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11 May 2016

However, the cost of land is not pleased with the number of zeros, so the areas are mainly small.What kind of house can be constructed on 6 acres that it could accommodate 2-3 people all year round?Below is just such a low-budget project house 7x7 m.

So, on the basis of holding conventional suburban area the size of 6 hectare and is located in the city, which was already ready to strip foundation 6,8h7 meters, was itself drafted a two-storey house foryear-round it 2-3.The ideological foundation of the project are two-storey town house 50-60s ("national construction").The main objective was to build an analogue of a city apartment with all amenities, while reducing financial costs by 3-4 times.

basic building material for the walls were chosen penopolisterolbetonnnye D400 blocks on glue, which reinforced through a series.Openings overlap "corners", and all the floors were made of wooden beams.Thanks to the power cantilever structure on the first floor was able to reduce the spans joists from 6 to 3 me

ters and combine the living room and kitchen.The house is provided with WC, which is partially located under the stairs odnomarshevoy (slope - 38 degrees) to the second floor.A similar staircase, but with a slope of 52 degrees, will lead to the attic (third floor).On the second floor are two rooms are planned, and insulate the attic and make the residential (roof pitch - 38 degrees).Rooms are isolated.The total area of ​​the two floors - 74.4 square meters, with an attic - about 100 square meters, the ceiling height - 2.6 m. In the development of the project took into account the possibility of an extension to the house a garage with a room above it, and a veranda.It is planned to install stand-alone sewer systems and water supply.Heating will be wood first, then gas (power boiler - 15-20 kW).

home with their own hands

How there is such a project?Based on the fact that there are one-bedroom apartments covering about 30 square meters, it was decided to increase the total area of ​​the house due to the number of floors in half, then began the search for the optimal space planning.

When designing outdoor space, consider the following: a convenient staircase;placement of sewerage and water supply in one place;functionality of the bathrooms, which can be combined;the possibility of separating the kitchen on the ground floor and rooms;the possibility of an extension is on the south side (north can not do that, because compliance with building codes) a garage and a room above it, and from the entrance to the house - veranda with balcony above it.Again because of the observance of SNP had to move the entrance to the back wall of the house;make the house comfortable and beautiful as a city apartment.

Given all of the above, we started building the project.The most convenient for this work was the program PowerPoint, which was first drawn sketches and preliminary planning projects of houses, designed for a variety of materials for the walls.It is in this program have been designed roof and ceiling, and a barn.In addition, a painted man 180 cm tall, who "passed" in all rooms and stairs designed home.

The next step was the calculation of the strength of beams, heat resistance.Sequence diagrams were drawn masonry (each number on a separate sheet), which gave the builders.It is worth noting that it provided an opportunity to develop poryadovkoy accurately calculate the required number of blocks to position the windows and doors, to see how to go on them are "corners", and see the future location of the valves and dressings.

home with their own hands financial side of this building is: without foundation because it was ready, at the moment has gone 300-350 thous. Rubles.This year, in order to make the first floor ready to live with heating, water and sanitation, it requires about 200 000 rubles.The final cost, including full, communication, furniture and appliances, is planned in the vicinity of 1 000 000 rubles.

project was created based on the most efficient use of materials, that is, so that the shape of the house was close to a cubic, a roof - a simple structure, but the attic - residential.

external finish will be siding with contrasting elements, such as beige and brown.Interior is planning to do in the style of IKEA.


Penopolistirolbetonnye blocks have a lower density, greater elasticity and durability, near-zero hygroscopicity and better heat resistance compared with the foam concrete.Walls of this material do not require external and internal insulation.The thickness of the seam is less than 5 mm, so that no cold bridges are provided.Given the heat and air permeability of the material, the seams will be wonderful to warm to a sufficient depth by the heat indoors.Heat loss through them are minor.Here are the technical characteristics of this material:

Polystyrene belongs to the slow-burning materials, has a group of combustibility - G1
Density (GOST R51253-99) from 150 to 600 kg / m3
from Frost F 100 or more
strength characteristics of In 0.5to 2.5 (500- 600 kg / m3)
Tensile strength - Class B 12.5 (for lightweight concrete with porous aggregates)
Thermal conductivity - in the range of 0.55 to 0.12 W / m C0
Technical characteristics of the building blocks D400 penopolistirolbetona:
Dimensions: 375h195h595 mm

Ingredients: foam beads of polystyrene concrete.
density of 400 kg / m3.
- Compressive strength: 15-18kgs / cm2
- Thermal conductivity: 0.1 W / m C0.

Compared with foam concrete :
- easier, but no less durable, is more elastic material in the event of loads;
- warmer;
- less hygroscopic (absorbs almost no water, respectively, is not destroyed by the freezing-thawing is not moldy and not frozen);
- permeable (no worse than wood and brick), is able to maintain indoor air like a tree;
- strong enough to make it without any problems kept a large nail or screw on the dowel (or better at anchor).At the same time, as with any foam, gradually collapses, if the screw for the start twitching and rocking.This is the reason for this is easy to fix the wall lining, but the hammock, for example, it is better not to hang.

When hammering destroyed.Small studs can stick your hands;
- ecology.It is believed that polystyrene is toxic, but there is another view that if it is something and highlights, it is short-lived and harmless.After studying the materials on this subject, we decided to build a house of such material, because the appliances, according to the owners, emit all sorts of substances much more.The company "Knauf" long producing foamed polystyrene and studying its impact on the living objects, found that bees, which are particularly sensitive to the clean air and the environment, live in hives and foam have no changes were observed, though, had already had more than 40 generations.Therefore, all the speculation about the dangers of expanded polystyrene are completely unfounded;
- fire.Penopolistirolbeton lit, but not deep and long.This happens because the burn only the outer layer of granules, the remaining concrete is not subject to burning;
- cost.A year ago, one unit cost 125 rubles;

home with their own hands penopolistirolbetona density in a small, but due to the fact that the granules assume part of the load, the blocks of this material can be used successfully at low developments (up to three floors - exactly).For self-supporting walls still better to buy blocks D400.Reinforce should be as follows: to make a groove in the center of the block, put in there and smooth grooved fittings (8-10 mm).So it will be easier to mount panels on the windows.

first blocks should apply a special primer roller surface dry, after which you can start packing.Connect them with a special adhesive for exterior use, which is frost-resistant.During the construction of this house was used tile adhesive EK3000 and Pyramid A850.The difference is not visible.Important is being applied - its thickness, which should be minimized to reduce heat loss.Connects the possible and the usual solution, but it has poor elasticity, while the adhesive has properties of adhesion to polystyrene.Taped impossible to separate blocks.

ideal building material?That can not be!There must be at least some flaw!Perhaps it will be when there will be a new type of bacteria that feeds on polymers.But even if they drive out of the blocks all of the foam, it will only slightly reduce the strength of polystyrene, because pellets are that before the molding process in a special way.


of timber 150x150 mm and a length of 6 m was made flooring, building on the foundation.The distance of the centers of the boards was about 60-70 cm. After that, everything was leveled and processed.Hem wedges and top draft floor, insulation, edging 40 mm board (secured by two screws, so that the board did not lead) and cover.In the corners were made air vents for ventilation of underground space.

important : If it seems that the board may lead, it is necessary to nail down the bottom in the middle between the joists under the floor board for rallying the same 40-mm board and put on top of the drywall, for example.

Entrance to the house is not a tambour.Temporarily will be a small porch, and later - a veranda.The thickness of the walls allows you to install additional internal door, if necessary.Entrance door can also make to order, insulated and sealed by model.In winter, a good and beautiful door decided not to leave unattended.So it was planed casings and hung, studded with iron, plain wooden door.Plat 2-3 fastened with nails (200 mm).When construction is completed, the door, of course, relieved.


For several reasons, double-glazed windows are not installed.
1. Wood-metal shield is much more difficult to damage at the inner workings than the window;
2. It is much more difficult when you try to damage the unauthorized access from outside;
3. Exterior of the house with boarded windows tightly not really admit the idea that there, inside, there is something interesting.Therefore, there can safely store tools and develop, not live there permanently;
4. Installation of windows is possible only after the completion of interior decoration, which is not yet even begun.

When the time comes to install double-glazed, it will need to mount them at a distance of 10 cm from the outer surface of the block.This mounting depth already provides sufficient strength it makes not too long ebb, not too reduces insolation, and also leaves a fairly wide window sill indoors.

Thus, the opening of the construction season of 2008 began with the interior work on the floors and ceiling insulation ecowool draft.It is planned to transfer materials to the upper floors, to come to grips with the laying of communications.

Next to the house you can make an addition.That is why on the south side has no windows, and move the ladder to the wall that then it was possible to put the garage and cut him over the door to the room.Out of the garage is planned to make a separate exit to the veranda, which will serve as a transition into the hallway.In general, the room above the garage will have its own entrance from the pivot area of ​​the main staircase on the second floor.Now there is a window, but there are already laying the corners under the door.The staircase is the room will lead upstairs to the balcony.Although it may be not be.Received a total of 170 sq.m.During the construction of the second plan it is planned to use the same technology.

home with their own hands

This home owner calls the urgency of the project, because the president-elect Dmitry Medvedev said that the need to develop the construction of individualhouses of 70-120 m2 and cost up to 20,000 rubles per 1 sq.m, and here and 100 square meters and cost 10,000 rubles - all in accordance with the instructions!