sleigh ride themselves in both summer and winter

More kidar remade profitably usual children's sled.To do this, he removed the back support, made two axes, which set the wheels.

these sleds helping on the farm during the transport of the spring water and other goods.They easily ride the children 10 years.A flick of the wrist in the winter they turn into conventional sled.

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