Arbour for daughter

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13 May 2016
Pergola - Pavilion for my daughter, it was decided to build its seventh anniversary, that is, by 7 June.And in time for this deadline dimosha I decided not to delay with the construction.Arbour - Pavilion to be overhauled and made enough free so that children can play, but it should be made one or two walls to protect from the wind.

first decided to do a gazebo 6x3 meters, but after careful consideration the size changed to become 5h2,6 meters.All calculations and measurements made in the "Arkona".


started construction dimosha with excavation.At the site of the future pergola has a small slope, so dig depth ranged from 30 to 70 cm. In this day has been spent.

On-site gazebo soil - loam and GWL - 7 m. At this point, made of sand and gravel backfill with compacted and as the foundation of poured concrete pads 6 size 60x60 cm. And they put six concrete blocks 40x40 cm. The overall height of the foundation was 70 cm. This was done in two days.

Then, from pre-ordered lumber sizes: 150x
150, 100x100, 150h50 mm.It was built frame and roof trusses.For rigidity made jib, and a roof covered with Onduline.It took him two days.

Half arbor allowed planed board 120h30 mm.and secure it with screws to lag with the expectation that there will be shrinkage after refolding.As used lags board 150h50 and length 2600 mm.On this one day we spent.

For one day sheathed board 120h30 wall.

planed timber 50x50 mm.allowed on fences and railings used on polished board 150h50 mm.In all corners of the gazebo using a router were smoothed all the angles.It spent the day.

Wooden parts pergola treated as follows: All that is subject to the effects of the sun covered Belinka Base, and all other Belinka Top Lasur (oak) in two or three layers.

worked on the construction of the arbor two people at a time.Day came hired worker and the owner was engaged in construction drawings, and in the evening took the baton dimosha.Rooftop they made together, because one of her erect hard and uncomfortable.

gazebo daughter built on time.She and her friends were very happy!

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