The history of my arbors

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12 May 2016
Where "Murychev" My wife and I relaxed and drank tea with bagels in the recent past have grown cucumbers.The table stood on the damp ground and constantly lurching, chairs left in the ground, and his wife, going to the kitchen, constantly dragged the dirt on their shoes.

So would continue further, but it is unknown where "Murychev" suddenly said - "decided to make the gazebo."

Construction of the first arbor

And once told to do.And then he had an idea.We need to do an easy gazebo for very little money.Said - done bought lumber and began slowly to collect it.Somehow, he did but still collected.She turned slightly crooked so anything over your head does not drip.

His wife is still unhappy - under the feet of mud, unsteady table, chairs the ground fail.Then he realized that he needed the floor.I bought the car sand tile and one day made a floor under the pergola and became complacent.

When the gazebo was fully prepared, it was the turn of his wife.She bought in Ikeja string and hung around the ga
zebo lace curtains, bought a chandelier with candles, awnings sorts tassels and mirrored disco ball.For all these delights local gardeners called arbor - "Italian patio."

On gazebo 3x3 meters with concrete tiles as floor Murychev spent about 10 000 rubles.In winter snow roof gazebo broke down and collapsed under the weight of snow.That winter broke sheds and other small fracture were in suburban areas.

Construction of the second arbor

Spring came.And without arbor "Murychev" has no idea country life.So instead of baths decided to build a gazebo from scratch.Given last year's experience, he left the place of the first for the construction of pergolas pergolas.

Arbour decided to put side by side, thereby obtaining a large seating area, and in the near term, he decided to dig a swimming pool.

For foundation wall blocks it acquired in the amount of 10 pieces.I dug a pit for the blocks and fell asleep to the sand, spilled water, then fell asleep again, and gravel and sand rammed.On top I put the blocks and leveled their level.

then bought a board size 150h40h600 mm.I did the floor and set it on concrete blocks after putting them under a pre-roofing.Floorboards treated with antiseptic and fire-Bio-defense, and the top will process yacht varnish.

Next weekend he put the rack, he made the harness.Wooden structures are constantly processed antiseptic "Senezh."At the weekend ended.

Next weekend he took the top harness and lowered safely to the ground.I make a stand under the ridge beam.Racks are mounted on metal corners.Then he began to attach rafters to the structure.After calculations it was found that the length of the rafters is 225 cm. And it is little more than a sheet of metal.I did truss tightness to tying Not to leave, and the roof fell.Thus, the roof frame was ready, but he was lying on the ground, but it had to raise and fix in place.

But this was still far away."Murychev" has decided to adjust the tile roof is still on earth.And roof tiles, fitted as it should, and almost assembled the roof, he dismantled and processed SENEZH wooden parts.

disassembled nearly collected the roof he first put the top rail, and on it the ridge board.They put the rafters and rafter tightness.Profit crate so that the board is where the ledge ends and a new scale.In early technology scales to be screw.

So the horse on the ground, tiles beautifully laid and fixed on the conscience.After the completion of the roof has been tested to rain - and the tests were successful.

The next step Murychev spent electricity - two sockets, hanging lights, make a ladder and put a wall, so as not to muzzle, and it has put a couch and table.

wife Murychev hung curtains, clock.Put a table and chairs, in general, turned the warmth and beauty of the gazebo.

Construction costs arbor size 3,5h3,5 meters
  • bought on the frame size of 37 boards 40h150 length of six meters.The cost of board 198 rubles.- 7326 rubles;
  • On crate took 15 six-meter boards 120h22 mm.The board 90 rubles.- 1 350 rubles;
  • tile and wood screws, skate - 5050 rubles;
  • Full fasteners - 1 000 rubles;
  • Yacht paint Tikkurila Unica Super - 2 200 rubles;
  • Senezh - 45 liters.At 420 rubles.10 liters - 1 890 rubles;
  • White spirit - 100 rubles.
  • Building blocks 10 pcs.for 57 rubles.- 570 rubles;
  • Ruberoid - 258 rubles;
  • Parchment - 100 rubles;
  • Sand and gravel were available.
Total: 19 843rub rubles.

Garden was built on the weekends, built in the past month.

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