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12 May 2016

Maks90 conceived to build a canopy gazebo.To save material means, he borrowed a little wood near the pine trees.Dragged them to the site and took an ax to their bark.

Construction gazebo

prepare so the tree trunks, he has marked the place of the future canopy - gazebo.The length of the arbor was about 5 meters and a width of about 3 meters.

at the construction site of the future gazebos soil - sand, no water.Therefore Maks90 took a neighbor bitumen mastic and missed it all the pillars, that is, those parts which are buried in the ground, so as not rotted.For example, we can say that a neighbor such poles stuck into the ground without treatment, there are already 15 years old.

He set up the pillars at the corners of logs gazebos and they secured the top harness and set of logs from the rafters too.On the rafters, he lay crate from the boards neighbor length of 1.8 meters.

ondulin Then he bought and began to cover the roof.But Ondulina not enough, he had to buy another sheet.

After the completion of the rafters made of wood, seems a little crooked and sagging, but it's probably only seems.

canopy gazebo he made of logs, because there are quiet places uninhabited and surprise its buildings one is not necessary, as well as cheap, convenient and practical.In the future he wants to make shelves for small things on the roof and hang the lamp in the middle of the gazebo.

made a canopy over the like.It was very convenient.In the morning and evening when the sun is not hot, it illuminates it from within, and after 10-11 to 19-20 hours under a canopy - is the shadow of the pergola.

After a pass he made grill and smokehouse for the fish, which puts right on the BBQ, while its use.


Its dimensions are:

  • Width working part - 40 cm, length 60 cm., And a height of 15 cm .;
  • firebox (trumpet), height 60 cm. (Including those of 15 cm, t.e.ot top edge 45), width 40 cm. And a length of about 30 cm .;
  • the feet selected individually.

pipe brazier have formed a very good traction, so things do not smell like smoke, and barbecue grills beautifully.

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