Candles made of logs

By Admin | The Hands
13 May 2016

to maintain a sense of burning wood, but does not breed every time a fire at the house, you can use scented candles and electric drill.


tea candles
abrasive brush
Perov drill or forsner 38mm
fast-drying polyurethane

Candles of logs

Step # 1: Cutting machines on the tableCut the edges from all the logs.

Candles of logs

Step # 2: Grind both ends to smooth smooth level.

Candles of logs

Step # 3: To make a hole for the candle, you can use a drill or forsner Perov, for a cleaner cut.The hole must not be too deep.

Candles of logs

Step # 4: When you drill a hole, cover the timber layers of fast-drying polyurethane.

Candles of logs

Step # 5: Pour the quick-drying polyurethane into a separate container, to the dust of the tree is not mixed with the remains of polyurethane.

Candles of logs

Step # 6: Apply about 8 layers of polyurethane on the log.Candle hole cover only a single layer, or a candle will not go down.

Note : Carefully light the candles and never leave a fire unattended.

Candles of logs can be placed anywhe

re in your home as a group and individually, in a corner or on a table.It's a wonderful way to relax, looking at the fire, without having to make a fire.