Table - a gift for the mother in law

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13 May 2016
somehow drove to OnlyOn son and said: - I want to beloved mother-in table for the anniversary gift to give, made their own hands.Can you help me make the same table with benches?- He asked his father.And as a sample showed photos table in the store "Metro".

father offered to give the money to buy a table, but the son refused, "No.I want to do it myself! ┬╗

just wants to do himself, he sent his close OnlyOn for lumber.And he decided to make a drawing table with benches.

son bought in the store:
  • boards - 20 pieces, 100x30 and length of 1.5 meters - 400 rubles;
  • Reiki - 3 pieces, 45h25 and a length of 1.5 meters - 30 rubles;
  • Self - length of 41 and 76 mm.1 pack (50 pcs.);
  • Furniture Bolts - 16 pieces (12 - 60 mm and 4 on - on 85mm) with nuts and washers;
  • Yachting varnish and impregnation of wood.
Total of about 1 000.

According to the drawings sawed boards.Pre-assembled tabletop and benches.All screws are mounted on the bottom.Places where the connecting parts, impregnation tre
ated against rot.From impregnation better cover - pinotex, BIOTEX.Or similar formulations to 2-3 layers and update as necessary.Yachting nail OnlyOn not like.

After benches and tabletops have begun to assemble the side frames with legs.They attached the tabletop and bench.Then all the work proshkurili sandpaper and varnished.

to the table looked good and served for a long time, the son decided to build a deck.From logs he made four bars, then tying four bars, and the top cover, which is painted a sexual color.

After an act of donation was laid decking and a table on it.

table with benches like the mother-and all others.

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