Magic Loop "play-closet"

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12 May 2016
kidar The story about "closet play" ( was mention of a self-closing door.This invention at the time kidar read in "Yuen technique."

Conventional door

They close in different ways - some as they can cover a doorway on the other springs and they are closed with a great noise, and the third hanging counterweight, which complicates the design and makes the door noisy, tall people hit on the headdoor closers.To summarize, it must be said that there are many possible mechanisms kidar but they did not like.

According to him, the door should close itself, while in the door system should not be anything extra added.That is, using the system: door hinges, handle - you need to make it closes.

The magazine "Young technician" young inventor describes a self-closing door, in which there is nothing superfluous.Without adding anything, he just refined the hinges and doors under the influence of gravity on their own closed.

essence of the invention

Conventional loops glide plane perpendicular to the two parts of the loop, and the newly invented - at a slight angle.During door opening hinge part which is fastened to the door leaf, lying on the other hinge part - "slides uphill" and the door is raised.

Then, when the open door is released under the influence of gravity it with a loop falls into place as a mountain down - slowly and smoothly.Due to the smooth closing of the door, she beats on the door jamb.

uninitiated When looking at the smooth closing of the door, it seems that it closes the invisible hand.

From how to make a loop (angle cut) depends:
  • force applied during opening doors;
  • speed of door closing;
  • during installation of the door necessary to consider raising the door leaf, which depends on the cut loops.
Given all these factors, it is necessary to catch the golden mean that: first, the invention is, in principle, to work, and secondly, the door shall be torn off without much effort.

When kidar opens the doors of his toilet, he does not expend a lot of effort, in contrast to the doors with closers, which are often difficult to open up young girls.

Service loops

The design for the lubrication of the axis at the top of the loop there is an opening closed by a screw.Hinges kidar lubricates "lithologic" and still hinge mechanism is working properly.

Finish backlash-closet lining

When attaching the lining there are some problems:
  • One of them - the coefficient of thermal expansion.In plastics it considerable.And so when you mount the hard lining due to the expansion of plastic, it often breaks with conventional fixtures.
  • second problem - the need to fix the panel in several places so that the attachment could not be seen.
  • Also backlash-closets, kidar will do finishing gable clapboard house.If you do conventional fasteners lining carnations with strong wind load, it can come off and fly away.
  • In front of the house to fix battens easier - there circle the tree, and in the play-closet should be implemented to the metal mounting bracket.More
  • bear in mind that plastic is often of poor quality and over time becomes brittle, so the choice of quality materials is always a problem.

To solve this problem kidar sawed the bars of a board thickness of 20 mm, height 50 mm bar.Previously in the board with the help of the planer, he chose the groove to the plane of the outer corner of the bar and the same.Napilennye bars he treated with varnish, painted with white paint, and then fastened to the metal corners.

from mounting studs lining he refused immediately, because once the expansion of the plastic break.Therefore, the panel decided to press a thin metal plate.

Thus, he solved several problems - the disc does not restrict the movement of lining with increasing or decreasing temperature, but keeps it well, pressing the area enough to withstand the wind and shock loads.

as fastening metal plates were used screws.Under the head of the screw in the plate he made using recess core, putting pre-plate on a wooden surface.The metal plate shall not be greater than the height of the bar to which it is attached - that could not be seen from inside the building.For fixing their bunks made kidar plate size of 40x40 mm.

Mounting lining

First you need to fix the metal corner pieces of wood.The plates were then beaten "fringe" (convex side) to the bar and paneling urged.Thanks fringe plate holds, does not fall.Then the screw is screwed and bonnet plunges into the recess of the plate.Thus fastening the lining in all places where it is needed.Then set the next lining - it hides the pressing plate.The work can be done faster if there is a screwdriver.

During installation, do not forget, the temperature at which air is the installation of lining.Panels installed in winter, in the heat may vspuchilis across the width of the wall - such as the gable of the house.


With this lining plate rigidly attached to the outer wall of the house.Because of fluctuations in ambient temperature can vary its length without affecting the appearance of the house.

If necessary battens can be easily removed and reinstalled again.
If the plates are slightly curved, they can be used for fixing the wooden lining.

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