Shelves buckets

By Admin | The Hands
13 May 2016

buckets entrance in the cottage just attracts trash, which is hard to find a place.Hats, sunglasses, flashlights, sunscreen, keys, and other items that are usually lying at the entrance, and often underfoot.After prolonged viewing of old rusted buckets, the idea came to me.Why not make a decorative storage area?Buckets are great for storing stuff like, and can be located anywhere.

Step 1: Look Looking
buckets in the barn or in a landfill, flea markets, flea markets, antique shops.

Step 2: Paint
rid of the rust before painting.Choose a color and begin to paint the inside of the rough bucket.To wear out cover until the paint is not yet completely dry, wipe it with a cloth in some places to show portions of the metal.Repeat the same procedure for the outside of the bucket.

Step 3: We arrange buckets
When the buckets are dry, place them on the floor to determine how you would like them to be positioned on the wall.

Step 4: Fasten
Drill a hole in the bottom of the bucket.Place the bucket to the des

ired location and screw through the bottom of the wall.


If you are planning to store heavy items or attach a bucket to drywall, use the dowel-nails to reinforce the bucket, or screw the screws into the dowels.

If you can find a wooden bucket, they will give a vintage mood.

old spice jars and cereals, as well as cans, too, perfect for smaller items.