Barbecue - burner

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12 May 2016

usually in suburban areas mains voltage is lower than normal, so kidar acquired pulse welding machine.

To learn how to make iron, kidar esteemed clever books, learned the necessary information on the Internet, a lot of spoiled iron and only then decided to do something worthwhile.

And then came the idea - to make the garbage incinerator.But the fact that this is already available at the cottage stove, but a piece of wood to burn in it uncomfortable, a lot of debris in it not will burn.Therefore we need a roomy burner whose fuel loading from the top.Making a burner uninteresting, so little thought, he came up with the design of the barbecue which is for five years and is not broken.

idea brazier

  • well to wood burning, need air supply from below.So is the grate for firewood, which air enters through the side holes and through the slot.
  • During the barbecue the wind constantly blowing the one who prepares the barbecue, so it must turn and twist in any direction, therefore, is on
    e support.
  • meat on a skewer can be of different thicknesses, so the need for the skewers slots arranged frequently.
  • length skewers can be different, so the universality of the barbecue, he made a mobile bar.
  • Often coals glow fades, so in this case he made a grate, which together with special handles coal rises to the skewers.In this case, there are four levels of adjustment.
  • He also did two covers - one for protection from the rain and the other for fire safety, in case you urgently need to leave, but the wood is not burned.
  • To avoid getting dirty, he made a comfortable corners for shoveling ash.
  • When there is something to quickly burn or set fire to it, it is difficult to ignite, it uses vacuum cleaner, whereby analogue teach open-hearth furnace, which burns everything.
  • wall to the barbecue is not burned, he made them double.


  • a result kidar made structure in which garbage is burned and burned: grass, leaves, branches of bushes and trees, debris and boards.The combustion process has become a convenient and secure.
  • on the grill can be a pleasure and ease to cook barbecue, barbecue.Fry the sausages or fish in foil.
  • Having one rack facilitates mowing the lawn under the barbecue.
  • after combustion ash is formed - a valuable fertilizer, which after sieving is ready for use.From the ashes with a magnet can be easily removed metal nails and screws.For this purpose a magnet wrapped in paper, and sticking to it after the paper is set nails and metal disengaged, it goes to waste.

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