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13 May 2016
Bought site is located on the edge of town.On it are several buildings that are slated for demolition.There are electricity, water, regular garbage collection.The main street of well-groomed and dressed in green.

Catching project at home?vartog decided to build two floors, attic, bay windows ... As a result, the design house has turned into two floors, fits well into the surrounding countryside.

plan future home

vartog himself not an architect by profession and a plan of the house was born in pain.We had to consider many factors - orientation with respect to the main street, the house, the trees, Water supply, installation of a septic tank, etc.

Living according vartog should be spacious and cozy at the same time, so he decided to make it the size of 18 m2.

kitchen, he combined with the dining room and made access to the north and closer to the main front door.Thus, we will see who comes to visit.The size should not be very big, but to be able to cook, but the table could accommodate eight peo

WC on the ground floor that no one interfere with sleep.In it is a shower, bathroom, toilet, washing machine.On the second floor is only a washbasin to wash before going to bed.

Furnace is located near the entrance to step down so as not to go out and do not get dirty shoes.The boiler is made with pipe shidel and it will be heated with coal and firewood.

Hallway is spacious enough to fit in it: sliding wardrobe, an ottoman, a mirror and could pass without touching shoes.

Bedrooms are located on the second floor.There are four pieces

Tying rebar for the foundation

Spring was late and need to be reminded that the home is being built in Khabarovsk, so the earth has not had time to warm up.So we had to postpone construction until June.But that time is not wasted, he began to knit reinforcement cage and cobble together the elements of the formwork.

Clamps he did with the help of clutches and roulette, and a few hours he had made 140 pieces.Bent piece of pipe.

knitted reinforcement cage with a hook made of a roller for painting.I build a box, and they knit framework for the foundation of the house.Below paved valve diameter 12 and the top 10 - three rods.Fixed the clamps every 40-50 cm.


House decided to build on the site of the garden, so I had of the trees transplanted to another place.

To earthworks he hired a small excavator, who worked for a neighbor.Six hours a pit was dug.Then pit trim manually.At this time, it rained occasionally, so he built a trench sloping water, after which dug a small pit.There placed pump, which as the filling of the pit water pumps.

Local conditions

Construction made in Habarovkske.The average winter temperature is -31 degrees, the depth of soil freezing 2,5 m. The house is built on a hill with a slight slope.Fertile soil to a depth of 40-50 cm, and then the loam.GWL is very deep, and perched in the spring after the snow melts and after rains.

Home decided to make the foundation MZL section 30x60 cm with 40 cm CBC. The foundation will be warmed Epps 100 mm.Under the blind area will also be warming.

Building foundation

drawn to the plan vartog calculated the amount of material needed for the formwork.Calculations have shown that it is necessary to build buy 3.5 cube boards.They sold a bunch of ready-made boards cube 3.7 - 4 700 rub.per cubic meter.For delivery paid 1000 rubles.To avoid problems, he bought a thicker board size - 150h40.

After purchasing boards vartog hired excavator dug that pit, at the bottom of the pit spread a geotextile and sand sprinkled on top.Sand workers stamped purchased vibratory plates.In parallel sand shed water.

Around the foundation he wanted to do with laying the drainage pipes of PVC, but they suddenly ran out the store.For a time he was expecting delivery, but without waiting for, beds geotextile around the perimeter of the pit and covered it schebёnkoy.

Around excavation foundation he plans to do more drainage to the foundation under the pillow fell less water.To do this, it is going to buy a corrugated PVC pipe without perforation.Make a hole in it, trenched and cover everything schebёnkoy in geotextile and drainage pipes will lead to the pit.

After ramming the sand, he bought the roofing material and the bed ribbons where the tape will be poured foundation.He put on the roofing material collected in advance reinforcement cages.After an installation began to cobble together the formwork, nazhivlyaya it for a couple of nails.Under the formwork is fixed, they trim the reinforcement cages, measured diagonally shuttering of all the rectangles and their mounting.After aligning the formwork boxes, we checked all the diagonal, they were correct.

Ruberoid wrapped inside the formwork, reinforcing cages to fit extra reinforcement pieces are cut grinder.Between the board and the valve is installed 100mm Epps a run of joints.For its attachment to the concrete, he used 200 mm plastic dowels inserted into the insulation.To protect against damage using six-millimeter sawn sheets of slate.

to wrap wall formwork, he sawed in half and roll of tar paper tacked to the walls.To lay the reinforcement applied stand - "asterisks and chairs."

Fill foundation

week before pouring the foundation, he ordered a 13 m3 concrete and concrete.But the day began pouring failed.In the 9-00 called and told that broke concrete.The 14-00 day arrives 20 tonner Concrete and down dale, rides past the beaten track and plowed bushes, garden and falls on the belly of one side.

For concrete pump and concrete mixers arrived and lined snake on the neighboring lawns.Two hours with large concrete efforts barely pulled out.Since there were no trays, no job, and then brought unloaded mixer for three cube, while the rest were sent back.During this time the concrete has become hard, and scattered wherever took out the chute.

The next day, he began to seek workers to fill the basement and hired five Tajiks, who have agreed to work with pay-per-cubic 1 - 1 000 rubles.Then, together with his father, he made two trays of four meters each for pouring concrete.

the appointed day, the first car, though late, but arrived, then another, but the whole foundation pour failed because it was Sunday - afternoon.On Monday morning two hours the foundation was finally filled.

poured concrete foundation M300 in three runs.

To foundation was wet, vartog gathered all the available rag - it broke the old jerseys, jackets and other stuff, which is in the barn, leaving on the foundation filled with water and closed the film, and the top to protect from the sun coveredBanner.Within 10 days, he poured the foundation and under the water film was always warm and humid.

After 12 days removed the polyethylene, rags and threw in two days removed all formwork.For this it was necessary to saw off the metal studs twice - before and after the removal of the formwork boards.

costs foundation size 11h9 m. The cross-section 30x60, with insulation 100 mm Epps

  • Purchased reinforcement diameter of 12 mm - 250 m, 10 mm - 250 mm and 6 m - 350 m. The total value- 20 000 rub .;
  • Concrete - 13 cubes M300 - 41 000 rub .;
  • boards shuttering 150h40 size of 3.7 m3 and a bar 40x50 - 18500 rub .;
  • Sand - 56 tonnes with delivery - 13 400 rub .;
  • ASG 47 cubic meters - 21 600 rub .;
  • Schebёnka 6 cubic meters - 5700 rubles .;
  • Three rolls of geotextile brands 300 - 10800 rub .;
  • studs, nuts and washers, plastic dowels, fasteners fittings - 6800 rubles .;
  • Ruberoid rolls 12 - 5640 rubles .;
  • Flat slate 3000h1500, 8 pcs.- 6300 rubles .;
  • Epps 270 rubles.sheet - 11 000 rubles .;
  • PVC pipe under the studs 18 m. - 730 rub .;
  • Digging excavation excavator 800 rub. / Hour - 4800 rub .;
  • Tipper two hours - 1200 rub .;
  • pay workers - 11 000 rubles.
spent Total - 170 000 rubles.

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